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Robert J (by dino [CA]) Jan 31, 2023 9:57 PM
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Robert J (by dino [CA]) Posted on: Jan 31, 2023 9:57 PM

I know this might be stretching it too far to expect you are familiar with my question but you somehow seem to have worthwhile info on most topics so here goes,

Husband is receiving monthly pension and later dies.

Wife then receives that pension although I believe it is a reduced amount. Then she dies..

In the month she dies, will the pension company want to prorate their payment which she received on the first of month for the entire month, and require re-payment for portion of month she was not alive???


Robert J (by Robert [CA]) Posted on: Jan 31, 2023 10:23 PM

I had a friend in this exact situation. I advised him to collect the last monthís payment from the pension company. I dressed up in a telephone company repair uniform that I just happened to have in m closet and wriggled through the sewer and into the dead ladyís apartment. Scared off some squatters with my six shooter, and being a contractor with 27 different licenses, repaired the bullet holes in the wall while taking the Vic into surgery to repair cartilage blasted away by the musket ball. At the same time, I spent the day in court, the Supreme Court where I taught those fancy lawyers a thing or two about constitutional law. The corrupt code inspectors wound up owing me three google plex dollars, which they didnít pay so I towed off Los Angeles city hall with one of my many wreckers and set it in my back yard to use as a lawn ornament. If my friend would have only taken my advice, he would be richer than Elon Musk now but instead he is washing the shopping carts of homeless. bums on skid row.

Robert J (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Jan 31, 2023 10:23 PM

I will answer you like a real lawyer. "It all depends". But usually in the month a "retiree" or "survivor passes", the last month benefit payment is prorated based on the number of days the person was alive in the month.

Robert J (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Feb 1, 2023 12:12 AM

So you like clowning around Mr.Robert(CA) with no stars.

You may not like my comments and knowledge in the field of Construction, Land-lording or Repairs. I don't knock others with expertise in their fields.

There are so many people that know way more than I do. I'm lucky to know them and get their opinions when needed outside the real estate forum.

When a few friends were going thru a medical crisis, I was luck enough to have doctor clients that could give needed wisdom that helped them thru a situation.

When I give my two cents here, I hope that my problems and outcomes could help others thru their situations.

I am so not perfect. But if a post or response helps only 1 person, then my advice was worth it.

I wish I could find other forums on other topics that were like Mr. Landlord where so many offer good advice helping those in need.

Robert J (by dino [CA]) Posted on: Feb 1, 2023 2:54 AM

By the way I'm pretty sure that Social Security payments are received for the previous month so if a payment arrives in month of death, it would not need to be returned since it was for the previous month when recipient was alive the whole month.


Robert J (by Hoosier [IN]) Posted on: Feb 1, 2023 12:32 PM

Robert J (with stars)...good response to the fake Robert. Just keep being yourself and ignore that guy/gal.

By the way, as for other forums...I use an early retirement forum that is excellent...if you have financial/retirement questions it is the place to go.

Robert J (by dino [CA]) Posted on: Feb 2, 2023 1:16 AM

I need to add my support to the message to the real Robert from Hoosier.


Robert J (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Feb 2, 2023 1:22 AM

Thank you guys, I needed your support. Have enough grief dealing with my City, State and tenants.

Robert J (by dino [CA]) Posted on: Feb 2, 2023 12:18 PM

Yes, I cringe when I hear from you about you having to deal with such grief.

It's difficult because you know how satisfying it is to not let them get away with abuse. On the other hand, maybe find a way to reduce some of the grief so you aren't stretched too thin and can maintain your energy and positive outlook, and can fully enjoy your family and friends along with all the rewards you have earned.


Robert J (by Dee Ann [WI]) Posted on: Feb 2, 2023 11:51 PM

ROBT J with stars, For what it's worth, I search for your replies for their wisdom and wit. You always offer a great learning experience and put a lot of thought into your answers. I appreciate your feedback, always. --75.11.xx.xx

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