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Wealth Building Books:Buying Properties



PRICE: $39.95

This extremely informative book covers in DETAIL how to build cash flow that can last many years, if not decades, into the future with lower income rental housing. NOT slums, just solid low-priced housing.

Lower-end housing offers excellent cash flow opportunities if you know how to buy and manage them right. The book explains and shows you how, with
lower-end housing, you can consistently buy houses for 25-30 cents on the dollar and get cash flow within a matter of months. What other kind of property can you buy and get them free and clear in 60 months or less? What other investment pays for itself, giving you both cash flow and new equity every month? What other investment will pay you income for the next 15-20-30 years and still leave you a substantial asset which can be liquidated giving you even more income by either holding paper or getting a nice big check from selling?

In this often recommended 185-page book, the topics taught include:
* How to get houses free & clear in 60 months (or less)
* Finding bargains for $3,000-$15,000 each
* Secrets of getting owner financing
* Finding free or almost free "salvage" houses
* Dozens of low-budget, money stretching repair tips
* Tax sale secrets
* Finding dirt cheap rehab materials
* Safe tenant profiles and high risk profiles.
* Why there is almost no competition with low-end houses
* How to sell and carry paper

If you want real estate that keeps paying dividends over and over at prices that allow you to gain tremendous wealth, then you should discover low-end houses. Most ant, you need to learn how to really buy them right and manage them. Order this book now if there are neighborhood within 30 miles of you with lower-end houses. There is LOTS of money to be made!

PRICE: $39.95

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