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Interesting Finds (by Mapleaf18 [NY]) Jan 17, 2023 7:11 PM
       Interesting Finds (by RB [TN]) Jan 17, 2023 7:16 PM
       Interesting Finds (by Ken [NY]) Jan 17, 2023 8:06 PM
       Interesting Finds (by WMH [NC]) Jan 17, 2023 8:16 PM
       Interesting Finds (by Allym [NJ]) Jan 17, 2023 8:49 PM
       Interesting Finds (by Deanna [TX]) Jan 17, 2023 8:54 PM
       Interesting Finds (by robert J [CA]) Jan 17, 2023 11:02 PM
       Interesting Finds (by Dee Ann [WI]) Jan 18, 2023 1:54 AM
       Interesting Finds (by don [PA]) Jan 18, 2023 3:02 AM
       Interesting Finds (by MC [PA]) Jan 18, 2023 5:41 AM
       Interesting Finds (by Mapleaf18 [NY]) Jan 18, 2023 5:51 AM
       Interesting Finds (by Paulio [PA]) Jan 18, 2023 7:54 AM
       Interesting Finds (by plenty [MO]) Jan 18, 2023 8:41 AM
       Interesting Finds (by Gene [OH]) Jan 18, 2023 1:02 PM
       Interesting Finds (by WMH [NC]) Jan 18, 2023 1:56 PM
       Interesting Finds (by Me [CA]) Jan 18, 2023 7:09 PM
       Interesting Finds (by myob [GA]) Jan 19, 2023 7:41 AM
       Interesting Finds (by MAT [PA]) Jan 19, 2023 9:02 AM
       Interesting Finds (by zero [IN]) Jan 21, 2023 10:17 AM

Interesting Finds (by Mapleaf18 [NY]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 7:11 PM

DH is always finding interesting stuff in the walls etc when rehabbing old bldgs. Most recently he found a campaign token for Benjamin Harrison.

What has been your most interesting/valuable find?

Interesting Finds (by RB [TN]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 7:16 PM

A Chastity Belt.

Interesting Finds (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 8:06 PM

I found a revolver once hidden in the basement behind a boiler we removed,not operational.The cops didnt even care when i called but they came and got it and told me no big deal,i told them it would have been a big deal if they found me with it --74.77.xx.xx

Interesting Finds (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 8:16 PM

We found a nice but dull buck knife once. A few newspaper. Not much.

Interesting Finds (by Allym [NJ]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 8:49 PM

A hamster in a fridge was in one small apartment. I kept him but he bit me and didn't live that long. Then another woman destroyed the unit with cat smell as she could not bend to clean the litter box. I paid that one to leave prior to a state inspection. The rug was covered with everything she had dropped there for a year, including cat kibble but also coins. Pennies to quarters all over the rug. Nothing else interesting ever.

Interesting Finds (by Deanna [TX]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 8:54 PM

From an acquisition I'm slowly de-junking in preparation for a renovation later this year---

I have a (torn) "Lindbergh Again Flies the Airmail" Chicago/Springfield marked envelope from 1928 with a matching 10-cent airplane stamp and a "Airmail Saves Time" cancel, plus a first-day-of-issue "First Man on the Moon" stamp/double cancel (DC 9/9/69, Moon Landing 7/20/69). They're currently in a tin in my truck. If you want something similar, you can find them on eBay for about $2-$20.

Same house had a six-pack of Billy Beer, a (still full) 1984 World's Fair vintage commemorative Coke bottle, and some local land documents from the early years of our town.

Interesting Finds (by robert J [CA]) Posted on: Jan 17, 2023 11:02 PM

In the ceiling I found a handwritten letter in Spanish. A former tenant wrote a letter to her mom back in Mexico after being in American for her first year. She had gotten pregnant and didn't know if she should keep it or not. I did not know if she was thinking about an abortion or adoption.

The letter was never mailed. It fell from the apartment above's built in dresser. The drawers often get stuffed with cloths and stuff, then falling out of the drawer onto the unfinished sub-floor inside the dresser. The letter fell thru the cracks.

Years later I was contacted by a Case Worker. There was a DNA match between my tenant and an adopted child and the address of my apartment building was on file. So as the owner, I was contacted.

Interesting Finds (by Dee Ann [WI]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 1:54 AM

Maybe not interesting finds, just the history? We own mostly 1920's duplexes. When renovating the bathrooms, behind the old sink cabinets, we found large amounts of razor blades. The cabinets had a slit that the blades could be deposited in be tween the wall studs. --75.11.xx.xx

Interesting Finds (by don [PA]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 3:02 AM

A postcard from 1905. Behind some trim in a vestibule, a mailer for a coal company.

Best was removing a closet that a former owner had added, found two boxes of uncirculated US coin sets from the late 1960s. Actually, my cousin was helping me and we both found them; we split them. Unfortunately, uncirculated, non-silver, coin sets appreciate very little (50 cent pieces had 40% silver, but none in dimes or quarters).

Here is where it is interesting. This was in the 1st floor of a duplex. The guy who was renting the 2nd floor at the time used to live there as a kid when his parents owned the building. His father had built the closet (he told me, also the surname was scribbled on the lumber). I considered telling him about the coins and maybe giving him some, but I decided to hold off because he was behind on the rent. Glad I did not. He moved out without ever squaring up and declared bankruptcy.

Interesting Finds (by MC [PA]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 5:41 AM

We get cleaning supplies. Once we found adult items in the drop ceiling. More of an EW than a WOW. Pot paraphernalia,blades and dried plants-running drugs out of the place. Couldn't imagine why she kept tripping the breakers. Photos of a T with a SO. Sent them to the T because they pissed me off. The T was with someone new when they moved.

Interesting Finds (by Mapleaf18 [NY]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 5:51 AM

Dee Ann, ditto in the razor blades from the built in disposal slots. We also found an old can of infant/invalid formula from the 1800s written in German, a "clown/circus" board game from the late 1800s, various old coins, old tin ans iron/lead toys, old newspapers, Rinso and Soilax boxes, a card of "mendits" for patching holes in POS and pans, a wooden rack clothes dryer that attached to the wall from 1870s, various old gas sconces, old leaded paint in cans (full) from the 1920s.

Interesting Finds (by Paulio [PA]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 7:54 AM

A deck of pornographic playing cards from the 1940s or 50s.

Interesting Finds (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 8:41 AM

Diamond and gold rings, two of them! A puff fish in a broken fish tank out near the driveway apparently they tried to carry it when moving out and dropped it. Bullets. Coins. Dollar bills. Space heaters. Laundry in the dryer. Two Japanese silk painting, bright and pretty. --172.56.xx.xx

Interesting Finds (by Gene [OH]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 1:02 PM

I decided to clean out the cold air return vent area. When I removed the grill, I found over $10.00 of coins (half dollars and dollars) that their child had put through the vent grill.

Also in another house, my wife found an old phone. She charged it and looked through it and found that it contained a photo of a topless woman who was not the tenant's significant other at the time.

In one of my mom's rentals, her tenant had left behind her wedding photos. She was divorced from a doctor who went after a younger model. She moved when they decided to get back together, so we reached out to her regarding the photos, but she never responded.

Since we have upgraded our criteria for tenants, we have had much better tenants and they don't leave much behind.

Interesting Finds (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 1:56 PM

Photos: you reminded me we did find a camera with photos of the tenant on it back in the day. I can't remember if she was actually NEKKID (DH might) but they were suggestive, that's all I remember.

Interesting Finds (by Me [CA]) Posted on: Jan 18, 2023 7:09 PM

2 vintage lamps left in the attic of a place I was renting. I sold them at a yard sale for $100 each and kept the money. This was before the internet so I had no way of checking on the actual value. I've never seen them on Antiques Roadshow, so all is well.

Interesting Finds (by myob [GA]) Posted on: Jan 19, 2023 7:41 AM

9,000.00. A tenant skipped out and left the 2 story full of the family's STUFF. Tenant said I don't want any of it since my mother died in the house. ???.

We put a 40 yd dumpster in the yard and emptied the house and filled the dumpster to over flowing. We sent the bill for 9K for damages and rent. We took her to court and had a judgement.

We got wind of her attempt to buy a house by an inquiry from her mort company. We knew she needed money for the down payment so we went through her file and saw a few local banks from past rent payments. We did what's called blanketing.

We sent out to 20 local banks and low and behold found that 9K at one bank and about 4.00 at another. We told bank two to just keep the 4.00 bank one sent us the judgement $.

Would you consider that something FOUND? --108.239.xx.xx

Interesting Finds (by MAT [PA]) Posted on: Jan 19, 2023 9:02 AM

Didnít find anything noteworthy during renovations, but I do sometimes place something for the next guy to find. Left a note in the inside of the wall cavity when replacing the tub surround with some interesting info about the houseís current status (date, current monthly rent, occupations, etc). Thought someone 100 years from now might find that interesting. Have embedded coins in cement in the crawl space. My favorite was for a house built in 1888. I drilled a shallow hole in the middle of the living room floorboards, and embedded an 1888 silver dollar in there (worth less than $30). Then covered with underlayment and flooring. Not authentic, I know, but makes a nice talking point when Iím showing to prospects, and just adds to the charm and character of the house. Somebody will find it someday, and think itís been there for 135 years. Itís really only been there since last summer. --107.123.xx.xx

Interesting Finds (by zero [IN]) Posted on: Jan 21, 2023 10:17 AM

Found lots of stuff over the years. More from trashouts and rekeys for banks and realtors than from my deadbeats.

Last house I gained entry for a realtor I found a lot of coins, gold flakes, commemorative knives, audio equipment, watches and much more.

New owner didn't want anything to do with the place. Was his brothers who died and was not a good fella. We found lots of court docs about how he was convicted of some bad things with underage relatives.

I took the non-collectable coins in to the bank. Still have the rest just because I never did anything with them. Plan was to take the stuff to a dealer and see what I could get out of it. Nothing invested and I don't collect things like that.

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