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If you are looking for a free sample rental lease, we invite you to click the link below. Landlords, please note: This is a sample "basic" rental agreement to use only as a "starting point". Landlord-tenant state laws vary, are continually changing and some states require certain specific mandatory language to be included. You are therefore advised to check your State Laws for current statutes that may affect the rental agreement you use. Most landlords start with a basic agreement and add/modify clauses as they deem necessary. A comprehensive rental agreement is included in the Mrlandlord Newsletter Subscription Package which incorporates many of the money making management clauses and strategies used by the editor.

It is also suggested that you review a state-specific lease drafted by an attorney that is also availble from this site and seek legal review of your agreement for modification or additional lease clauses that will help strengthen your agreement and keep it in compliance with current state laws. The sample rental agreement is provided courtesy of the tenant screening agency which provides Online Tenant Credit Checks for subscribers and visitors.


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