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Suggested Retail: $39.95        SALE PRICE: $29.95

Now is the time to begin to set new priorities for "real wealth" in your life!

If we, as a nation, declare freedom to be our number one priority, then why do so many of us, at a gut level, feel less freedom than ever?

Real estate investors work harder than ever before to pursue freedom, based on the delusion that more money and success will equate to a better life. The typical American trades the vast majority of their time and energy for the hope that, someday, they'll be free. Meanwhile, their intense pursuit of money and success is the very thing robbing them of freedom. What we really want is life. Our heart's desire is really to become more than just a "success" by the world's standards-more than a millionaire. What we really want is to become a Lifeonaire. This concept was shared by Steve Cook, who was one of our most popular instructors on our last Landlord Cruise.

The book coupled with a bonus CD takes an inside look at one investor's journey from starting with absolutely nothing to having it all to losing it to gaining back real wealth." Together, through the book and CD, you will discover:

* Step-by-step instructions on how to find your passion and create the vision that YOU choose for your life.

* Find out exactly what's been holding you back from accomplishing your goals in the past.

* How to make a specific plan and timeline for achieving your vision.

* Discover exactly how much it will cost you to create your vision and implement an action plan to get there.

* Learn how to devise a specific action plan to ensure that you accomplish your vision, regardless of how extraordinary you make it.

* Step-by-step action plan to eliminate debt, regardless of how much debt you have, and learn how to ensure your business plan corresponds with your vision so that you love what you do personally and professionally.

Regular price of the book and CD together is $39.95, but for a limited we are offering a 25% discount-- order this new resource today for only $29.95!

Suggested Retail: $39.95        SALE PRICE: $29.95

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