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(#1 catalog on the Internet helping landlords increase their success!)


As you shop in our CASH FLOW CATALOG, you may place items onto your Shopping Cart (which you can review at any time). Feel free to place items in your cart. You always have the option to remove any items before you make your final check-out. Your Shopping Cart will remain active for 30 minutes from when you begin ordering. You may browse this entire Catalog and then return to your Shopping Cart to complete your order: For your protection, please know that when you are completing your order, all your information is entered on secured web pages.

To see descriptions of the Catalog resources available, choose any link on the left of these catalog pages. Shipping is free with your order unless otherwise specified. You will receive an online confirmation of your order. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping If you have never subscribed to the popular MR LANDLORD newsletter, be sure to check out the NEW GIGANTIC Subscription Package! Also, you can review the TOP TEN best-selling items on our catalog and the "Visitor Reviews or Comments" of others who have purchased valuable items from our Catalog.


  1. Browse the Shopping Categories of our on-line Catalog to the left. When you click on any link, you will see several items within that category and a complete description of each.
  2. At the end of each item, you will see the words "ADD TO CART" Click this link if you wish to add that item to your shopping cart, where you can order one or more of that item (great gifts). You can then complete the order process or go back into the Catalog, by clicking on other left hand links, and continue to add other items to your cart.
  3. When you are ready to complete your order after you add something to your cart, click the "Check Out" button of the shopping cart webpage. If you are browsing the catalog and decide to check-out, simply click on "Return to Cart" link at the top or bottom of the page to go to your list, and then click the "Check-Out" button. You will then be taken to "secured" web pages where you can fill in your order information. Once your mailing and payment information if filled in, click the "Submit Order" button and the order process is complete! That's it, 1-2-3 process.


Please know that you also have the option to call our toll-free customer service number if you prefer to place your order by phone or prefer to give us your credit card and put your number on file. Once your card number is on file, you only need to type "On file" anytime the order form requests your credit card number. Our customer service number is 1-800-950-2250.

Another way to speed up the order process on all future orders is to sign up for "Cyber Club Membership". On the Shopping Cart, you will be asked if you are a Cyber Club Member. Once you are a Cyber Club member, please mark YES. By doing so, all you will need to do is type your name on the order form and type "Cyber Club". Then simply click the "Check-Out" button. It is that easy. When we receive your order, we will take all address and payment information from your Cyber Club file. Plus, as a Cyber Club member, you receive cyber points toward free items.


Join the BOOK CLUB or GOLD CLUB. All Book and Gold Club members receive a 10% discount on every order you purchase from our Catalog.

Multiple Order Discount Bonus. Order at least three items in your shopping basket, and you will qualify for a 10% discount off your total order.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! All resources in this Cash-Flow Catalog comes with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee!! If you receive any items, and after reviewing it for up to 90 days, you are not convinced it can help you increase your cash flow, you may return it for a full refund. Thanks for your order and our Customer Service will make sure you receive all items you request! If you ever need to check on an order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service manager directly, 1-757-436-2606. CLICK HERE to review our Top Ten Bestselling Catalog items to begin your search for wealth-building and money-saving resources.

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