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#LT1 The Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments

PRICE: $34.95

Several of the top speakers in the rental property and apartment industry (known as the Apartment All Stars) share with this book the goal of helping to educate and provide helpful leasing information, tips and strategies to landlords, apartment owners and property manager. The book is aimed in particular at those who lease multi-family units, however there are tons of ideas which landlords of single family rentals can benefit from. One of the co-authors, Lisa Trosien, was a featured instructor at our National Convention, and there sher emphasized in her training that Mom and Pop Landlords can learn so much valuable advice from the “big boys” in the multifamily industry who make their living leasing and serving the larger apartment communities. And when a leasing professional is responsible for hundreds or thousands of units to fill, you have got to know what you are doing and utilize the most effective leasing strategies or you simply will not survive. The All Stars are proud to bring you “The Apartment All Stars Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments.”

The topics covered in the information-packed guide include:

Fair Housing Isn’t Fair – It’s Equal
Niche Marketing
Model Apartments
Maximized Rents and Economic Occupancy
Ring a Ling Leasing: The Phone Call Connection
The Psychology of Leasing
Competitive Selling: The Role “Value” Plays in the Pricing Game
Demonstrating for the Deposit
Overcoming Objections: Master This and Close More Sales
The Art of Close
You’ve Got Mail
IPad/Tablet Leasing
Fab-YOU-lous Fundamentals of follow-up

Customer Review of the Book: The Apartment All-Stars Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments is an essential for every owner, manager and leasing professional in the multi-family industry. It is easy to read and has great flow with step by step instructions for a new landlord or newly hired Leasing Consultant all the way to an old pro that would like to reinvent themselves and their leasing presentations for prospective residents.

I am very excited to have the wisdom of the All-Stars wrapped up in a training manual so that anyone can easily hear their ideas and teach themselves the essentials of the leasing strategies. The All-Stars always add tremendous passion and energy to get even the most skeptical individual ready to lease by using a professional and common sense approach.

The information is relevant to leasing in today’s world with new technology that won’t cost owners unnecessary expenses in exchange for securing leases and improving one’s closing ratios. I will personally use the guide to train my new hires for many years to come.

I know that this creative look into our industry will encourage them to have a fast start with quick results. I love that the book encourages so many creative approaches that will encourage owners and leasing consultants to keep customers for life, whether it be for the resident personally or from the resident sharing their leasing experiences with their friends and families. I look forward to more books in the future that each of these wonderful writers contribute to our industry.- Tricia

The price of this book is $29.95, plus $5 shipping. Total is $34.95.

#LT1 The Complete Guide to Leasing Apartments
PRICE: $34.95

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