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Wealth Building Books:Buying Properties



PRICE: $49.00

Newly published real estate book with real life examples and numbers of properties the author really bought. There are over 240 cases in this book of houses, lots, and land!

The author David Krulac, started as a part time real estate investor with a non-real estate full time job and created a portfolio of hundreds of real estate properties. In each of the 240+ cases in the book there are real numbers showing actual purchase price, sale price, and rent if applicable. Also included in each case is a "In a Nutshell" summary of the lessons learned from this particular case. In all there are 473 "Lessons Learned", which not only tell the good lessons learned but also the bad lessons learned that should not be repeated.

The author believes that, "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

In the real estate investors "toolbox", you need more than one tool.

The 134 Chapters contain good deals, great deals, as well as the bad deals that the author completed. David Krulac presents a realistic approach to buying, holding, flipping, and renting real estate, as well as doing subdivisions/development of land. By using a variety of techniques, a buyer is not limited to only one type of sale. There are over 20 major acquisition methods detailed in this book including:

* Government Tax Sale
* Foreclosures
* Multiple Listing Service MLS
* Private Party Sale
* For Sale By Owner FSBO
* Estate/Probate
* Sealed Bid Auctions
* Word of Mouth
* Veteran Affairs VA
* Foreclosures
* Housing And Urban Development HUD Foreclosures
* Pre-Foreclsoures
* Public Sale
* State Owned Property
* Property Not For Sale
* Letter Solicitation
* Life Estate Property
* Relocation Companies
* And more!

Here's what really separates this book from so many other "How to Buy" real estate books on the market: Some of the other books are partly or mostly fiction and filled with a lot of "fluff". Some authors have done very few deals, others are not even real estate investors and have not actually done many of the ideas talked about in their book. And some books are just for beginners and mostly motivational. The difference with David's book is that the author is truly a real estate investor, buying and selling as many as 74 properties in one year (while still having a full-time, non-real estate job). David has done hundreds and hundreds of deals. His book tells you about 130 specific deals from his personal experience and what you can learn from these real-life deals (great deals, and also some of the deals that went wrong, and what you can learn from his mistakes). David is the real deal, and so is his book. You can learn more from this $49, 342-page book than from many expensive real estate seminars.

PRICE: $49.00

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