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To encourage you to explore some of the great information on our website that you can use to make more money in your rental property business, MRLANDLORD.COM makes available sample tips, forms, reports and numerous FREE resources for your use. Please remember that any information found on this web site or sent to you is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from

We know that everyone likes something for FREE, so we offer you plenty, because we want to be your #1 source of help for all your rental management needs. Take advantage of all that we have available for you, especially the first freebie, because it makes sure you are one of the first to know of all the many additional freebies we will soon provide.

FREE WEEKLY EMAIL UPDATES - Request to receive weekly updates of Rental Owner tips, new freebies, specials and information of what is available on Sign up for this freebie now!

FREE TENANT CREDIT REPORTS - You can now get INSTANT, cheap credit reports online. And the first TWO credit report you request, you are NOT charged. They are FREE! That's our thank you gift for trying out the service.

FREE NEWSLETTER - Get a Free Paper Issue of MR. LANDLORD -
the #1 monthly national newsletter and resource for rental property owners! Be sure and include your mailing address with your request.

FREE RENTAL APPLICATION - Are you a new landlord or new to this site? If so, one of the first questions often asked is; "Do you know where I can get a sample Rental Application on the internet?" Look no further. We make available a free sample application right on this website.

FREE RENTAL LEASE - If you are you new to this site, the "second" question often asked is; "Do you know where I can get a sample Lease?" Again, look no further. We make available a free basic rental agreement right on this website, that you can use as a "starting" point.

OVER $500 WORTH OF FREE RESOURCES - We offer a GOLD CLUB membership and MR LANDLORD newsletter subscription that includes dozens of free rental forms, special reports and several free landlord video and audio trainings, at no extra charge, all included with just the regular price of a subscription to our popular Mr. Landlord newsletter that is mailed to you each year.

FREE TIP OF THE WEEK - Each week we post a free landlord money-making or money-saving tip - available only on the web site!

FREE SPECIAL REPORT - Get a preview of the great information available in this month's FREE REPORT - then request to have it sent to you via email.

FREE RENTAL FORMS - Each month find a Free Form to help improve or protect your cash flow.

FREE ADVICE - The most popular place on our website is where rental owners can ask their peers questions regarding management challenges they are facing. See what others are asking and most importantly, learn from the wealth of advice and answers.

FREE LIVE CHAT - Often one or two of the favorite contributors to our Q&A forum come to our CHAT ROOM for weekly scheduled chats to answer questions by new landlords in real time. So if you are a newbie landlord, take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions of other landlords in real time.

FREE LANDLORD VACATION SERVICE - Have you been wanting to take a vacation? Now you can VACATION and know things are covered! Have a Virtual Property Assistant to handle things while you are away (free for up to 30 days) and enjoy the vacation you've been wanting to take.

FREE CYBER CLUB MEMBERSHIP - Get FREE Access to exclusive Rental Forms, Special Reports, Checklists, Landlord Surveys and Interviews! Plus earn points with each purchase towards free books, CDs, DVDs, software and courses.

FREE WEB SITE LISTING FOR ASSOCIATIONS - List your Real Estate Association's website along with a free link on's Nationwide Association Directory. This way, thousands of our web site visitors can find out about your association.

FREE WEEKLY CONTEST - Each week we GIVEAWAY a free Landlording book to a website visitor. You can register for the contest each week for free and it takes less than 30 seconds to register.

FREE SPEAKER - Have Jeffrey Taylor, Editor of MR. LANDLORD, speak for your association and triple the normal attendance!

FREE LANDLORD CALCULATORS - Need to know if your applicant can REALLY afford the rent? Use our unique calculator. We have six free on-line calculators for your use, including a Rent Prorater to determine how much the rent should be for a partial month for a new resident.

FREE 60 DAY TRIAL for LANDLORD WEBSITE - Build a low cost state-of-the-art website for rental owners with no set up fees.

FREE LEAD PAINT PAMPHLET - Federal law requires that landlords provide a Lead Paint Pamphlet and Disclosure Form before renting or renovating pre-1978 housing. This link gives you access to a free copy of the pamphlet and the form.

FREE MONTHLY COLUMN - If you are the newsletter editor for a real estate association, request to receive our free monthly column of articles from our newsletter and website that you can reprint in your association's publication.

FREE MINI VIDEO TRAINING - If you are a new or "accidental" be sure to this video titled: What Accidental Landlords Need to Know! And afterwards, explore the special download section of our website (links at top of the pages) where you can gain instant access to many resources that can add to your landlording success!

FREE DIRECT RENT DEPOSIT SETUP - Have your resident's rents automatically deposited directly into your checking account. Free set-up and THREE trial months of absolutely no fees or charges.

FREE BAD CHECK COLLECTION SERVICE Utilize a free Collection Service for Landlords! The service will collect your bounced rent checks for you for free.

FREE 4 MONTH TRIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Try out this online, cloud based, hassle free property management software. Many outstanding features to successfully manage your rental property from anywhere, anytime, and any computer.



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Comments From Landlords:

  • "Jeff, I just love your free email newsletter. It is WONDERFUL!! Thank you for writing it! Strangely enough most of my friends and family do not own Real Estate investment properties so I find it hard to relate to them on this topic. Your newsletter makes me feel like I am part of the club!"
  • "My husband and I became LLs about a year ago so I'm definitely a newbie. If it weren't for this site which is full of feed back of ideas, suggestions, and advice, I really wouldn't know where to turn. I read the posts every day even if the particular post didn't apply to me because I never know if I might need it in the future. There are a few associations in my area but the LLs that I've met seem a bit closed mouth and are unwilling to share their experiences... the wealth of knowledge that is given at this site is priceless. On my behalf, I thank all the 'experienced' landlords for willing to share their experiences."
    Cher, FL.

  • "Hi, my name is Joey and I am a addict. But hey, unlike other addictions, this one saves me lots of money."
    Joey, NJ.