The #1 question we get asked every month from leaders of associations is, "Can we have permission to reprint an article from the MR. LANDLORD newsletter, Management Update E-mail newsletter, or from your website to include in our local association newsletter?" This question is definitely the plea of the person or volunteer responsible for the association publication.

GOOD NEWS!!  Not only do we give permission to local associations to reprint MR. LANDLORD articles, we will send you a free monthly column that includes one, two or three of our most popular property management articles published that month.  At the end of any article, we ask that you state: 
Reprinted with permission from MR. LANDLORD newsletter.
For a free sample, call 1-800-950-2250 or visit our web site at

The monthly column is sent free to whatever e-mail address you prefer.  Since it is sent to you by e-mail, that should allow you to quickly and easily add it to your association publication if you are using a computer word processing program to create or write your publication.  Just send us an e-mail request to to receive the free monthly column.  In your request, please give the complete name of your association and contact information,
including a phone number.  We then will start sending you the MR. LANDLORD monthly column. It's that easy!