Dumb Luck
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Dumb Luck (by Doogie [KS]) Mar 20, 2023 6:47 PM
       Dumb Luck (by Oreo [WI]) Mar 20, 2023 7:41 PM
       Dumb Luck (by Hoosier [IN]) Mar 20, 2023 9:03 PM
       Dumb Luck (by Vee [OH]) Mar 20, 2023 9:20 PM
       Dumb Luck (by Matt [WI]) Mar 20, 2023 11:28 PM
       Dumb Luck (by gevans [SC]) Mar 21, 2023 7:53 AM

Dumb Luck (by Doogie [KS]) Posted on: Mar 20, 2023 6:47 PM

I had a nice find yesterday. Tenant called and said their last water bill was $300 (just as a point of reference, "normal" bill around this area would be $50ish) and asked if someone could look for a leak. I said no problem and was out the next day. It's usually the toilet flapper or fill valve bad, so that was first thing I checked. Toilet was continuing to run after filled. I could tell the flapper was old, so I just stuck a new one on. $2 part, not going to even worry about it. After that, it continued to run. New fill valve, here we go. Went to shut off water at base of toilet and that was bad. No biggie, I'll have to shut off at the meter, make repairs and turn back on. Except my truck is in the shop and I barely had enough tools to do the fill valve replacement.

I make arrangements with tenant to come back the next day and I went to the shop to pick up the tool bag. (Truck was only supposed to be in shop a day, didn't think I'd need to keep any tools. That's a whole 'nuther story though). Got to tenant's house and flipped the lid on the meter can to shut off water. Water is spewing everywhere! Whelp, here's the real problem! I turned it off and water quit spewing. Dang it! This means it is on my side of the meter, which also means I'm responsible for the fix. I fixed the fill valve on toilet and made arrangements for plumber to come back and take care of meter problem.

Plumber comes out today and diagnoses issue at meter. Come to find out, the part that is busted is not available to the general public because the city installs it. Which also means the city has to come fix, and pay for the repairs! Woo hoo! They will also reduce tenants water bill for their equipment failing. Double woo hoo!

So, this all was discovered because the shut off valve at the toilet didn't actually shut off anymore. Toilet definitely had a bad fill valve in it, but never would have known until after the next billing cycle about the meter problem if the shut off valve had worked properly.


Dumb Luck (by Oreo [WI]) Posted on: Mar 20, 2023 7:41 PM

After all that, glad the story had a happy ending! --75.11.xx.xx

Dumb Luck (by Hoosier [IN]) Posted on: Mar 20, 2023 9:03 PM

I'd be shocked if a toilet running made THAT much of a difference, but I'm glad you got it figured out. --99.92.xxx.xxx

Dumb Luck (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Mar 20, 2023 9:20 PM

Next time you have an open unit make all these water repairs, I use mansfield 210-212 flush valve - no more flapper problem ever, label all the zone valves after you are certain they actually work, next time it will be a no-sweat service job. --76.190.xxx.xxx

Dumb Luck (by Matt [WI]) Posted on: Mar 20, 2023 11:28 PM


Glad you have luck with mansfield 210-212 flush valve. Every time I replace the rubber seal on that style flush valve they leak until they seat over time. I've had to use plumbers grease or vasoline to get them to seal.

Flappers are cheap and easier to replace. Both systems use rubber to seal and will fail over time. --162.237.xxx.xx

Dumb Luck (by gevans [SC]) Posted on: Mar 21, 2023 7:53 AM

I started about ten years ago using the Fluidmaster float valves with adjustable float height. In the future you can change just the float without even shutting off the water valve. Unsnap the black ring on the post at the base, lift off the old head, and seat the new one.

Water will flow from the post while you do this, but unless you have 90 pounds pressure, it won't get outside the tank.

Makes a float/valve change a 1 minute project. --69.80.xx.xxx

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Dumb Luck
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