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Get your advertising to thousands of rental owners NATIONWIDE!

After over 35 years of serving rental owners, over 275,000 thousand rental owners have read the Mr Landlord newsletter and/or email Rental Owner newsletter sent to visitors. The MRLANDLORD.COM web site, which debuted in February of 1998, continues to be the #1 Internet Resource for Mom and Pop and Independent Landlords and Landladies. Here's where landlords receive answers and solutions to their questions and challenges (and we continue to grow). Click here to read for yourself just a few of the comments about our website from our visitors.

Each quarter on our website, over one quarter of a million pages are read from the 60,000 to 100,000 monthly visits (according to which listed 104,000 visits in December 2021), to our site by landlords who come here regularly looking for answers to their management and real estate challenges. Our website visitors stay with us longer than any other landlord website), including up to 10,000 visitors who log on multiple times each day. 94.5% of our visitors are actual rental property owners or managers (not just individuals interested in real estate. Approximately 65,000 (and growing) have registered as users, requested and have received our Rental Owner email newsletters.

If you want to make landlords aware of your product or service, advertising on is the most cost effective way for you to reach tens of thousands of THIS specific target audience you are trying to access. In addition, your advertisement will benefit greatly from your association with our website that has developed unmatched, widespread popularity and reputation nationwide. is known and respected by members of rental owner, landlord and apartment associations throughout the country as the place where landlords go for answers, resources, tools and services to grow or successfully maintain their rental business.

As of January 2022, according to, has over 100,000 visitors (potential new customers for you) per month. Large numbers of them return to the website numerous times during the month, many visit and contribute multiple times daily. They stay an average of 8 to 10 minutes and visit 8 to 10 pages on average per visit (both rankings are more than two times higher than any other landlord website). Visitors are either already using products and services such as you provide, or are looking to purchase them. maintains low-cost advertising rates that will reach the market you are looking for. With, you will increase your success in the landlording marketplace. With more than 100,000 landlords every year using the resources available at, take advantage of our advertising opportunities to tap into the landlord market. If you would like to get your product or service in front of tens of thousands of targeted rental property owners and managers, here is the place to do it. advertising rates and options are listed below. Please note: All ads are subject to approval by Any company, product, or service which are competitive to products or services offered by or existing major sponsors will not be accepted.

RATE CARD (Current as of January 2022)

The following are the current rates for advertising on the MRLANDLORD.COM website (rates are subject change without notice):

ADVERTISER OPTION #1 - Advertisement or Sponsor Email Newsletter. Our Rental Owner Newsletters has been requested by over 60,000 rental owners and managers who wish to directly receive it by email. The newsletters are subscription based, meaning landlords voluntarily request it. The newsletters are sent four to six times a month. If you have a product or service for rental owners, this is one of the most cost-effective way to reach a targeted market of rental owners and managers. You can request to reach our audience and current active subscribers between 20,000 and 24,000. Your cost is $800 per newsletter sponsorship to reach up tp 24,000 active subscribers (less than $35 per thousand email newsletter delivered, 3.5 cents per ad) for up to a 60 word advertisement. For two or more consecutive ads, (paid in advance) receive an approximate 25% discount, only $600 per newsletter sponsorship (approximately $25 per thousand email newsletter delivered, 2.5 cents per ad). These ad rates are by far an outstanding value for your money to a targeted audience. We have an OPEN rate of up to 40%, far higher than the average for the real estate industry. If you had to use direct (snail) mail to reach your target audience and have up to 10,000 actually open and read your mail (including rental property owners and managers), your cost would be nearly $6,000 for postage alone! And good luck finding a trusted source with's reputation to help you directly reach this unique target market. Still not convinced our advertising rates are a great deal? Are you kidding me? Keep reading!

In addition, the response rate to an advertisement in our Email Newsletter Updates (that owners have specifically ASKED to receive) is FIVE to TEN times the normal response rate of direct mail advertising. Many of our advertisers have reported that they have generated several thousand dollars from a single ad in our newsletter. Because our email Newsletters are actually requested, they are read from beginning to end. You get a far better response than normal classified advertising. One advertiser was ecstatic as 20% of our readers who opened our Update clicked thru to his website within 24 hours. Plus, you can boost your response rate even more by sending us a paragraph or two with a great management tip that I can include in the same newsletter that your ad appears and credit to you and/or your company. And the best news is that you begin getting "immediate" responses to your ad within hours not days. You do not have to wait 5 to 20 days for the response to direct mail advertising. One advertiser, said he got over 1,000 click thrus to his website shortly after placing an ad in our email newsletter. Another sponsor recently had over 600 readers actually RESPOND to their offer within 24 hours after our email Update was sent. Do I need to say more?? Send me an email with your advertisement of up to 60 words (at least one week prior to the week you want it to appear) to: If this is your first time running an ad, you will need to call our offices and give your credit card information for payment. The best time to call is between 10am and 4pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. Our direct number is 1-757-436-2606.

ADVERTISER OPTION #2a - Solo Mailing - Rental Owner
Email Newsletter

This is a mailing where your service or product is the only item featured in the mailing that goes to 20,000+ of our current email newsletter readers). You get to have the readers undivided attention. The cost is $5,000 for a one-time mailing to our entire list which is at a cost lower than 25 cents per prospect. This beats the socks off the cost of printing and postage of regular mail which would be double the expense and less than one fourth as effective while you wait "days" for results. Instead with our advertising option, you get highly targeted, inexpensive and fast delivery. Send up to 500 words including a management tip associated with your product or service along with a description of your product or service and benefits along with all your contact information and website address.

ADVERTISER OPTION #2b - Solo Mailing - Mr Landlord
Printed Newsletter

This is a mailing where your service or product is the only item featured on a full letter-size (8 1/2" x 11") flyer inserted in one of the mailings to our popular printed Mr Landlord newsletter subscribers, customers and inquiries (which is delivered by regular postal mail). This advertising option allows you to target landlords in a specific state or region or can be sent out to a nationwide sampling. Your cost to be included in one of our mailings, which are mailed out monthly to up to 10,000 on our mailing list is $250 per thousand. You provide the inserts or flyers.

ADVERTISER OPTION #3 - Web Page Sponsor (Have a Banner Ad on any one of our most popular web pages listed below). The standard cost to have a Banner Ad placed and running for one complete month on your choice of a specific webpage is $600 (minimum 3 month run). The banner ad is placed on your choice of one of the following popular pages (which may best tie in with your product or service).

  • Resources
  • Services
  • Rental Forms/Suppliers
  • 21 Freebies
  • Free Rental Application
  • Free Rental Lease
  • Free Special Report
  • Monthly Landlord Survey
  • Free Lead Paint Pamphlet
  • Newbie Tips Q&A Help Page
  • Q&A Forum - Part of Banner Rotation
  • Home Page - Part of Banner Rotation

  • ADVERTISER OPTION #4 - Silver "Partner" Sponsor (6 Email Ads over 6 Months Plus Banner Ad Sponsor)
    Have an email ad included once a month in our Rental Owner Updates for the next 6 months (six ads) plus target your marketing even further!

    With our banner advertising options. You can target your marketing based on the content of selected pages that is most relevant to your product or service. You do this by selecting one of the popular main pages of our website where you would like your banner ad to appear. Our most visited website pages are listed above in advertising option #3. Pick the content page most relevant to your target market. Your company would then be considered one of the "sponsors" of that page. The standard cost of six email ads is $4,800. In addition, with the Silver Sponsorship, receive a Banner Ad for six months (additional $600 monthly value, $3,600 total value for six months). Plus, Silver Partner Sponsors also receive free Silver sponsorship at one of our LIVE events (additional $1,000 value - see below). Total $9,400 Silver sponsorship value package - Your discounted cost is only $6,000. Silver sponsors are for a minimum 6 month term payable in advance).

    ADVERTISER OPTION #5 - Gold "Partner" Sponsor (9 Email Ads Over 9 Months Plus Banner Ad Page Sponsor)
    Have an email ad included once a month in our Rental Owner Updates for the next 9 months (9 ads) plus target your marketing even further with Banner Ad for 9 months.

    Reserve your 9 email ads PLUS banner ad position for nine months (payable in advance). Gold Partner Sponsors also receive $7,200 of standard email sponsorships over the year AND $5,400 worth of Banner Ads over the year. Plus, Gold Partner Sponsors also receive free Gold sponsorship at one of our major LIVE events (up to an additional $2,000 value). Total $14,600 Gold sponsorship value package - Your cost only $10,000. Gold Partner Sponsor discounts extend for the 9 month duration of their sponsorship. The Banner Ad sponsorships for a specific page on our site, which is included in this sponsorship package, are made available on a first come, first serve basis.

    ADVERTISER OPTION #6 - Platinum "Partner" Sponsor (12 Email Ads Over 12 Months Plus Banner Ad Page Sponsor)
    Have an email ad included once a month in our Rental Owner Updates for the next 12 months (12 ads) plus target your marketing even further with banner ad for 12 months.

    Reserve your 12 email ads PLUS banner ad position for twelve months (payable in advance). Platinum Partner Sponsors receive $9,600 of standard email sponsorships over the year AND $7,200 worth of Banner or Text Link Ads over the year. Plus, Plus Platinum sponsors also receive free Platinum sponsorship one of our three major LIVE events (up to an additional $7,500 value). That's a $24,300 Platinum sponsorship value package. Platinum Partner Sponsor discounts extend for the 12 month duration of their sponsorship. The Banner Ad sponsorships for a specific page on our site, which is included in this sponsorship package, are made available on a first come, first serve basis. As a Platinum Sponsor we will also have the option of having their Banner Ad on our home page for the entire year without paying additional premium fee (an additional $7,200 value). Total Platinum sponsorship value is over $30,000. Your cost only $15,000.

    ADVERTISER OPTION #7 - Convention/Bootcamp/Getaway Conference Sponsorships. For companies who may want LIVE and direct connection with our most active customers, Conference sponsorships are an excellent advertising option. For $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or $7,500 you can be a silver, gold, platinum or diamond sponsor for one of our live events, including our National Landlord Convention, Two Day Landlording Bootcamp or our annual Landlord Retreat Getaway Conference. As a sponsoring company, (depending on the level of sponsorship, you will be featured in the Event Resource Notebook and included on the handouts given to all convention, bootcamp or getaway conference attendees that contains information about your company's product or service. You will have vendor booth space at the event and the opportunity to speak to all attendees. Normal attendance for events range from 50 to 500 attendees, depending on the event. In addition, as part of the silver, gold or platinum sponsorship fee, you will have an opportunity to take with a few minutes or up to 60 minutes in front of the entire audience to teach and introduce your service or product. In addition, you or your company name will be highlighted on our website promoting the event(s), along with our email newsletter promoting the event, with a link to your company. So your adverting dollars will reach far more than those in attendance at any given event. Click to see how much landlords like our conferences and Getaway Conferences.

    For additional advertising opportunities, to place your ad or to propose revenue-sharing possibilities, send an email to

    If you would like to work for as independent advertising/sales representative (on a national or regional basis), please send an email to



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