Fines from PG county
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Fines from PG county (by Brad [MD]) Mar 26, 2023 4:19 PM
       Fines from PG county (by Vee [OH]) Mar 26, 2023 5:39 PM
       Fines from PG county (by small potatoes [NY]) Mar 26, 2023 6:44 PM
       Fines from PG county (by Robert J [CA]) Mar 26, 2023 8:58 PM
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       Fines from PG county (by Brad [MD]) Mar 28, 2023 3:10 PM
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       Fines from PG county (by melinda [MD]) Apr 2, 2023 8:44 PM

Fines from PG county (by Brad [MD]) Posted on: Mar 26, 2023 4:19 PM

Got a citation with 3 fines from PG county for a SF home rental.

$300 for an inoperative vehicle in the driveway, $300 for bulk "trash" between that vehicle & side of house, and $1000 for not having a short term (less than 1 year) rental license, all with no prior notice to correct in 30 days! $1600 OUCH... when a yearly rental license costs $50!

Tenant will pay the two $300 fines and get rid of the trash/car. Originally (back when current tenant moved in) there was only one kind of rental license, which I had -- which renewed a few times. Every time I received a renewal notice, I paid the fee. One or two times, they didn't send a timely yearly renewal notice and would send it after 2 or 3 years with an appropriately higher renewal fee = 2X or 3X the annual fee [no late fee].

After the first or 2nd year my lease reverted to MTM. Tenant has been there for 15+ years, is slow paying rent but little trouble otherwise. Around a year ago, the house next door changed owners. According to my tenant, the neighbor has often called the local police on them for petty stuff, mostly street parking issues. A couple of months ago a PG county police corporal [who seemed to me to have sided with and perhaps is friendly with the neighbor] contacted me about this and about throwing the tenant out. I didn't have the $ for a team of workers to vacate the whole house of their cluttered contents in the 2 hours allotted by the sheriff. The corporal said he was going to look into rental licenses. I wish I had taken his statement more seriously. I do wonder if the corporal had a hand in somehow instigating the above citation. I am requesting a hearing (virtual as currently in-person is suspended, even for mail-in payments, etc.) with the county and wondering if I should consult with an attorney or even bring one to the virtual hearing. I am a part-time landlord [still work a day-job] and not sure where to locate a lawyer with such expertise.

Fines from PG county (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Mar 26, 2023 5:39 PM

Tenant should pay these fines in next rent cycle, that stuff is not yours. I would appeal the license penalty if you can get up to date right now. If you are collecting rent more than 24 hrs you are a full-time landlord, gotta step up and enforce the tenant pay his problems are not your problems.

Fines from PG county (by small potatoes [NY]) Posted on: Mar 26, 2023 6:44 PM

How do you know they didn't post the property and the tenant removed the notice? Where I have my B rental the municipality requires a rental certificate. For several years they sent out reminders, but a couple of years (before covid) they stopped and didn't even say anything. Anyone can check an address on their database, so I'm sure al the schemers look for unapproved rentals. Now their website says they don't provide notice to renew the certificate. The kicker is that you can't evict a tenant if you don't have the certificate. It would suck to find that out when you need to take action. --67.240.xx.xx

Fines from PG county (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Mar 26, 2023 8:58 PM

I now have to take actions into my own hands and then defend my actions in court. Why? Because a landlord is less than a second class citizen. The State tax board wanted to know why my taxes are less than the years before. I explained with less rent being paid by tenants, my am loosing money and reduced taxes by $530K last year. They want me to prove it. I told them I'm prepared to sick all of my records up their rear...

Fines from PG county (by Mike SWMO [MO]) Posted on: Mar 26, 2023 10:51 PM

Request a copy of the notice they were (should have) provided to you. Find out if it was mailed or posted on the door.

Ask to read the city ordinances, statutes or what ever they call your “rules” about the problem. Look into your “rules” and see how notice is supposed to be given. Did they follow the “rules”. Method to notify you, time frame, needed to sign for or not. Is there a chart showing what charges or payment you have to pay.

My little hamlet just changed their method of notifying people of late sewer bills. They used to send by certified mail but said it cost too much. Of course, the charge is included in the late sewer bill so they are not losing any money. They have decided to sent by regular mail. We have already had 3 people say they didn’t get their mail.

I can believe that. They sent me a notice for one my tenants. One place on the notice the tenants name was wrong. Another place the address – location was wrong. They even sent it to me at the wrong address, and I am on the city council. You would think they know where I live. Population of about 625 people.

You need to do some digging into your situation. Don’t just lie down and let them walk over you. Of course, you need to pay your charges but only what you owe.

Fines from PG county (by Robin [WI]) Posted on: Mar 27, 2023 2:21 AM

I would absolutely challenge the short-term rental fine in court. Bring in the original lease dated 15 years ago, your rental ledger and/or bank statements showing payments over the course of 15 years. He had to live there over a year to get that MTM status, so it's very clearly not a short-term rental!

Fines from PG county (by Brad [MD]) Posted on: Mar 28, 2023 3:10 PM

Many thanks to Vee [OH], small potatoes [NY], Robert J [CA],

Mike SWMO [MO], Robin [WI] for their replies. Lots of great tips & comments. I've initiated contact with the their Administrative Hearing Unit for a hearing date & so far they seem accommodating. Now to do my homework.

Fines from PG county (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Mar 30, 2023 10:08 AM

I would urge you to hire an attorney. Will the program take you seriously without one? If they did, would you have received the fines that you have?

An attorney will be able to make much if not all the fines disappear and help guide you - especially with you being a self proclaimed part timer.

Fines from PG county (by melinda [MD]) Posted on: Apr 2, 2023 8:44 PM

Move to St. Mary's County!!

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Fines from PG county
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