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MRLANDLORD.COM is continually forming strategic alliances with a variety of corporate partners and real estate associations. If the types of business relationships or opportunities listed below are of interest to your company or association, please fill out the following form.

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Are you interested in having a "MrLandlord Store" on YOUR website, where you can offer some of the same landlord books and resources right on your own website (and designed so that it looks as though it is part of your site). With this arrangement you will receive a percentage of all sales through your website. We will handle maintenance of the store, all order processing and shipping of items ordered. So no work for you, just receive monthly commission checks to your company or association.
Are you interested in having our popular Landlord Q & A Discussion Board set up and integrated right on your website? Our Q & A Forum is guaranteed to attract more visitors/members to your website. We will design the Top heading of the Q & A Forum so that it will look as though it is part of your site. If you are looking for ways to make your association or company website more appealing to members or customers, let us set up the most popular landlord Q & A discussion board on your website.
Would you like MRLANDLORD.COM to promote your website through either banner advertising or classified advertising in our E-mail newsletter to rental owners? Or does your website offer unique content, service or a technological tool that is highly beneficial to rental property owners that we can add to our site in exchange for promoting your website. At a minimum, how about MUTUAL LINKS! If you offer services or products for rental property owners, we can place a free LINK to your company or association on our website if you agree to place a LINK to MRLANDLORD.COM on your website.
Would you like MRLANDLORD.COM to promote and offer your book, publication or information product via our web site or news service in exchange for a percentage of sales?
Would you like MRLANDLORD.COM to promote your services via our web site or news service in exchange for a percentage of all revenue generated?
Are you one of the leaders of a local real estate association and would be interested in having a website on our webpages or a link to your website? We have thousands of landlords who weekly visit our website and who are looking for local landlord, rental housing, apartment, investor and real estate associations. We will put a link to your association on our website, so our visitors in your area will discover your association, and in exchange we ask that you put a link to MRLANDLORD.COM on your association's website.
Are you interested in buying partial or full ownership of MRLANDLORD.COM? Yes, we are always open to serious proposals. We are also open to International Companies who may want to set up a licensing agreement with MRLANDLORD.COM outside of the United States as an extension of other real estate content, tools and services you may currently offer.
If you have any idea of how your company and MRLANDLORD.COM can develop a beneficial relationship for both parties, please give us a brief idea of what you have in mind below.

If you checked any of the Partner possibilities above, please give a brief description of your proposed partnership with MRLANDLORD.COM:


Any ideas, proposals, or other information (collectively, "Information") submitted or collected on this form shall be considered non-confidential. By submitting this form to MRLANDLORD.COM, you agree that MRLANDLORD.COM shall not be under any obligation of confidentiality or non-use, express or implied, with respect to any such Information, and MRLANDLORD.COM may disclose or use such Information for any purpose implied, to compensate or work with the person or entity supplying the Information in any manner. Thank you for considering MRLANDLORD.COM as a possible partner. We will follow-up with companies that we consider a working relationship could be beneficial at this time, however we are unable to respond to every proposal or inquiry.



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