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#AWC Airbnb for Landlords

Suggested Retail: $995        SALE PRICE: $497.00


All the Coaching and Training You Need to Get Started,
Overcome Obstacles, and Become a Wildly Profitable Airbnb Landlord

Have you realized that your rental is not making the kind of revenue you hoped for?

Well, you’re not alone.

Check out this video and learn how short-term rentals can dramatically improve your situation.

This is YOUR chance to be part of the revolution that’s changing the face of the rental industry FOREVER!

Let’s be clear on something… you will no longer have to worry about:

  • Just barely breaking even and not having anything left to spend on your family

  • Your tenants moving and leaving you to cover the mortgage

  • Not having enough cash reserves to properly maintain your rental

All these things take the fun out of the business and cause many landlords to quit.

Airbnb for Landlords 2.0 allows you to have the exact opposite experience!

Airbnb for Landlords 2.0 is a powerful coaching and training program that shows you how to create a profitable short–term rental and how to serve travelers with hotel–sized budgets.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against the traditional way…

It has given some landlords the means to build wealth and settle into retirement.

But the demand for short-term rentals by HIGH PAYING GUESTS has reached an all-time high. And we know you NEED to know about this opportunity to get ahead as your expenses and earn a lot more cash flow.


Al Williamson has been an Airbnb guest and host since 2012. He started using the online travel agency while on long-term assignments as a construction manager. Over the years, Al watched the industry mature and has interviewed countless hosts.

He discovered many hosts were so excited about how much money they made that they neglected to pay attention to what they actually netted. They also neglected to pay themselves for the time they put into operating their rentals in “hotel mode.”

This is how Al discovered landlords banked the most money when they compete against extended stay hotels.

Al created a plan and put his own rentals in an “extended-stay mode.” He made mistakes, refined his systems, and went on to earn enough to leave his civil engineering job.

Since he unveiled the Airbnb for Landlords course at the Mr. Landlord Retreat in 2016, Al has helped over 200 landlords start short-term rental businesses. Some of his students now earn 5 to 10 times more than they did as conventional landlords. How awesome is that?

As one excited course participant states:

“I have been a landlord for over 17 years and had never bought a course before now. Al helped me fine tune my description, made suggestions to my house rules and answered any questions. He helped me start going after business travelers, which has made me more profitable. In the first 30-days my new Airbnb unit was on the market, I had 5 bookings for a total of 16 days of rent. Well worth the initial investment. Al is a great asset to have on your side. If you are considering dipping your toe into the Airbnb or VRBO market, you have to get this course.” Tim, Indiana landlord

With Airbnb for Landlords 2.0, you can enter a new league. You will:

  • Discover amazing opportunities that comply with your local city ordinances

  • Enjoy a huge competitive advantage by learning from a group of supportive landlords
    during monthly conference calls

  • Refine your listing to attract the top prospects in your Class A, B, or C market

  • Attract “passive” business travelers that just need their “space”

  • Get off to a quick start by using “done-for-you” templates and worksheets

  • Stay current on industry changes

  • Get the support you need to overcome startup issues

  • And LOTS more!

Are you still wondering if this is the best fit for you?

Then you need to hear what other students are saying:

“My husband and I own 8 rental properties in 3 different states. When I first saw Al's course I wondered what I would learn from it. We already had 2 properties furnished and operated in small town America. After I finished his course, I was SHOCKED at all the things I was doing wrong. By following his step by step instructions, I was able to stream line our process, increase our bookings, and go from our traditional corporate to vacation rentals. Don't be like me and try this alone, buy this course and start off the right foot from day ONE!” - Elizabeth, California Landlord

“I purchased Al's materials at the Mr. Landlord Retreat Conference this past January 2016 because I heard him speak about Airbnb for landlords. I had been toying with the idea of doing Airbnb ever since then. Al has given me guidance every step of the way from how to test my market area to suggestions on how to improve my ad. I must say that the information is good but having Al coach you through this process is great. He allows you to brainstorm with him possible solutions that will work in your specific market area. His systems work. I have received multiple requests since posting in March and currently have my listing confirmed for a span of 28 days starting in June 2016. Needless to say, I am happy with my purchase and I recommend it highly."-
K. Nalls, Ohio Landlord

“I placed a dummy ad to see if your Airbnb would get interest in my smaller town. I immediately started getting multiple reservation requests! I sort of panicked, took a breath and said… OK I bought Al’s course now let’s get MOVING. The communication is great ... when we need help we always get it! Quick and easy via email LOVE it.” - Peg & Bud, Ohio Landlords

“When Al Williamson first told me years ago that I could make 3 times the profit on furnished rentals, I thought he was a little out there. When I did it myself over and over, I became a true believer! Recently bought Airbnb for Landlords to improve my short-stay business more. Probably would have made another $100K and retired a year or two earlier if I would have listened to Al a few years back! Thanks Al!” – J Martin, California Landlord

To get you up to speed so you can improve your bottom line… this course contains:

* A Strategy Guide - Understand how to capture a section of the growing business travel industry. See the big picture and your opportunity. Learn pricing strategies that minimize vacancies and maximize revenue. ($85 Value)

* An Overview Module - Understand your business’ place in the collaborative economy. Provide specialized housing services that are much more profitable than conventional landlording. ($85 Value)

* A Workbook - Save time using our welcome letter, information guide and other quick-start templates, set up in a guest-focused way. Eliminate calls for service. WARNING: Don't operate like home sharers; you are running a business not a hobby. ($85 Value)

* A Video Tour - See how to set up so your guests check themselves in and feel like they belong. ($85 Value)

* Unlimited Email Support - Receive quick answers to your start up questions. Skip the frustration and time that comes with learning something new. ($125 Value)

* 20 Detailed Lessons - Adopt the right mindset to be a profitable short-term rental provider. Learn Internet marketing techniques that attract the most profitable guests. Get clear on which landlord practices are harmful to your short-term rental business. Learn the 4 reasons to reject guests. ($150 Value)

* Ongoing Education - Receive new lessons and modules by email to expand your understanding. Stay one step ahead of the competition. ($150 Value)

* 12 Monthly Group Coaching Calls - Refine your ideas and exchange money-making secrets with peers from all over the world. Get their opinions and build relationships for ongoing success. ($250 Value)

AND When You Order Today, You’ll Also Get These Bonus Gifts:

Bonus 1 – Marketing and Calendar Synchronization Module – Detailed instructions on how to keep your rental filled by syncing >30 marketing websites together. Don't rely on just one website. Some customers say this lead–generating, vacancy–reducing module is worth more than the cost of the entire course. ($650 Value)

Bonus 2
 – Rental Arbitrage Module – Know exactly what to say to persuade skeptical owners to allow you to sublease. Get templates and an example website so you can run a short–term rental business without owning any rentals. This module gives you a "blueprint." It also includes in–depth interviews with arbitrage operators. ($2,500 Value)

Bonus 3
 – Private 1:1 Consultations – Get direct access to Al as your personal coach, leverage his years of experience and professional network. He'll help you secure your most profitable niche. ($2,900 Value)

Bonus 4 – Hard Copy of All Material – The four modules will be mailed on a flash drive. You don’t need the internet to watch them! The strategy guide, workbook, and lessons will be sent to you as a booklet so you can mark it up at your leisure.

Bonus 5 – The Book: 40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property – The first and most complete collection of ancillary income ideas for landlords.

Total course value is over $10,000 but...

We don’t want you to miss out! This is why this groundbreaking and revolutionary course is going for an unbeatable rate…
…you can get full access to the Exclusive Offer for Only $497


If you don’t save time with this structured approach to analyzing your local market and if you don’t find the checklists and ready-to-implement systems to be worth more than you paid for, then you deserve your money back. No questions asked – no games.


Quickly convert some of your rentals to Airbnb rentals and earn two or three times what a conventional landlord earns…

… And say goodbye to the days of being a cash-strapped landlord!

Make the most of your assets. Take action today!

Sign up for the Mr. Landlord version of the Airbnb for Landlords 2.0 course for only $497.
To get started, click on the “Add to My Cart” button now.

#AWC Airbnb for Landlords
Suggested Retail: $995        SALE PRICE: $497.00

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