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Wealth Building Books:Fix-up/Renovation


Suggested Retail: $99.95        SALE PRICE: $45.00


Do you hate losing money during your rehabs?

Would you like to learn how to flip houses without getting taken advantage of by contractors?

Want more financial freedom?Drop what you are doing and read this, THIS is worth your time...

Tony Horner, one of the featured instructors at our most recent Landlord Convention, is going to teach you through a live, recorded "Fix & Flip" project: 5 extra-ordinary tips that anyone can do to stop losing money and time during your rehabs.

Tony Horner got started in Real Estate in 1998. Back then he was busted and disgusted. He was sick of living paycheck to paycheck and busting my hump in 95 degree weather... on the weekends... when my family and friends were having fun at the BBQ. He knew there was a better way and he started studying Real Estate. Only problem was... He didn't have a bunch of cash to be throwing at houses, so he dug deep. He studied for almost 2 years until he finally stumbled across a gold mine of strategies that he is going to reveal to you.

Real Estate enabled him to quit his job and retire after he did these specific techniques.

But he can now show you those techniques and help you... avoid a lot of of the headache it took to earn it... He has recorded a series of videos explaining the rehab process. You see, you are much more likely to succeed if you follow a proven system... And he have laid out for you exactly what you need to do on your flip houses so that you...

* Stop getting taken advantage of by contractors
* Make more money
* Don't lose money
* Enjoy your career
* Actually buy a house right that you will make money on

Tony teaches you what really works... And Tony teaches some secrets that only a veteran investor who has closed 400 deals would know.

This is not some re-hashed training that you see all over the internet, this is a real-life case study where he shows you EXACTLY how h made $28,800 on one of his MOST RECENT deals. You are going to see him controlling the rehab process from Day 1, so you can just duplicate what you see him do. And this is a typical deal for him.

After watching his program "Rehabbin For Riches" you will not only feel empowered to go out there and make some great deals, but you are also going to get it done in record time. Tony holds nothing back from you in my training and I teach you all of the tricks of the trade...

Tony even teaches you a strategy on how to sell your house for more money after the rehab is complete. This one strategy alone will make you more money, help you sell your houses quicker, and the way he does it is very unique... Tony is going to show you how to flip houses the right way so you make more money...

Tony is going to show you the specifics, the exact methods that he use in his business today which generate massive chunks of cash that allow him to live this way. These aren't just some random tips, these come from decades of experience and he not only teaches these things to you, Tony shows you each step of the way so that you are ready to go when you close on your next house.

In this video training, Tony will show you...
* How to deal with contractors so you don't get taken advantage of
* How to estimate repairs so you actually buy a house that you will make money on
* What colors to use so the buyer gets excited about the future of living in your house
* Where to get your paint so you can save money on labor costs
* 1 ninja trick with windows that will make your negotiations go smoother (and make you more money)
* How to deal with code enforcement and handle permits
* How much you should be spending on kitchens, baths, garage doors, electrical, and so much more...

Normally Tony charges several hundred dollars for 1 on 1 coaching but because of technology, he is able to record himself going through a live fix & flip project. This means he doesn't have to meet with you in person or on the phone and you can still learn the same things. When you factor in his time, this video training is worth well over $500.

Tony wants you to be successful. You and I know that some courses charge $1,000 for this type of information. But, he is not asking anywhere near $500 for "Rehabbin For Riches"... Not even half of that at $250... Not even $100...

If you click the link below he will send you access to "Rehabbin For Riches" for just $45.

If Tony's mini training at our Convention, was any example of his ability to teach and the ideas he shares, you will receive in value MANY times the low price of this training. After you place your order, you will receive an email by the next business day with a link giving you instant access to this video series.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Grab "Rehabbin For Riches" Only $45 - LIMITED TIME!

Suggested Retail: $99.95        SALE PRICE: $45.00

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