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Landlord Resources:Rental Forms


PRICE: $299.95

Brad 20,000 (IN) is one of the most helpful contributors on the Q&A Forum and also one of the most popular instructors at our annual Landlord National Convention. We are often asked if Brad offers his comprehensive lease and many rental clauses that he often refers to on the Q&A (including clauses on Bi-Weekly and Weekly Rent, Early Lease Termination, Pet Registration, Mold, Bedbugs, etc.).

The answer is Yes! Not only does he make available his "Million Dollar Lease", he also makes available several more of his unique rental forms and addendums for other landlords to benefit from. This includes his unique Talking Lease!. This is an audio on flash drive that you play at time of your lease signings or new resident orientations. Instead of you remembering to cover a lot of the vital points that need to be addressed, you simply hit "play" and let the audio file do the talking. And of course, you can pause the playback at any point and elaborate on any clauses addressed or cover specific issues pertinent to your specific lease. The Talking Lease however can do a lot of the talking for you, or serve as a supplement form of communication to reinforce key points, making the new resident orientation perhaps more enjoyable and effective for both you and the resident.

Brad has 3 items in all that are also offered on flash drive at our Landlord Convention (fondly referred to as "Brad in a Box") as part of a special Convention package deal and many attendees take advantage of the special price when they come to the Convention. Brad's 3 item set consists of:

1: Q & A with 1198 Questions sorted by topic
2: Brad's Million Dollar Lease
(plus several more of his unique rental forms and addendums)
3. Talking Lease

Because landlord tenant laws and lease requirements will vary from state to state, at a minimum, you could use Brad's sample Lease and Taking Lease as teaching tools and examples to demonstrate what to communicate and how to convey certain rental issues often common to all landlords.

"Brad has an absolutely brilliant lease as part of his package. I had to make a few modifications to reflect my state and my business but 90% of his lease will be used as is. My old lease was fine for my old way of doing business but not for my future plans. We all need to grow. It is truly going to help take my business to the next level. Thanks!" - Ellie, IL.

Brad sells those 3 items for $299.95 which includes free shipping. If you prefer you can place your order thru our customer service line, 1-800-950-2250. Or if you prefer not having to call and want the USB version, click here.

PRICE: $299.95

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