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Landlord Resources:Special Reports


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This new report reveals a low-risk, money generating strategy that only a few real estate investors know about. Discover nine ways to find and attract all the landlords you desire who would be glad to sell you their rental income streams at 20% to 25% discounts (or even higher), thereby generating thousands of dollars of annual profits for you. Plus, get letters to use to notify residents of changes about where and how payments will be made to you, including special phrasing offering residents the option of a bi-weekly payment plan that can add additional thousands to your rental stream profits. In this report, you get all the key documents you need. You receive an Assignment of Rents contracts that has crucial provisions keeping the landlord responsible for management obligations. A special addendum makes the landlord selling the rental stream ultimately liable for the rents, should tenant fail to make all payments. This helps eliminate your risks. All contracts and letters for this money generating strategy were prepared by a real estate attorney, (cost of several hundred dollars). You pay a lot less and can still get all the cash flow benefits. Previous price was $20. Price now only -


PRICE: $14.95

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