abandoned titled property
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abandoned titled property (by bet [FL]) May 14, 2024 6:23 PM
       abandoned titled property (by Richard [MI]) May 14, 2024 7:24 PM
       abandoned titled property (by plenty [MO]) May 14, 2024 7:34 PM
       abandoned titled property (by 6x6 [TN]) May 14, 2024 9:24 PM
       abandoned titled property (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) May 14, 2024 9:58 PM
       abandoned titled property (by DJ [VA]) May 14, 2024 10:55 PM
       abandoned titled property (by Robin [WI]) May 15, 2024 3:53 AM

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abandoned titled property (by bet [FL]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 6:23 PM

My friend evicted their tenant, that left abandoned titled property, cars, trailers, shed, tools and mountains of trash and Junk. they are not allowed back onto the property. Would you know what the landlords rights are to dispose of all this mountains of stuff. Is there a waiting periods, etc. thanks --64.166.xxx.xx

abandoned titled property (by Richard [MI]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 7:24 PM

What does the rental agreement say regarding this?

I've also seen occasions where the wind blew/pushed cars into the street where the police sent a wrecker to tow the abandoned car. Interesting how it can do that. Your friend might go through the paperwork to file a lien on it for storage and take title that way but I heard that takes time. --172.58.xxx.xxx

abandoned titled property (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 7:34 PM

Hopefully someone from your state will be more helpful..I only know my state laws in regards to such property. Is this in Florida? --172.59.xxx.xxx

abandoned titled property (by 6x6 [TN]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 9:24 PM

Good one Richard.

bet[FL], if you look at the top of the page, to the left, in purple lettering, under the big green banner, you should see a selection for "Landlord /Tenant State Laws". That may help you find the answer. --76.129.xxx.xx

abandoned titled property (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 9:58 PM

Not all states address abandonment. I am fortunate to be in one that outlines the steps clearly.

I can't speak to Florida standards but a good first step is letting the folks know that they left stuff behind and they need to claim it or it will get disposed of. I would be posting the property, sending first class letter to them, another first class letter to myself and then send a certified letter. You will need to prove that you attempted to reach out them to let them limit the damages that they caused. --24.101.xxx.xxx

abandoned titled property (by DJ [VA]) Posted on: May 14, 2024 10:55 PM

Sometimes the wind will throw a branch or something against the car's window & break it.

Raccoons are strong - one might climb in and move the shifter to neutral.

Estimate the square yards of the "mountains of stuff" and get the appropriate number of roll-off dumpsters.

Cheap labor, like from craigslist, is OK to just throw stuff into the dumpsters. --68.229.xxx.xxx

abandoned titled property (by Robin [WI]) Posted on: May 15, 2024 3:53 AM

This is very state-specific. In my state, if you have an abandoned vehicle on your property you can file paperwork with the BMV to get title. There's a process you go through where you send a certified letter to the address on file, wait 30 days, send another letter, wait a couple more weeks, and then they'll grant you title.

I'm in the process of buying a house from an estate that has a 1995 Chevy Lumina Coupe in really good shape up on blocks. I've had several contractors salivating over it. It will be interesting to go through the process! --104.230.xxx.xxx

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abandoned titled property
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