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PRICE: $18.95

This is a movie EVERY landlord should see at least TWICE, and especially if you have not been a rental owner for more than three years. This movie classic is one of Warner Bros. Hits (DVD version).

The first time you see this movie you will be caught up in the drama and suspense. But, you need to look at it a second time to see the many costy landlording mistakes made by the featured rental owners, played very courageously by Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine. These new rental owners wanted a tenant in the worst way. And that's what they got!!

Michael Keaton stars as the tenant who is every landlord's nightmare, a living, breathing, frighteningly dangerous professional deadbeat. The landlords want the rent. He won't pay. They want him to leave. He won't go. And what makes it worse, the tenant makes sure the law his on his side.

Watch this movie and see if you can spot the 9 deadly mistakes (actually there are more mistakes than that) made by the landlords. And more antly make sure you learn from their mistakes and promise yourself NEVER to make those same mistakes. If you do, it can mean your death (both financially and otherwise)!! Order this DVD today. Watch it and email us what you consider the three worst mistakes made by the landlords in the movie. This 102 minute suspense thriller and great landlord educational tool and gift is $18.95 (Shipping included). Order now while we still have copies available of this "landlord" classic. Order a copy to give as a "New Landlord" gift or as a Halloween or Christmas gift to a friend or relative who is a new rental owner. Warn them to see the video before they make very costly mistakes!!

PRICE: $18.95

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