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STNL Market Report (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Feb 8, 2024 7:06 PM
       STNL Market Report (by 6x6 [TN]) Feb 8, 2024 8:16 PM
       STNL Market Report (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Feb 8, 2024 8:54 PM
       STNL Market Report (by 6x6 [TN]) Feb 8, 2024 9:09 PM

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STNL Market Report (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Feb 8, 2024 7:06 PM

By Landon Dory

Market Overview

Entering 2024, the Single Tenant Net Lease (STNL) market confronts a complex interplay of economic shifts and investor behavior. The latter part of 2023 has left an indelible mark, crafting the contours of the present market scenario.

Key Trends

Cap Rate Escalation: A consistent rise in cap rates is evident, primarily driven by increased interest rates, with an average around 6.5% noted in Q3 2023. This surge signifies a recalibration in the STNL market, impacting both pricing and property availability.

Industrial Sector’s Resilience: Despite reduced activities, the industrial segment remains robust, buoyed by e-commerce and technological advancements. The focus has shifted towards assets with strong rent growth potential and critical operational significance 2023 Net Lease Industrial Sales and Cap Rates.

Retail Adjustments and Dollar Stores: Retail, particularly the dollar store segment, has seen cap rate hikes. These adjustments are in sync with the broader market, responding to economic pressures and changing consumer demographics Cap Rates on the Rise at Dollar Stores.

CRE Loans and Economic Uncertainty: The potential impacts of rising interest rates on CRE bank loans pose significant concerns, highlighting the intertwined nature of the banking sector and commercial real estate, especially under recessionary threats The Nightmare Scenario for CRE Bank Loans.

Sale-Leaseback Trend: An increasing trend in sale-leaseback transactions reflects strategic capital management amidst fluctuating interest rates, especially noted in the industrial sector Large STNL Players Wait Out Cap Rate Peak.

Shift in Net Lease Transactions: There’s a marked shift towards sale-leaseback transactions, indicating a strategic move by companies to manage capital amidst fluctuating interest rates. This trend is particularly pronounced in the industrial sector Large STNL Players Wait Out Cap Rate Peak.

Increased Single-Tenant Supply: A significant surge in the supply of single-tenant properties, particularly in retail, has been observed. This could indicate market adjustments or over-saturation in certain segments, affecting transaction dynamics and cap rates Single-Tenant Supply Sees a Big Jump in Q3.

Changing Investor Strategies: With the STNL market undergoing shifts, investors are recalibrating strategies, focusing more on asset fundamentals and long-term value rather than short-term gains. This trend underscores a more cautious and strategic approach to investment Where Will Net Lease Go In 2024?

Featured Insights

Walgreens’ Credit Downgrade: The credit downgrade of Walgreens sheds light on the broader challenges faced by companies transitioning into new business models. It raises questions about the sector’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics while managing financial health. This underscores the importance of making decisions based on the real estate over the credit of the tenant. Walgreens’ Credit Downgrade by Moody’s.

Dollar Tree’s Market Adaptation: Despite facing challenges like decreased discretionary spending, Dollar Tree’s growth in grocery signifies a strategic pivot to cater to evolving consumer needs, indicating a broader trend in the retail sector Dollar Tree’s grocery business continues to grow.

Stabilization in Sales Activity: Despite a general downturn, certain segments of the STNL market, like industrial, have shown resilience. The sector’s enduring appeal and the emergence of new investment strategies suggest a potential for rebound and growth STNL Sales on Par With Historical Average.

Fluctuating Deal Volume: October 2023 witnessed the lowest deal volume of the year, indicating heightened market caution and a potential wait-and-see approach among investors. This trend could affect liquidity and pricing in the short term October’s Deal Volume Was the Lowest This Year.

Summary and Outlook

The STNL market in 2024 appears poised for cautious advancement amidst a backdrop of economic and market recalibrations. While rising cap rates and the reevaluation of investment strategies indicate a maturing market, sectors like industrial continue to offer robust opportunities. The evolving landscape requires a blend of strategic foresight and adaptability, with an emphasis on fundamental asset values and long-term potential. For investors and stakeholders in the STNL market, the need of the hour is strategic agility and informed decision-making. Embracing the evolving landscape with a balanced perspective on risk and opportunity will be crucial for navigating and capitalizing on the STNL market dynamics of 2024.

STNL Market Report (by 6x6 [TN]) Posted on: Feb 8, 2024 8:16 PM

That may as well had been in French for me.

On one hand it seems to reed as if it is a good thing, while on the other hand it seems to read as if it is a bad thing.

Is it not good that cap rates are rising?

I have read other things that say commercial loans are coming due and there is concern there for banks?

Sounds like good news on the Dollar Stores.

Is there anyway to explain this more in laymen's terms?

How is this affecting your investments?

STNL Market Report (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Feb 8, 2024 8:54 PM

There is a great deal of doom and gloom in the office sector on the commercial side.

The overall commercial market is slowly loosing some of its value. That does stand to reason. I bought a place in 2020 and the value of it went up 40% in less than one year. The following year it went up 6%. So in 2023, it came down 4%. Some folks report the sky is falling - and it is if you own an office building.

STNL stands for Single Tenant Net Leasing - these are typically franchise operators who bought rights to operate from a large Mega Corp. Some of these are Corporate guaranteed where others are backed only by the business operators. I feel pretty comfortable that these Mega Corps are going to be around longer than a typical resident

STNL Market Report (by 6x6 [TN]) Posted on: Feb 8, 2024 9:09 PM

Thank you, Ray.

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STNL Market Report
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