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Landlord Resources:Multi-Units


#DVD77 1-Day Video Workshop on Apartment/Multi-Unit Investing

Suggested Retail: $297        SALE PRICE: $97.00

Instead of focusing on buying 1 or 2 Single family rentals per year, use the same amount of effort (even less) to buy 10-20-30 units or more each year.

The instructor, Anthony Chara is a national trainer and has taught at multiple Mr Landlord events. He owns and/or has syndicated approximately 1600 apartment units around the country. His most recent acquisitions include a 4-complex package totaling 410 units in Indianapolis, IN, 3 complexes totaling 120 units in Dayton, OH, a 100 unit complex in Longview, TX and a 31 unit complex outside of Philadelphia, PA.

Mr. Chara’s techniques teach people how to become wealthy ‘deliberately’ using multi-units and Apartments to generate massive cash flow and ‘forced’ appreciation.

He offers what I believe is a great one day workshop on apartment investing to rental owners who have only invested in single family rentals but who would like to begin learning how to use the same amount of effort to begin buying multi units and apartments, and thereby multiply their profits. His one day workshop on Apartment Investing is one I highly recommend and includes over 6 full hours of video training in webinar format on Apartment Investing, including:

* 2 hours showing you how I analyze and make adjustments to 5 individual properties.
* Detailed explanations on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi-unit investing,
* Big differences between Apts. and Single Family Houses,
* Key Terms investors need to understand about Apartment investing
* Practice exercises to teach and reinforce key calculations you must know about Apts.

Regular price of $297, For MrLandlord visitors, only $97. You will be provided a link for Instant Download (approx 450MB). Our price is for a limited time and it offered here even lower than what the instructor discounts it for on his own website. Call 1-800-950-2250 to order or click now. You will be sent a follow up email with instructions on how you can immediately download the one-day Apartment Investing Video Workshop.

#DVD77 1-Day Video Workshop on Apartment/Multi-Unit Investing
Suggested Retail: $297        SALE PRICE: $97.00

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