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Suggested Retail: $34.99        SALE PRICE: $29.99


If you are still debating whether you want to be (or continue to be) a landlord, whether it would be best to let a professional manage your property, or whether you want to professionally manage for others then this book is for you! And if you do decide to own and/or manage rental property, this new 384 page softcover book will teach you all the basics. Unlike many jobs, property management is not an occupation best learned through trial-and-error. When there are people, property, and payments involved, it's essential to understand what you're doing, both legally and financially. Property Management For Dummies teaches you the strategies every good landlord should know.

A friendly guide to property management, for those with no experience whatsoever. Shows how to deal with tenants, avoid legal problems, advertise the property, screen tenants, collect rent and ask for rent increases, deal with record keeping, taxes, and insurance, and other practical matters. Chapters and subtopics in this book includes:

Part 1: So You Want to Be a Landlord?
Do You Have What It Takes to Manage Your Own Rental Property?
Chapter 2: Deciding Whether to Manage Your Property Yourself or Hire a Pro
The advantages of self-management and the drawbacks
Managing your property from a distance
Knowing what to look for in a management company
Telling the good from the bad
Compensating your property manager
Tax consequences of using a management company
Chapter 3: Taking Over Property

Part II: Renting Your Property
Chapter 4: Preparing Your Rental Property for Prospective Tenants
Chapter 5: Rent, Security Deposits, and Leases:
(The Big Three of Property Management)
Setting the Rent
Chapter 6: FOR RENT: Generating Interest in Your Rental
Chapter 7: Handling Prospects and Showing the Rental
Chapter 8: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo: Selecting Your Tenants

Part III: The Brass Tacks of Managing Rentals
Chapter 9: Moving In the Tenants
Chapter 10: Collecting and Increasing Rent
Chapter 11: Keeping the Good Tenants -- and Your Sanity
Chapter 12: Dealing with Problem Tenants
Chapter 13: Moving Out Tenants
Chapter 14: Working with Employees and Contractors
Chapter 15: Maintenance
Chapter 16: Safety and Security

Part V: Money, Money, Money!
Chapter 17: Two Necessities of Property Management: Insurance and Taxes
Chapter 18: Financial Management and Recordkeeping

Part VI: Only for the Daring
Chapter 19: Non-Rent Revenue and Lease Options
Chapter 20: Government Programs
Chapter 21: Working in Niche Markets: Students, Seniors, and More

Part VII: The Part of Tens
Chapter 22: Ten Reasons to Become a Rental Property Owner
Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Rent Your Vacancy
Chapter 24: Ten Ways to Increase Cash Flow

Appendix: Resources Media
Professional and Trade Organizations
Computer and Manual Accounting Systems
Legal Information
Rental Housing Suppliers
Credit Reporting Agencies

One person who read the book had the following to say: "Property Management For Dummies is a wonderfully practical digest on property management covering every applicable subject both for those considering becoming or continuing as a landlord and for long time landlords. Easy to read, and easy to jump right to the subject on which one needs the most help, the author's twenty years of professional management experience and wisdom are made accessible to the reader. Having been a property manager for over three years now, I was surprised by how much I learned from this book. For anyone considering property management, being a landlord, or hiring a professional manager this book lets one know in advance all the factors to weigh before making that leap. I'll state it again -- you must have this book if you are in any way going to be involved in property management. Bonus CD Included! CD Includes Sample rental contracts, financial worksheets, eviction notices, and other valuable tools for simplifying day-to-day operations. Regular Price: $34.99. Thru - $29.99 with FREE shipping.

Suggested Retail: $34.99        SALE PRICE: $29.99

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