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Suggested Retail: $99        SALE PRICE: $49.00


**Landlord Conference Call**

Revealed: 15 Ways to Survive & Succeed
as a Landlord in Today's Challenges!

Your Host: Attorney William Bronchick, Host of

Special Guest: Jeffrey Taylor, CPL - Founder of

Are you worried about how the impact of the Corona virus will affect your rental property business? The number one question I'm getting is: How to deal with tenants not being able to pay? (I'll offer several ways to approach this). Or how are we going to handle maintenance issues, new resident criteria, showing rentals, lease renewals and more?

Many website visitors challenged me to do some type of conference call where ideas could be shared regarding the unique challenges landlords are now facing. So I called up my friend, attorney Bill Bronchick. I asked if he would team up with me to do a conference call on How Landlords Can Survive and Succeed in the Midst of the COVID-19 Challenges.

He agreed and we did a full 1 hour and 50 minutes conference call where we shared 15 vital things landlords should be doing now in these uncertain times in the midst of the challenges. The live call took place March 26, 2020

We started the call by addressing the number one question I'm getting asked during this time period from concerned landlords: How do we deal with tenants who may not be able to pay? I shared several ways and considerations to be mindful of as you approach this challenge. We also discussed others landlording concerns such as how to handle maintenance issues, new resident criteria, lease renewals, showing rentals and more. The goal was to give you several practical, action-oriented, suggestions, steps and options you can do now to increase your chances of surviving through the challenges. Following the first hour, there was a Q&A session, where you will be able to hear questions asked of landlords who joined the call, along with their comments and added helpful suggestions.

Be PROACTIVE and take vital steps to stay ahead of the curve so you can survive and succeed in this uncertain and challenging times in the coming months.

Real estate authors and national instructors William Bronchick and Jeffrey Taylor presented a 1 hour and 50 minute live call on Thursday March 26th to advise you what steps you take can RIGHT AWAY!

What You’ll Discover on this Exclusive Conference Call:

• Be ready with response to renters who say they are not able to pay rent (the #1 concern landlords are calling about). We will share with you several suggested responses so you can pick the best options for you.

• What management tasks should be your biggest priorities during this time?

• How do you handle maintenance or service calls in the midst of the outbreak? (What if you are in a "stay-at-home" state?)

• Vital considerations to think about moving forward in reference to resident selection and criteria

• What about upcoming lease renewals? What should you communicate for now to current residents?

• Suggestions on what to do in regards to showing your property (while still occupied or if it is empty).

• Critical and costly mistakes you definitely do NOT want to make as a landlord at this time!

This call was extremely timely. Landlords are currently asking on our Q&A Forum the very questions which are addressed in this conference call. Order today to hear the Replay (more than once) of this conference call which is now available. The call will get you better prepared for how to respond to respond if your renters say they are not able to pay. Plus, get practical management ideas and suggestions to implement during our current economic crisis and the challenges the Corona Virus will have on your rental property business. Take protective measures. Be prepared! After hearing the call, landlords shared the following comments:

"Conference Call was very helpful. It helped me clarify my responses to the calls as they start coming (and they HAVE started coming.). I feel ready for the onslaught and I have plans to deal with things." - NC Landlord

This was really helpful. Good and timely info. Before this conference call, I was not sure how I would handle a can't pay call from a tenant. Now I do." - Indiana Landlord

You too can be ready and better prepared on how to respond to your residents. Order the Landlord Conference Call now (only $49) which includes:

• 1 hour and 50 Minute Conference Call, including a Q&A Session with Bill & Jeffrey

• Recording of the Call that you can Replay in mp3 format (to review again and again)

• We will also be glad to send you an audio recording of the Full Conference Call on CD or Flashdrive upon your request.

• Complete transcript of the call in PDF format

Request the Landlord Conference Call Now ($49) – Call – 1-800-950-2250 and leave a message or for faster response, click the "add to my cart" button below
and you will receive a follow-up email within 1 to 3 hours with instructions on how to access the Conference Call Replay.

Suggested Retail: $99        SALE PRICE: $49.00

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