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Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Jul 6, 2024 7:07 PM
       Eviction/PODS (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Jul 7, 2024 10:03 AM
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       Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Jul 8, 2024 2:32 PM

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Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Posted on: Jul 6, 2024 7:07 PM


I am seeking advice to see if any of you have evicted someone, but they purchased a unit from PODS to be delivered and possibly put on my property prior to the eviction and not in the street? How would you handle this if it is on your property?

As a side note: difficult tenant. I filed to terminate tenancy /end of lease in April. The tenant has filed a few motions to delay the case and my attorney was successful in completing the case and getting a writ.

Thanks for any tips.


Eviction/PODS (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Jul 7, 2024 10:03 AM

PODS are for moving out, so I would assume they are loading up their stuff getting ready to go.

When you have filed an eviction, stay well away from the tenants and let the courts get them out

After they are out and the POD is still there, just call the POD company and tell them that you own the property, there is no tenant there, and they need to come and get their POD. --76.178.xxx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Posted on: Jul 7, 2024 5:41 PM

Oregon Woodsmoke -I understand what you are saying, but how do I change the locks if I stay away? The court officer advised they will remove the tenants belongings and I need to change the locks. Are you suggesting I hire someone to change the locks ? --73.18.xxx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by DJ [VA]) Posted on: Jul 7, 2024 6:51 PM

After the sheriff (or whomever) has cleared the house, & the tenants are gone - then you get out of your car & go change the locks. --68.229.xxx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by CJ [FL]) Posted on: Jul 7, 2024 6:53 PM

Check your state laws.

Our courts do not 'move their stuff out'.

In our state, once you have a writ of possession you go to the sheriff to pay a fee to have the sheriff stand by and clear the building ( meaning get anyone out who is still there). You change the locks then and you move everything out at that time . The officer calls you to tell you when they will be there. You have the keys- you let them in to clear the building. Bring two people to help move everything to the curb( if anything is still inside). After the police clear the building of people they will stay around for just a few minutes. You can pay additional money to have the police stay longer - pay it and tell the sheriif's office if you want this additional service at the time you pay for and schedule their visit. You change the locks when the cops are standing there, right away, and then you have legal possession of your property once the police clear it. The day that the police/sheriff is scheduled and you have legal possession again, I would call the PODS company to remove it asap. --76.242.xx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by Shark [MI]) Posted on: Jul 7, 2024 10:09 PM

I don't know if the process is standard across the state, but in my limited experience with this (thank goodness!) the court officer comes to the rental and posts the writ with a specific date and time the tenant must be out. In cases where I don't have confidence that the tenant will leave on their own, I request (with additional payment) the court officer to come prepared to move their belongings outside. The last time I had to do this, the marshal (court officer) had a dumpster delivered and brought a couple guys with him to move everything out to the dumpster. As luck would have it my tenant jumped into action before all this could happen, rented a truck and had his belongings out by the next morning. There was a bunch of junk left around, some old shelf units, boxes, etc. in the basement and I had the guys remove everything and put it in the dumpster. The court officer also recommended a locksmith and coordinated that process for me. This process took a few hours, I had a property with absolutely no junk and changed locks. Cost several hundred, but to me was worth it. Your district court should be able to advise you in the next step. I just looked on my courts website and it looks like the process may have changed recently? My last dealing with this was about 5 years ago. --68.37.xx.xx

Eviction/PODS (by zero [IN]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 8:09 AM

WOW, your courts do a lot more for you than mine do for me!

That would be a great bonus if the courts were to handle all of that, when needed. If I have an actual trash out to do it costs me hundreds plus the time.

I would pay it happily. --107.147.xx.xx

Eviction/PODS (by John... [MI]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 8:31 AM

Yeah, definitely varies and your court must just be offering an additional service.

Here, they send a deputy on eviction day who knocks on the door and is ready to tell them to leave. Usually they are already gone, but left the place a mess, of course. That's it as far as the deputy is concerned -- they just stand around outside smoking a cigarette or six while you move everything out and then change the locks. Then they leave. No help from the court side is offered/available.


Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 8:42 AM

John- that is different. The court officer brings a crew that I will pay. First two hours is around 600$ then an hourly rate after that. --73.18.xxx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by zero [IN]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 9:05 AM

Happy that we do not have to move their crap to the street here.

That usually just makes the place look bad (worse) and invites people who now know it is empty to reside there.

Plus it gives me a little more time to either get a dumpster or start moving stuff around to the totes I have in different places. That is unless I just hire a crew to do it. --107.147.xx.xx

Eviction/PODS (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 12:05 PM

Our courts send out a constable. They tell them they have 5 minutes to get their stuff and leave.

They typically will ask you for more time later to get the rest of the stuff out. I provide them two hours for free and if they need any extra time, I let them know they have to pay for security --24.101.xxx.xxx

Eviction/PODS (by Shark [MI]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 1:21 PM

I'm in the 35th District Court district. At one time they definitely didn't mess around!! The court officer was carrying a gun, so tenants didn't ask too many questions. As I said, I haven't had too much experience with tenant problems over my 40 years of doing this, probably 2-3 times that I can think of that we got to the point of a Writ. Good luck and hope your court is helpful. --68.37.xx.xx

Eviction/PODS (by Mike [MI]) Posted on: Jul 8, 2024 2:32 PM

All done ! thanks for the tips and information.

Locks are changed. --174.245.xx.xx

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