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Landlord Resources:Rental Forms



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The single most essential activity of a rental owner is what you communicate to residents. With these forms, now you can take total control of every rental situation, generate more monthly cash flow, have less headaches. All it takes is using the right forms that are included in this special offer.

Receive this LATEST version of the Handbook of Rental Forms. The eleventh edition of this handbook now includes a complete sample rental agreement and all the forms that incorporate the classic money making programs Jeffrey Taylor, editor of shares at seminars. Jeffrey Taylor is a master communicator, one of the most successful and internationally known real estate instructors, founder of (home of the most circulated newsletter for rental owners for over thirty years and most visited Q & A Forum for landlords on the Internet). These are the forms that Jeffrey (and tens of thousands of subscribers) personally uses with his residents.

This is the #1 - All time best-selling publication!!! Over 200 unique, and various money making management rental forms, letters, notices and checklists. These forms serve as models to simply copy or modify to implement the money making management ideas in the MR. LANDLORD newsletter. A highly recommended resource for any one who owns at least one rental and a necessity for those who own or manage more than a half dozen units. The forms in this handbook include:

  1. Rental Availability
  2. Phone Qualifying Worksheet
  3. Daily Phone Summary
  4. Open House Appointment Schedule - Group Showing
  5. House For Rent
  6. Most Popular Upgrades to offer all new residents
  7. Utility Expenses
  8. 30-Day Guarantee
  9. Follow-Up to Inquiry
  10. Rental Application-Future Homebuyer
  11. Application Addendum
  12. Inventory of Upcoming Vacancy
  13. Future Homebuyer Questionnaire
  14. New Tenant Checklist
  15. Nonacceptance Checklist
  16. Pet Application
  17. New Pet Checklist
  18. Consent to Perform Checks
  19. Law Enforcement Waiver
  20. Employment Verification
  21. Questions To Ask Former Landlord(s)
  22. Landlord Verification
  23. Credit Reference Verification
  24. Bank Reference Verification
  25. Security Deposit Verification
  26. Co-signer Agreement
  27. Approval of Application
  28. Transfer Utilities
  29. Holding Deposit Disclosure
  30. Priority Waiting List
  31. Rental Application—Not Approved
  32. Reason for Non Acceptance
  33. Denial Based On Credit Report
  34. Key Sign Out Form
  35. Rental Applicant
  36. Rental Information And Application Packet Instructions
  1. Welcome Folder
  2. Standard Rental Agreement
  3. Rental Agreement (3-Star Addendum)
  4. House Rules Addendum A
  5. Security Deposit Addendum
  6. Receipts for first month’s rent and Security Deposit
  7. Roommate Security Deposit Addendum
  8. Property Condition Checklist
  9. Receipt for Keys
  10. Notice of Accountability
  11. Move-In Information
  12. Welcome to the Neighborhood
  13. Announcement And Upgrade Survey to Current Residents
  14. Attention All Residents - New Payment Option
  15. Automatic Rent Authorization
  16. Bi-weekly Payment Plan
  17. Renter’s Insurance
  18. Add Another Insured Party On Policy
  19. Approval of Additional Resident
  20. Pet Addendum
  21. Option to Limit Future Rent Increases
  22. Garage Storage Rental
  23. Non-apparent Disclosure
  24. Parking Agreement
  25. Crime - Drug Free Addendum
  26. Smoke Free Addendum
  27. Oil Agreement
  28. Waterbed Agreement
  29. Mold Addendum
  30. Water Softener Addendum
  31. Swimming Pool - Hot Tub -Spa
  32. Military Addendum
  33. Tenant Grievance
  34. Lead Disclosure
  35. EPA Lead Pamphlet
  36. Receipt of New Resident Welcome Folder
  37. Move-In Checklist
  38. Bedbug Addendum
  39. Rent Payment Procedures
  40. Temporary Occupancy Agreement
  1. Welcome Future Home Buyer
  2. Rent Statements
  3. Late Rent Warning
  4. Late Fee Notice
  5. Notice of Late Rent-Late Fee-Charges
  6. Strict Enforcement of Rent Policies
  7. Returned Check Notice
  8. Notice To Pay Rent or Quit
  9. Rent Payment Worksheet
  10. Promise for Payment
  11. Promissory Note
  12. Example of Letter to Emergency Contact (Parents)
  13. Notice to Perform or Quit
  14. Rental Upkeep Violation
  15. Excessive Utility Violation
  16. Garbage Violation
  17. Noise Violation
  18. Automobile Violation
  19. Notice Requesting Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles
  20. Pet Violation
  21. Good Tenant Letter
  22. Warning Notice To Report Poor Performance
  23. Financial Assistance Available
  24. Partial Payment Acceptance
  25. 30-Day Notice to Terminate
  26. Request for Judgment
  27. Notice of Judgment
  28. Collection Letter
  29. Notice To Former Resident - Final Demand For Past Due Payment
  30. Notice of Debt Forgiveness
  31. Reclaim Personal Property
  32. Why Not To Feel Guilty
  33. Warning Notice For Parking Violation
  34. Cash For Key Acceptance Notice
  35. New Tenant
  36. Permission To Obtain Utility Records

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. Maintenance Guarantee
  3. Emergency & Service Numbers
  4. Lock-Out Assistance Receipt
  5. Notice - New Lock Must Be Installed
  6. Inspection Due
  7. Notice of Intent to Enter
  8. Drive-By Inspection Report
  9. Note of Appreciation
  10. Full Inspection Report
  11. Inspection Failure
  12. Spring Home Tune-Up
  13. Summer Checklist
  14. Winter Preparation
  15. Christmas Tree Safety Tips
  16. Maintenance Request
  17. Maintenance Request and Work Order
  18. Questions to Ask Other Landlords About Prospective Contractors
  19. Maintenance - Job Estimates-Quotes
  20. Independent Contractor Agreement
  21. Key Release
  22. Time Estimate For Repair
  23. Sorry We Missed You!
  24. Repair Completion Receipt
  25. Acknowledgement of Renovation
  26. Safety Letter
  27. Resident Release For Recreation Item
  28. Election Time is Near - Notice Regarding Campaign Signs
  29. Satellite Dish
  30. Leakage Letter
  31. Utility Budget Notification
  32. Storm Preparation Notice
  33. Freeze Warning
  34. Security Notice
  35. Accident Report
  36. Reward for Reporting Crime
  37. Suspicious Activity Record
  38. Management Agreement
  39. Notice of Repair Charge
  40. Addendum - Plumbing - Sinks & Drains
  41. Appliance Inventory
  42. Checklists For When You Hire Contractors
  43. Damage Disclaimer
  44. Emergency Calling List
  1. Updated Resident Information
  2. Year-End Resident Survey
  3. A Special Thank You
  4. Earned Interest Income
  5. Holiday Gift Certificate
  6. Happy New Year
  7. Notice of Change To Agreement
  8. Anniversary Agenda Checklist
  9. 3 Star Program Anniversary Increase
  10. Notice of Rent Increase
  11. Renew Early - Save Money
  12. Lease Extension
  13. Rental Agreement Extension Letter Increasing Rent and Offer for Upgrade
  14. Lease Extension Reminders
  15. Resident’s Notice of Intent to Vacate
  16. Planning to Move
  17. Notice to Vacating Resident
  18. Response To Vacating On Short Notice
  19. End of Lease Notice
  20. Agreement To Cancel
  21. Relet Agreement
  22. Right To Request Initial Move-out Inspection
  23. Charges Upon Termination
  24. Deposit Fund Requirements
  25. Move Out and Reminder Letter
  26. Exit Survey
  27. Itemization Security Deposit Returned
  28. Vacant Units Checklist
  29. Cleaning Make Ready
  30. Vacancy Make-Over
  31. Rental Market Survey
  32. For Rent Flyer
  33. Resident Referral Policy
  34. The Easiest $100 Dollars You’ve Ever Made!
  35. Hello Neighbor Letter
  36. Student Housing
  37. Corporate VIP Housing
  38. Marketing Letter to Local Businesses
  39. Marketing Letter to Brokers
  40. Marketing Research From Each Applicant
  41. Notice of Sale of Property
  42. CPL Certificate
  43. Just Rewards
  44. New Resident Rewards Program
  45. Resident Satisfaction Survey
  46. Testimonial Request Form
  47. What Does Your Average Turnover Cost
  48. Any Exciting Changes Lately
  49. Eliminator Checklist
  50. Chance To Win Holiday Money
Plus Over Two Dozen More New and Updated Rental Forms.

Do you need a specific form RIGHT NOW? We know that landlords sometimes just need one particular form that is specifically written for their state. And often they need it immediately (i.e., application, lease, move-in checklist, notice to pay or quit). So we have partnered up with a top legal publishing firm to provide various "state-specific" rental forms drafted by attorneys. Review all forms available and click here if you need just need one state-specific form that you can order and download immediately.

To obtain the complete set of's 200+ forms, click now to add this Survival Handbook to your shopping cart. When you purchase this handbook, you will also receive a free copy of the ninth edition of the book LANDLORDING, which includes 60 more landlording and management forms for do-it-yourself landlords.

If you want this complete, updated and expanded handbook of 200+ forms in the binder PLUS the forms on flash drive (so that you would be able to edit or modify and print the forms), you may want to take a look at the item "Editor also suggests" at the bottom of this page, which is a special TWO-FOR ONE offer!

If you just want the expanded handbook of updated forms (and bonus Landlording book), without the Forms Flash Drive, click add to my cart below.

Suggested Retail: $299.00        SALE PRICE: $249.00

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