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Suggested Retail: $599.95        SALE PRICE: $199.95

The full title of this special 16 CD package is: WHAT LANDLORDS NEED TO KNOW - Landlording and Investing Landmines

These 16 audio CD trainings are presented by highly respected national real estate instructors in their area of expertise, advisors to and by Jeffrey Taylor, These trainings include various key topics VITAL to the success and survival of rental property owners.

This CDs are individually featured on Have you seen all of our popular CDs highlighted on our CD/DVD page? If not please take just a moment now and scroll on this page and view the featured CDs which most are included in this special package offer. I guarantee you will find several CDs that have the type of information which can provide tremendous insight to various aspects rental and real estate investing! The titles of each of the individual CDs are also listed below:

*How To Increase Cash Flow with the Application Process
*Landlording for Long Term Success
*How to Find That Quality Tenant
*Costly Mistakes Made by Real Estate Investors
*How I Started with Little Or No Money
*Building Wealth With Multi-Units
*Negotiating Secrets
*How to Buy and Sell Using Auctions
*Goldmine Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors
*What Landlords Can Be Sued For
*Powers of LLCs to Protect Your Wealth
*What Landlords Need to Know About Insurance
*Money Saving Maintenance, Rehab and Repair Tips
*How To Create Your Own Economy
*Section 8 Program - Questions & Answers
*Converting Homes to Vacation Rentals

You can order ALL 16 of these eye-opening CDs and you will receive a 60% discount and save over $400 off the individually priced CDs. The discounted price is only $199.95. The knowledge and insight of all the instructors in the set are well worth tens of thousands of dollars. Just one idea from each CD can help you save thousands of dollars by avoiding one or more of the many costly landmines that unfortunately so many rental property owners are severely financially injured.

The entire CD collection will be shipped for free to you. They will be sent in a special audio collection binder.

Suggested Retail: $599.95        SALE PRICE: $199.95

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