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#Z25 Air Quality Manager (AQM) by OdorXit 2500 SQFT 25 Gram

PRICE: $54.97

AQM Is Commonly Used To Oxidize:

  • Viruses & Bacteria
  • Mold/Mildew
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke smell – tobacco, cannabis & fire
  • Mothball odor
  • Sports smells and body odor
  • Dust mite matter
  • Medical odors
  • Cooking odor - fish & curry


OdorXit AQM is a packet of ClO2 when combined with moisture or water it oxidizes or eliminates odors permanently.


This product is a chlorine dioxide generator. The quantity of active ingredient is less than or equal to 0.5 grams. Chlorine dioxide gas is not expected to be released in amounts or at a rate at which significant exposure could occur with normal handling and use. If the product is damaged, avoid contact with dry ingredients; they may cause irritation or burning in direct contact with skin or eyes. Additionally, if not used according to directions, it is possible that some chlorine dioxide gas could be released into small, enclosed spaces in sufficient quantities to be detectable. If this occurs and a chlorine-like odor is detected in such a space, ventilate and leave the space.

Instructions for Using OdorXit AQM

  1. Open the silver Mylar packet when you're ready to start. (Never Open The White Inner Pouch) Humidity in the air should be 40% or above. If not, add a teaspoon of water to a 1/2 sheet of a paper towel.
  2. Add the damp paper towel and the white pouch (from inside the silver Mylar pouch) into the clear packet.
  3. Remove the adhesive paper backing and attach to a solid surface BEHIND a small desk size fan set on low. The fan circulates the gas the AQM packet creates throughout the room.
  4. Leave it in position or move it from room to room all the time the packet is creating a gas.

OdorXit AQM Can Be Used In 2 Ways

30 Day Mode - produces small amounts pure chlorine dioxide gas for 20 to 30 days (depending on the amount of humidity). The odors are gone. The OdorXit AQM CLO2 used in 30 day mode – the same packet as used in the one day mode just adding more moisture - allows you to be in the room while it's working. There's no problems with breathing this product when used as directed.

1 Day Mode - FOR CAR TREATMENT ONLY - The same packet is used from the 30 day mode. However, it will produce all the gas in one day's time instead of over 30 days. The OdorXit AQM CLO2 used in 1 day mode works so fast you can not be in the car during that time.

Customer Reviews

"I wanted to sell my rental property.  I painted the walls to cover up the smell but the smoke smell was still there. The home inspector told me to “get rid of the smoke smell and mold smell in the basement or the deal is off.” I used 4 packets of the OdorXit AQM Air Quality Manager in the house with fans running until the closing date.  At the walk through final inspection the musty smell and smoke smells were all gone.  I got the full asking price and the house closed on time!"
- Darrel H.
"My dad used to be a smoker and after he quit, his car still smelled. The smoke smell was so overwhelming that it would stick to our cloths anytime we drove anywhere. Nothing I tried to get the smell out worked except OdorXit. I used the AQM packet and aired the car out and the smell was gone!"
Excellent applications for this product include removing mold, mildew and smoke odor from furniture, closets, rooms, basement areas large garbage containers, transport containers, refrigerated containers.

This 25 Gram packet product works on areas up to 2000 square feet.

PLUS by buying it on, you receive a 10% discount. Your price is $44.97, plus $10 priority shipping.

Click below to order one or more packets now and eliminate your odor problems!

#Z25 Air Quality Manager (AQM) by OdorXit 2500 SQFT 25 Gram
PRICE: $54.97

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