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Landlord Resources:Special Reports


Suggested Retail: $10.95        SALE PRICE: $7.95

One of the most effective methods to get your rents on time is to encourage your residents to participate/enroll in the direct rent deposit program.
One of the biggest advantages for the rental resident to participate in the direct rent deposit program is because their on-time payments will be reported to a major credit bureau, and thereby improve their credit. ClearNow is one of the select companies that has teamed up with Experian to make this possible. Check out the video below.

If you are still collecting rents the old fashioned way, by either picking up rents or having rent checks mailed to you, then you need to order this report now. Thousands of you have heard Jeffrey Taylor at seminars challenge you to stop collecting rents the old fashioned way. One of the keys to success with rental property management is collecting rent in an efficient and timely manner. This report describes two recommended strategies that can help landlords collect rent on-time, every time, and with no hassle.

Plus, the report provides different ways to effectively promote the preferred rent collection methods to your residents, including utilizing the Lease itself. Several sample lease clauses are highlighted that can help persuade residents to choose payment methods that are advantageous to the landlord. In addition, a sample letter to residents and a flyer promoting the payment methods are included. Also provided are recommendations of companies like ClearNow that provide hassle free rent collection services for landlords.

Suggested Retail: $10.95        SALE PRICE: $7.95

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