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Convention Update


Get The Best of Our Conventions... Without the Travel

This is an official announcement that the annual National Landlord Convention (originally scheduled for May 28-30, 2020, in Nashville TN) has been canceled for this year. I would say postponed, but at this point there are still to many unknown factors to plan an alternative date. I do have some good news however, which I will share in just a minute, because I want us all to be able to keep moving forward.

I'm sure most of you saw the cancellation coming early on. It reached a tipping point weeks back where it made no sense from a potential health/safety standpoint and an economic standpoint to keep promoting our annual Landlord Convention. I sincerely would have loved to engage and interact with so many of you this month, especially since I only get a chance to engage with many of year only once a year. However, I still am looking forward to when we will be able to once again interact and learn from each other to improve our rental businesses.


Many of you know me. I attempt to always look to create win-win scenarios out of situations whenever I can so that everyone can keep moving forward. So here's some good news I alluded to earlier.

With the cancellation of the Convention, obviously those of you who have paid are due a refund. I want to also offer you an awesome opportunity; to allow you to get keep moving forward and still a big multi dose of Convention training and motivation this year, I have put together some of the absolute best presentations from several of the top instructors of recent Conventions into a special Multi Convention Collector's Audio Set that you can benefit from the comfort of your home, without the need to travel and receive it at an unbelievable price.

If you were present at a one of the prior Conventions and heard one or more of the presentation, you will appreciate and highly benefit from hearing them again and again and continue to pick up and be reminded of great ideas to keep you moving forward toward greater success in the midst of the challenges (with a lot of emphasis on marketing ideas which will greatly be needed in the months ahead). Here's what is included in the MULTI CONVENTION COLLECTOR'S AUDIO SET:
  1. INCREASE RESIDENT PERFORMANCE - Jeffrey Taylor, founder of Most landlords see the financial need to market and screen in order to fill a vacancy. However, it is important that you also continue to implement proactive strategies AFTER the resident moves in, that will increase the odds that the resident will perform well during the rental term. This audio training shares a simple business concept and strategies which landlords can easily implement to help improve resident performance during the rental term. The proactive strategy will help make residents much more inclined to pay on time, take good care of the property and stay forever! (at least for several years, instead of just one:) ($99)
  2. MAXIMIZE NET INCOME LIKE THE BIG BOYS by Lisa Trosien. When it comes to filling vacancies and maximizing income, both small and large property owners must utilize numerous practical, action-oriented strategies to keep all their properties filled and maximize their net income. For the big boys, this is a business. Lisa is one of the very top trainers in the apartment industry to teach us how to maximize our rental income like the big boys do it. ($199)
  3. OUT THE BOX MARKETING - Toni Blake is a top international "All-Star" Trainer and legend in the apartment industry, who is totally innovative and out-of-the-box when it comes to leasing, and resident retention. She taught at our convention for 3 hours with lots of humor and only one break in the middle. Her training was packed with updated leasing and retention strategies which she tailored especially for our event and for the mom and pop rental owner. ($199)
  4. INSIDER'S GUIDE TO MARKETING by Tami Siewruk. Tami teaches from being a rental owner and developer and from real-world experience in all facets of property management. She is considered a top rental industry trainer and future marketing technologist. Tami taught for over two hours on the latest Marketing strategies, combining both social and multimedia marketing and technology to show landlords how to both reach and appeal to new residents. She also shared lots of informative internet tools and resources to increase your marketing effectiveness. ($199)
  5. INCREASE INCOME THRU FEES & SERVICES by the Rent Like A Pro Team. Are you ready to add another layer of both cash flow AND professionalism to your rental business? The Rent Like A Pro team revealed many of the little, yet vital things landlords can do to keep their residents performing correctly and your properties running professionally and smoothly. They (a duo of presenters) shared with rental property owners how they can charge fees for options and services that can help to double your rental profits and increase your ROI per unit. The numerous examples of "FEE" management well enable you to provide better service and get compensated for it. Your customers will actually come to thank you for the additional options offered. ($49)
  6. TRIPLE YOUR INCOME RENTING TO STUDENTS (without the headaches) by Dixie Decker.A lot of landlords think, working with students is not worth the challenges Dixie shared many ideas and insights on Student Housing and how she implements procedures and policies that helps her eliminates the student management fears. She also describes how with student housing, she has been able to increase the net cash flow of single family rentals by two to three times or more. She even shared how to do so in your hometown even if your home is not necessarily near a college or university. ($99)
  7. INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE HOUSING by Kimberly Smith. Mrs. Smith co-founded a national company which provides property management of furnished residential properties and offers full service corporate housing to executive travelers nationwide. Kimberly is a recognized leader in the corporate housing industry. At a previous Convention, she shared her unique niche in the rental industry and how you can double or triple the annual income from your rentals (in all types of communities and income levels) by thinking outside of your normal rental box and changing the residents you target. ($49)
  8. CREATE PASSIVE TAX FREE INCOME- Since 1981 Walter Wofford has been an active real estate investor in the Jackson, MS area. Walter specializes in developing passive income by creating tax free net worth and cash flow through seller financing in the affordable housing area. These methods combine note creation, IRA and Retirement Account investing with Trust Entities and by doing so creates cash flow and builds his net worth plus creating profits for both today and in the future . . . tax free. ($99)
  9. WAYS TO RETIRE YOUR RENTAL PORTFOLIO (For some of you in this wild time we are living through, this title probably is sounding really good about now:) Walter will outline how you can sell your rental property by converting Tenants into Homeowners. If you are ready to really start doing less work and create a huge passive retirement income stream that will last for generations, then Walter's presentation alone is worth the investment of the Convention Collector's Set ($99)
  10. MOTIVATION FOR THE LANDLORD ENTREPRENEUR- Now, more than ever, motivation is sometimes needed to keep moving forward, so I have included this unique and motivating presentation. James L. Standfield delivers a presentation which encouraged and strengthened landlords attending our Convention, on how landlord entrepreneurs can use biblical concepts to increase their business success. He powerfully and positively impacts, inspires and challenges all types of entrepreneurs from around the world. James has the ability to motivate entrepreneurs to fully maximize their God-given gifts, talents and abilities. ($49)
There you have it, 10 of the top presentations in recent years, covering a wide range of topics all geared toward helping rental owner be more profitable with their rental property, The prices are listed individually for each, which totals over $1,000. And the value to you can be far greater (tens of thousands). Only a limited number of 200 of these special Convention Collector's Sets are being ordered at this time.

If you would like to receive one of these sets, your special price is only $197 for the first 200 only who order. Call us today toll-free, 1-800-950-2250. Just say you want one of the Convention Collector's Audio Sets, which we can send on 16 CDs or Flash Drive. Or, you can click now to order the complete Audio set on line. And when you call or order online you will also receive a bonus training from one additional Convention instructor on How to Get Money From Private Lenders plus a second bonus: a 1 hour and 50 minutes recording of a landlord conference call with attorney Bill Bronchick and Jeffrey Taylor on What Landlords should consider doing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Convention in 2021! If you had already paid for this year's Convention, I hope with all that is offered above, that you agree with me that I have done good in creating a win-win scenario in the midst of all that's going on. Call us right away and let us know (1-800-950-2250) which of the following 4 options you would like to do:

1) Yes Jeffrey, I agree that your offer is a win-win scenario. I actually had not signed up for this year's Convention, but I thank you for this opportunity. I definitely want to keep moving my business forward and take advantage of your generous offer. Send me the Multi Convention Collector's Audio Set (16 CDs or flash drive) for just $197.

2) Yes Jeffrey, I agree that your offer is a win-win scenario. I had already registered for this year's Convention, but would love to hear again from some of best previous Convention presentations. Apply what I've already paid toward one of the special Multi Convention Collector's Audio Set (CD or flash drive) for just $197. (A credit will be given back to you for the difference of your original registration fees and lunch if it was over $197).

3) I had registered for this year's Convention and do not want to move my rental business forward at this time by taking advantage of your generous offer. Please send a refund.

4) I had registered for this year's Convention and can't wait till next year or to one of your other trainings/events. Please apply the money paid toward next year's Convention (that will be held at the same location and time of year) or apply the money toward one of your upcoming Landlording Boot Camps or to your next Landlord Retreat.

Keep Moving Forward!!

Jeffrey Taylor

P.S. I pray that this virus (and any other challenges for that matter) doesn't do any damaging harm to you and your family and that it does not spread to the point that is causes overwhelming harm to our nation. As always I encourage you to stay in control (control of your anxiety in particular at this time). Anxiety and stress can decrease your immune system. Keep moving forward and continue to make the most of the assets God gives you (including his joy and peace). Take one step now to keep moving forward, by calling to order the Multi Convention Collector's Audio Set. 1-800-950-2250.


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