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IFyou take S8 (by mapleaf [NY]) Mar 30, 2024 8:30 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by NE [PA]) Mar 30, 2024 8:37 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by tryan [MA]) Mar 30, 2024 9:12 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by Vee [OH]) Mar 30, 2024 9:29 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by Scott [IN]) Mar 30, 2024 9:55 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by plenty [MO]) Mar 30, 2024 10:12 AM
       IFyou take S8 (by mapleaf18 [NY]) Mar 30, 2024 1:04 PM
       IFyou take S8 (by ST [ID]) Mar 30, 2024 1:23 PM
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       IFyou take S8 (by St [ID]) Mar 31, 2024 11:49 AM
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       IFyou take S8 (by MikeA [TX]) Mar 31, 2024 5:10 PM
       IFyou take S8 (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Mar 31, 2024 7:07 PM
       IFyou take S8 (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Mar 31, 2024 11:48 PM
       IFyou take S8 (by zero [IN]) Apr 1, 2024 8:15 AM

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IFyou take S8 (by mapleaf [NY]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 8:30 AM

What are your qualifiers? Mine would be the same for market tenants:

1. CS above 600

2. Good PREVIOUS LL references (not current LL)

3. Makes 3X their share of the rent (employment--skin in the game)

Tenant's share is 250 then they'd have to be making at least $750 a month in preferably employment--or another gov't check that they get.

Don't like the stay-at-home all dayers though. They tend to navel gaze and whine over everything.

These 3 attributes basically rule out 99.99% of all S8 recipients. --64.246.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 8:37 AM

I donít take section 8, because I try not to knowingly dance with the devil. If I were to take section 8, though, it would be entirely building based. What I mean by that is, I would buy the building based on solely taking section 8 tenants at that building. If open market tenants found it and wanted to rent there, that would be fine. But I wonít take an existing multi unit and have it open to the regular market and then fill a random vacancy with a section 8 tenant. That way, if I had a building that was entirely dedicated to section 8, at least on my books & probably a separate entity owning it, I would handle the screening differently. Due to the odds of finding a well screened section 8. I would venture to say itís going to be a lot more difficult than the typical hood in class mentality of section 8. --24.152.xxx.xx

IFyou take S8 (by tryan [MA]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 9:12 AM

I had to navigate the hood long before Al Gore invented the internet. So credit scores were not available.

The S8 peeps payment would be SO SMALL (less than $50) they all "qualified".

Little bit funny, I had a 3 family building in what was the Section 707 program. HUD committed to filling it ... all the time. I COuLD NOT put any one else in the place. One family used the apartment as a "summer home". They had a place in PR and had family in my hood. So they would snow bird to the S8 apartment to visit family then fly back to PR. The place was so lightly used and the checks were mailed on time all the time from HUD.

Can't make this stuff up!! Just tell me the rules ... I'll win the game. --198.168.xx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 9:29 AM

I want a current lease copy to verify the address being correct, chances are you will get the correct spelling of those names that you want to do background checks on, this spreads wider than sec8 by the way. The affordability is researched by HUD before existing placement so this helps determine if a lot of unclaimed income is floating to them currently, The stay at home crowd seems to have a huge family resulting in numerous sleepovers and sometimes lawn parking problemswhich can get costly - I just collectedfrom a client 60bux for grass seed. --184.59.xxx.xx

IFyou take S8 (by Scott [IN]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 9:55 AM

I agree with NE that S8 building choice is also important. I had a small, 3 BR, 1 bath, slab SFR as a S8 home for 25 years.

Housing Authorities primarily use number of bedrooms to determine how much they will pay, not size. So keep it small to deter the tenant from moving in extra people. Single bathroom helps too.

And small, basementless houses are less expensive to operate. Lower purchase price, taxes, insurance, and maintenance. --107.141.xx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 10:12 AM

Are you trying to disqualify or qualify? They must show proof of all their move in monies. Must show proof of $1000 month income from W2. Must have bank account. Credit score isn't really something this class of renter strive to build or protect or even worry about. But I do consider. Home visit it vital. --172.59.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by mapleaf18 [NY]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 1:04 PM

Plenty, DISqualify, of course. --64.246.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by ST [ID]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2024 1:23 PM

We DO NOT take Sect8. Never have & never will. Believe it or not Boise, Idaho liberals are trying to FORCE landlords to accept Sect 8 & other housing vouchers. Luckily it was just shot down. Of course they will continue to try to force this on us, esp in Boise. Next I see them trying to force rent control too. Really angers me. --160.2.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 11:22 AM

I'd be happy to accept Section 8 if the applicant could pass all of my written criteria that I apply evenly and fairly to each and every applicant. If they have excellent credit, no criminal record, 2 good landlord references, verifiable income, no unqualified roommates or pets, and they pass the 2 minute housing inspection, why wouldn't I take them?

So far 100% of the Section 8 tenants who have applied to rent from me have been practicing some sort of fairly serious welfare fraud. But if I ever get an application from a decent human being that legitimately needs a little government help with housing costs, I'll certainly give them fair consideration. --76.178.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by St [ID]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 11:49 AM

Woodsmoke- good luck with that! I donít want the hassle. There are good folks out there who really need it.. a fewÖ buried under all the scammers. --160.2.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 11:49 AM

OW, I'm with you on that except I worry that once you get in the program for that one good person you can't get out. I don't know but I worry about signing on the bottom line. --173.28.xx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by St [ID]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 1:27 PM

WHM- why I wonít even both. Not worry the hassle. I have great tenants - no issues.. thatís the way I like it! --160.2.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by MikeA [TX]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 5:10 PM

I wouldn't really care what "their portion" is. If rent is $1500 then I need to see verifiable income of $4500 per month as well as pass all the other qualifications. Oh, and I won't sign a contract other than my own lease, and won't allow inspections. --209.205.xxx.xx

IFyou take S8 (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 7:07 PM

Once had rental housing rental units with the housing authority where found they want rental units all inclusive where no way allowed that. Unpaid utility bills and unpaid rent go hand in hand together. Where the min here is 700 hundred or above or you keep looking for keys to handed out. With vacancy rates at zero and one per cent on and off why bother will drama and problems where stay completely clear of that. Most of them do not work they want a free for all forever. Without utilities included rent is lower where more want lower rent. If a utility belongs to a tenant then windows will closed tight and lights off when not in there. --207.236.xxx.xxx

IFyou take S8 (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Posted on: Mar 31, 2024 11:48 PM


I LIKE Sec8. At one point we had 34 homes on it. We make a lot of money thru Sec8.

Screening #1: Your local office. Not all are easy to work with. Mine is. Ask around at your local LL meeting.

#2: Don't be SNIOPed - Susceptible to the Negative Influence of Other People. Only take advice form happy, wealthy LLs. LLs who had a bad experience will not be the same in every area.

#3 Sec8 recipients are just like any other applicant - good and bad. SO we screen with the exact same criteria

EXCEPT for the money, credit, and job stability checklist items.

They are BROKE so they have no credit or money, and often no or minimal jobs.

Sec8 doe snot screen for anything other than NEED. The LL mist screen for cooperation, housekeeping, etc.

But some are single moms taking classes to become nurses, etc. Some have middle or upper class backgrounds in a temporary situation which qualifies them for free rent. A recent helper in my office came from a wealthy family, 2 kids but the baby daddy was in prison - so she qualified for free rent. She worked for me part time but not enough to lose her rent assistance while she finished her degree.

Sec8 pays above market rents.

Sec8 folks qualify for all kinds of extra benefits - food, utils, medical....

They don't have to earn 4 times the rent. The Sec8 program pays all or most of MY rent, they pay $O or some, like up to $100 - which they earn thru social security.

Sec8 and SSI are more stable than a person with a job!

They still have to pay a deposit which is often a gift from a local agency.

The 2 Minute In Home Visit is doubly important. The Sec8 office trains them to dress and speak nicely, and you don't know what else is happening at their home - animals, cars, siblings...

Downside: you have to keep extra people happy, like the caseworker, annual insepctions, some paperwork


be patient! You are dealing with the govt and govt workers, and a level of entitlement.

In the end, we have good people who dare worthy of assistance (handicapped, single mothers trying to better themselves, etc)



IFyou take S8 (by zero [IN]) Posted on: Apr 1, 2024 8:15 AM

Brad I am one of the naysayers.

I agree that there are people who truly need assistance.

Unfortunately almost all of the ones in the system are playing the system.

We had a very poorly run HA in my area. I hear they are under new management of sorts. But I did start getting bills from them about overpayment of a tenant from 2019. I think I finally got it all sorted out. Still a pain and I still do not like the idea of working harder to get paid, especially when I find out how much tax paid assistance the scammers are getting.

I know a few people that make big money on S8 tenants. I am not one of them, nor do I plan on becoming one of them. --107.147.xx.xx

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