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#Z10 Air Quality Manager (AQM) by OdorXit 1000 SQFT 10 Gram

PRICE: $32.97

The 10 gram OdorXit Air Qualtiy Manager (AQM) ClO2 30/1 day release package is a specially sealed Tyvek packet containing powdered chemicals that measures 2.5 " x 5 " x 1/4". It is shipped in a sealed water proof mylar package that must be removed just prior to use.

In order for the chemical to react, the relative humidity must be at least 40% RH or higher. If the RH is below 40% 2 to 4 drops of water can be added to the container the reactor packet is placed in to support the chemical reaction. If 1/8" of water is placed in the bottom of a flat bottomed mug and the packet is placed stand up in the cup the packet will produce a much higher level of ClO2 for 5 to 10 days. If 1/4" of water is placed in the cup the packet will be completely reacted in less than 24 hours. These higher levels of chlorine dioxide product are high enough that remaining the the area being treated for extended periods of time should be avoided.

This product is intended to remove odors produced by materials that can be oxidized in an enclosed area with light to moderate contamination. The area can be inhabited by pets or humans during use. If a prominent bleach smell develops, treatment should be discontinued by removing the packet.

Extended exposure to this product in small tightly closed areas should be avoided. That being said, use in a small room with tobacco smoke or mold is safe as long as there is not a prominent bleach smell.

The 10 gram 32/1 Day release product, once opened, will produce small amounts of chlorine dioxide gas for 20 to 30 days depending on the amount of water vapor available. The gas production process can be jump started by putting a few drops of water in the clear plastic adhesive backed mounting pouch that accompanies the product or laying the packet on a wet paper towel on a plastic plate.

The maximum effective usage volume is about 1000 square feet of surface area in the room being treated, (about 12' x 20'').

Using a small fan to stir the air in the area being treated improves the performance.

Do not lay the Tyvek packet directly on any material that can be bleached. A plastic plate is an appropriate buffer to prevent bleaching.

Excellent applications for this product include oxidizing/controlling mold, mildew and smoke odor from furniture with drawers, roll top desks, and other closed pieces of furniture. It also performs very well in closets and lockers to oxidize/control odors on clothing and shoes. Other applications include removing burned food or popcorn odors from microwave ovens, or regular ovens.

This 10 Gram packet product works on areas up to 1000 square feet. $32.97. And that includes FedEx Home Delivery when you order thru

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#Z10 Air Quality Manager (AQM) by OdorXit 1000 SQFT 10 Gram
PRICE: $32.97

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