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PRICE: $29.95

A Simple, No-Brainer System for Higher Profits and Fewer Headaches!

For many investors, landlording is a pain, but not for those who use Mike Butler's Landlording on Autopilot system. It's a simple, proven method for managing rental properties in your spare time; without the headaches.

Discover the system Mike developed that enabled him to manage 75 rental properties while working full time before he hired any part-time help. And he was consistently bringing in more than 100% of his rents.

Mike, who has been one of the featured instructors on Landlord's Getaways, (, shares many of the vital techniques of autopilot landlording in his new book. He covers the following topics -

* Screening and finding great tenants you can trust.
* Training tenants to do your landlording work
* Increasing your cash flow with a simple push button management system.
* Easily complying with landlording regulations and legal stuff you might not think of.
* Marketing/advertising your properties at little or no cost.
* Utilizing powerful, ready-to-use landlording forms
* Getting rid of bad tenants quickly, safely and cheaply.
* Using creative tactics to consistently bring in more than 100% of the rent.

Learn from Mike Butler's system who receives over 1 million annually from rents. Increase the odds that you'll make more money in less time with less effort.

PLUS, as part of a special combination offer, you will also receive a CD titled, "How to Increase Cash Flow with Application Process". Two of the most popular landlording speakers in the country, Jeffrey Taylor and Mike Butler, come together in this unique training as they both reveal some of their absolute best strategies for maximizing their cash flow through the questions they ask during the rental application process.

In this training, Jeffrey and Mike reveal many unique questions they personally ask of applicants to identify:
1) opportunites for maximum and greater cash flow,
2) which prospects has the most potential for LONG-TERM tenancy with the lease likeihood of costly problems.

What makes the training so powerful is that Jeffrey and Mike are actually brainstorming as the training is conducted and are able to build on each other's best ideas as they together share innovative strategies. The collaboration of ideas thereby exceeds what either could have shared alone and listeners walk away with awesome ideas on what to ask and look for during the rental application process and how to implement the suggested ideas from not just one, but from the perspectives of two highly effective rental property owners. You then are able to use the ideas, strategies and approaches that work best for you. Once you listed to this audio CD, I guarantee you, your rental application process will never be the same again, and your cash flow will also greatly increase.

One of the regular contributors to our Q&A Forum, not only bought the book for himself, but bought a whole case to make them available for his association members. Here's what he had to say about Mike' book:

"This is a super special on Mike's book and the CD. Mike's book Landlording on Autopilot is a book I recommend for ALL landlords, both new and seasoned pros. He brings in over $1 million in rent and has some great ideas to streamline. His specialty is bringing in more than 100% of the rent. And yes, it's worth it The good stuff does NOT come to you - you have to get it! Multi millionaires do not come knock on your door." Brad 20,000 (IN)

The cost of Mike's newest edition of his bestselling book and the audio CD is normally $69.95. For a limited time, you can order BOTH Mike's book and the CD for less than HALF PRICE, only $29.95 with FREE shipping! Click the link below to order now.

PRICE: $29.95

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