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Suggested Retail: $59.95        SALE PRICE: $29.95

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The secret is out. Have you heard? Landlord Marketing Secrets is the first book to translate the principles of direct marketing for the rental business and bring them straight to your door. Tons of innovative, effective marketing strategies, especially helpful to single family property owners who want to compete with the big boys. Each secret revealed is broken down into clear specific suggestions:

* Over 100 Marketing ideas to help you fill your vacancy faster
* Make more money from your rentals
* Keep your best renters longer
* Find more good renters
* Get more out of every advertising dollar

The author, Drew DeMasters, is an award-winning marketer and a landlord for nearly 20 years. Several years ago, he realized that his rental properties could make a lot more money if he used the same marketing strategies that have made millions of dollars for many of his clients. That's why he wrote Landlord Marketing Secrets and why he's confident you will profit from it too. Drew DeMasters was also a special guest at a previous convention. We taped his presentation on marketing secrets of landlords. All those who order this book will receive a copy of his presentation on DVD--that's a free $39 bonus value!

Personal note from Jeffrey Taylor, "For years I've taught and encouraged rental owners and my subscribers to take the best business ideas from different industries and apply them to the rental property business. In this outstanding book of Landlord Marketing Secrets, you now have the absolute best ideas from the marketing industry at your fingertips plus tons of marketing research that can help landlords fill their vacancies faster, keep them longer plus boost your rental profits like never before."

100% Risk Free Guarantee. If you don't discover at least 10 actions you can take to start boosting your rental profits immediately, send the book back to me within 30-days of purchase for full refund of your purchase price.

Plus, order a copy of this handbook and you will receive a copy of his presentation at one of our previous conventions now available on DVD titled, 5 Steps to Bigger Profits. Click now to order this special combo title and DVD. The regular price of these two items is $59.95. Through exclusive arrangements with the author, you can order BOTH the book and DVD now for 50% off Only $29.95 with free shipping! Order now

Suggested Retail: $59.95        SALE PRICE: $29.95

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