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Landlord Resources:Rental Forms



Suggested Retail: $49.95        SALE PRICE: $24.50

This program includes 50 record keeping forms to record and keep track of vital aspects of the "administrative" side of being a landlord. Unlike the the 200+ Rental Forms, which includes forms to communicate effectively and professionally with residents, the Recordkeeping Forms are for "your eyes only", to remind you of what to keep records of and for those helping you with the management of properties. Most landlords (specially the majority who do it on a part-time basis), try diligently to stay on top of the various challenges of rental properties. Often, however, there is not time in the day to handle full-time jobs, landlording duties, and also keep track of the "administrative" or recordkeeping side of the business. Even staying on top of the record keeping for one or two rentals can become overwhelming, if you do not have a simple system for maintaining your files and records.

The Recordkeeping Forms flash drive will provide you that simple system to record, track, file and maintain all your rental records, including:
1. Original Purchase Information
2. Original Purchase Services Provided
3. Rental Unit Descriptions
4. Property & Construction Information
5. Account Numbers
6. Local Area Information
7. Property Layout
8. Floor Plan
9. Furniture / Fixtures
10. Appliance / Inventory
11. Garages / Storage Space
12. Properties Sold
13. Resident Information
14. Security Deposit
15. Rental Payments
16. Laundry / Vending Revenue
17. Miscellaneous Income
18. Lease Expiration / Anniversary Dates
19. Rent Raising Schedule
20. Resident Turnover
21. Problem Resident Tracker
22. Eviction Tracker (Checklist)
23. Vacancy Report
24. Advertising Report
25. Maintenance Schedule
26. Annual Property Inspection Checklist
27. Resident Complaint / Repair Records
28. Resident Requests
29. Maintenance Checklist Weekly
30. Maintenance Checklist Monthly
31. Maintenance Checklist Seasonally
32. Maintenance Checklist (Sample)
33. Maintenance Checklist Irregular Duties
34. Service Contracts
35. Painting Records
36. Minor Repairs
37. Major Improvements
38. Major Repairs Contractor Information
39. Major Upcoming Improvements
40. Vendor Directory
41. Service People Directory
42. Mortgage / Loan Payments
43. Large Payments Due
44. Utility Consumption
45. Insurance Records
46. Insurance Claims
47. Payroll
48. Property Taxes
49. Miscellaneous Expenses
50. Monthly Cash Flow Expenses & Income

Use these forms to stay in control of your rental business. This Recordkeeping Forms flash drive provides all the forms on Microsoft Word documents. Regular price is $49.95 For a limited time you can order them for half price, just $24.50. Plus you will receive a Bonus Binder with all recordkeeping forms on hard copy ($19 bonus value).

Suggested Retail: $49.95        SALE PRICE: $24.50

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