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Suggested Retail: $149.95        SALE PRICE: $119.95

We are offering an optional VIP Luncheon/Networking Package that includes 3 special buffet catered Luncheons in a VIP banquet room for all three days of the landlord convention. This will provide added network opportunities with other convention attendees at the host hotel, Columbus Airport Marriott Hotel.

Our VIP Networking Luncheons at Convention is one of the favorite traditions of many attendees.

Several of those attending this year have emailed or called us asking: "Are you guys doing the VIP Networking Luncheon again this year?"

In fact a few who have come before know that the VIP Luncheon seating is limited so they have already told Barbara in my office to just go ahead and put their names down on the list to make sure they get a seat at whatever the special pricing will be.

Good News! For the first 50 attendees who reserve their seat, the hotel has agreed to offer us a special banquet price for the select number of our "VIP" attendees, for a special VIP Networking/Luncheon package, which will include a full 3-course buffet lunch for all 3 days.

For those who have never attended our events, let me just say that two of the main reasons why many prior attendees have liked our VIP Networking/Luncheons:

1) Since we only have one hour for lunch, eating right at the host hotel is extremely convenient.
2) The VIP luncheons also allows for an added extra networking opportunity to informally get to know and exchange ideas with other successful landlords from across the country.

As one prior attendee put it:
"Love the camaraderie... AND love not have to run around looking for a place to eat."

Plus, we have a couple of added treats. We will have one of our featured instructors, do a bonus keynote during at least one of the special luncheons. We will also invite one or more other instructors to join us for lunch and interact with VIP attendees.

So here's the deal, similar to what we've done before. The Luncheon/Networking package for all 3 days will be $119.95 per person (which also includes taxes and tips). The regular hotel restaurant pricing for those same 3 buffet meals including taxes and tips is higher.

The special offer is being made available to the first 50 who sign up now to participate. (If you sign up later, and if space permits beyond the first 50, the pricing will be $129 or higher per person).

Reserve this VIP Luncheon Package at $119.95 total for all three days for you (order 2 if you have a guest) as one of the first 50. Otherwise, if you wait until after the first 50, the price is subject to increase.

Click below now to order the VIP package at only $119.95. Or, if you prefer to call, you can call the office during business hours at: 757-436-2606.

Suggested Retail: $149.95        SALE PRICE: $119.95

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