security deposit and dama
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security deposit and dama (by Janet [KY]) Dec 7, 2022 12:41 AM
       security deposit and dama (by janet [KY]) Dec 7, 2022 12:42 AM
       security deposit and dama (by MC [PA]) Dec 7, 2022 5:19 AM
       security deposit and dama (by Bonanza [NC]) Dec 7, 2022 6:28 AM
       security deposit and dama (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Dec 7, 2022 7:21 AM
       security deposit and dama (by Still Learning [NH]) Dec 7, 2022 8:24 AM
       security deposit and dama (by plenty [MO]) Dec 7, 2022 8:43 AM
       security deposit and dama (by DJ [VA]) Dec 7, 2022 8:49 AM
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       security deposit and dama (by DJ [VA]) Dec 7, 2022 8:51 AM
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       security deposit and dama (by Steve [MA]) Dec 7, 2022 9:03 AM
       security deposit and dama (by S i d [MO]) Dec 7, 2022 9:42 AM
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       security deposit and dama (by MC [PA]) Dec 7, 2022 3:49 PM
       security deposit and dama (by Phil [OR]) Dec 8, 2022 1:05 PM
       security deposit and dama (by Janet [KY]) Dec 11, 2022 2:25 AM

security deposit and dama (by Janet [KY]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 12:41 AM

Had a two year tenant, she paid on time EVERY month. However, her 2 yr old and 4 yr old were so destructive on the house. Black magic marker drawings on the metal back door, crayon drawings all on the French door glass panes and broken glass panes and wood work, chewing gum in the carpet. Stopped up the toilet with I have no idea what..... Then the woman broke my acrylic hot water faucet handle in the bathroom sink. She did not clean anything floors, tubs, toilet when she moved out. She left 2 pick truck beds full of bagged garbage , clothes, dishes, toys, broken junk ect. I spent 5 hours just moving that stuff out of the house plus a twin size mattress set ect.

She only gave me 22 days notice on the phone she was moving , my lease says she must give 30 days written notice and leave the house clean. She has the nerve to text me demanding her security deposit back, saying she left the house clean, she has pictures. she must of made pics before she moved in. The house was filthy, I made pictures the best I could. Do I have to send a list of all the broken things and time plus expense to repair them or can I just mail her a copy of the lease highlighted she didn't give 30 days notice plus didnt leave the house clean?

security deposit and dama (by janet [KY]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 12:42 AM

that subject above is suppose to read security deposit and move out.

security deposit and dama (by MC [PA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 5:19 AM

Send your accounting to the address provided within your state guidelines. If no a address provided, send to your rental. I would ho the extra and send itemized, including the less than 30 days. For example, primer and paint X amount of walls due to marker picture $X, cleaning fees $X. If you have move out pics,dated,then you are fine. Be fair with the damages and be able to back them up with invoices,pictures. Etc. Once I send it, I no longer talk to the tenant. I save all VM and texts. There is no talking or negotiations. Did you have to store the stuff for X days? I try to have them sign or agree via text that they are out and so are all their belongings.Follow your state law for the amount of days. Estimate the cost of work if you can't get it done within the time frame. Have an invoice or receipt if done after.

security deposit and dama (by Bonanza [NC]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 6:28 AM

Send her a letter with a list of the damages and the cost to repair them. I also send pictures of certain items and copies of the invoices. If you clean the place, you can't really charge her. Have a handyman clean out the junk and give you a bill. Have a cleaning service clean things as well. Her security deposit will most likely be gone and she will owe you money.

Enclosed is an accounting of your security deposit. This is letter is being sent via email and USPS priority mail. The final credit or debit listed on this Disposition of Deposit does not waive the owner’s right to pursue additional claims should they become apparent.

Security Deposit in Escrow Account $1,500.00

Repairs by licensed trades or handymen – cost

I attach copies of the receipts

interior frig damage, closet bracket, touch up paint 50

Bathroom not cleaned - general 10 $30.00

Blinds or screens – replace broken $50.00

Cabinets / Drawer pull or knob missing $10.00

Light bulbs – missing or burned out $10.00

Cleaning - did not clean behind frig $10.00

Shower liner – missing $10.00

Shower curtain rod – missing $35.00

Shower curtain hooks – missing $25.00

Windows not cleaned – per window $20.00

Just list what wrong and how much it costs to fix

If she owes you money at the end make it a bill and say

Amount due owner is $XXXX

Please remit payment within 14 days.


security deposit and dama (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 7:21 AM

Unlkiely she take to small claims court as it beyond any doubts that the house was completely trashed out. For tenants who trash out it is a never ending story where the next place they trash out then move on. Cut contact where block out phone number and text. A smart phone that is possible to block out. In the meantime it is going to a going a considerable effort to clean house along with repair all the damages. In future look at more careful screening out problem tenants where with credit checks a lot of information is revealed where they lived before. Unstable tenancy where there is a reason for that.

security deposit and dama (by Still Learning [NH]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 8:24 AM

In cases like that I list it all showing money owed to me. If they want to take me to court they have a lot more to fight than if you don’t list it all and then try and tell a judge there was more. Whether you go after her for the money is your choice. I’ve done that a few times and once they called to apologize and were ready to pay.

security deposit and dama (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 8:43 AM

Most of my HUD or low income houses come back this way. There is really little you can do to have it end differently. They just don't have the life skills to do differently. Yes, prepare your exit paper for her as if you were preparing to go to court. Yes I have a move in pic and an move out picture, color copied on the same paper right next to each other. Several of these with receipts of cost and a list of expenses to return the house to move in condition. She may owe you a balance at the end. I hit the deposit hard. Some of the move outs I do follow thru with the courts to get a judgment and some times they are collectable. I have been successful with collections on some of these folks. It's a whole nother part of the business. Sorry you had to do this, but it sounds normal to me!

security deposit and dama (by DJ [VA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 8:49 AM

I agree (mostly) with bonanza's approach.

Except I do not send any receipts with it.

I include her move-in date and the date possession was returned to me.

I would group more things together.

And, I would give the date notice was given - make a note about it being not according to the lease (verbal) but you accepted it anyway. Then show the last day she owed you rent (another month), and charge for it.

You definitely need to check KY law regarding the timing and how to deliver it.

Also: going forward - figure out why you did not enforce your lease. Determine what you need to change to do better.

Read and apply the advice given here over the ages, regarding selection / screening of applicants. I bet their previous home looked very much like this when they left it.

security deposit and dama (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 8:50 AM

If you have two pick up trucks of trash left behind, do you think it will be difficult for her to convince a judge that she cleaned the place?

I would focus on the things that are easiest to prove if you are concerned about a possible legal issue

security deposit and dama (by DJ [VA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 8:51 AM


Do not respond to her, but keep all texts and a record of any other communication she attempts.

security deposit and dama (by Steve [MA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 9:03 AM


security deposit and dama (by Steve [MA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 9:03 AM

Just because your former tenant wasn't a responsible tenant & didn't comply with the rental contract doesn't mean that you can do the same. You should definitely send her a complete list of all the non normal wear & tear damages including any unpaid rent along with a complete & accurate accounting of the security deposit. In the event that this ever goes to court it's extremely important to be sure that you follow Kentucky's LL / Tenant laws regarding damages & SDs especially any time lines. If you go to the top of the Q&A page there is a link to Landlord / Tenant State laws.

If she did not leave a forwarding address do as MC[PA] said & send it to her last known address.

security deposit and dama (by S i d [MO]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 9:42 AM

Text book example of why Section 8 renters aren't "just as good as all other renters." Even though this wasn't Sec 8 (I don't think), the fact is when people leave the place--even if they paid rent on time like clockwork (i.e. guaranteed rent like Sec 8 claims) that's clearly NOT the only thing that matters in a tenancy. As you have learned, turn over expenses can wipe out any profits even from a tenant who pays 100% on time, all the time.

Step 1- Account for all damages and cleaning. Add this to the bill against the Security Deposit. If the work cannot be completed prior to the timeframe in your State for sending a Security Deposit expires, get bids from contractors and use those.

Step 2- She never gave proper notice and therefore owes rent until either her lease expires or you get the place back in shape and find a new renter. Add unpaid rent and utilities to the bill against the Security Deposit.

Step 3: Mail the account statement out per your State's law. If you don't have a new address, try to get it. You can always ask the tenant "What address do you want me to send the Deposit to?" She, being "nervy" as you said, might think she's cowed you into submission and is going to get paid. Nope, she's just going to get a bill in the mail, along with service of court papers when you sue her for the balance due... see how nicely that works? Use the tenant's greed and lack of awareness to get that address. Be kind and cordial, always! If you can't get an address in spite of your best efforts, your state's law should say what to do. Mine says, "mail to last known address of record" which in most cases is my rental. If they didn't take steps to forward their mail, that's not my responsibility.


But how, you ask? How can I screen for filthy, destructive tenants?

Easy: the 2 minute in home inspection! After everything else for an applicant checks out, you make a drop-by visit to where they CURRENTLY LIVE and look, listen, and sniff. That is what your rental will look, sound, and smell like within 2-4 weeks of them moving in. I have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in damages from using this policy.

Now will come the folks who says weird things like "That's intrusive....that's weird...I could never do that!"

Excuses, excuses... FIND A WAY.

Is it intrusive? Heck yeah! So is pulling credit, verifying income, and sorting through bank statements. We get an inside view into our tenant's lives in all other ways...why not add their home to that list?

They live out of town? Hire a local realtor and pay them through PayPal. Do the same in your town if you feel too squeamish going into someone's home. Realtors do it all the time. It's just another day for them. Offer $50 or whatever to the local newbie starving agent who has no listings yet.

Need an excuse for the visit? "Mr Applicant I just need to drop by an have you sign this listing agreement for the property which states what all is included. How about today when you get off work I'll swing by?" or my favorite for pet owners, "Insurance likes us to have pictures of any animals in their current home for their records."

They don't want you to come by? There's your sign. They are filthy house destroyers and know you'll never rent to them. Consider a refusal to visit an easy disqualification.

It's your investment. No one will protect it as much as you will. Make the 2 minute home visit your best tool to avoid the house wreckers.


security deposit and dama (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 12:31 PM

I suggest holding your pictures until court (if it ever happens) so the judge can ask if he/she moved into what these pictures show. Follow tenant rules on timing with the accounting statement, most places is 30 days, discontinue communication, the statement will explain it all for you. Don't put a rent sign in the window, you will get all the friends of the tenant calling wanting to get a tour, raise rent at least a few hundred to reach a better client.

security deposit and dama (by Ed [CA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 1:51 PM

I would use google to find out what Kentucky's laws are regarding how you need to proceed in your state. Most state laws are slightly different.

As for me, I send a spreadsheet with the costs of cleaning and repairing the property and for hauling out their junk. I use one column for materials and one for labor for each repair and cleaning action.

I do not send them photos nor do I send them copies of the receipts. I keep them filed in case I need them. If they want to see photos and receipts, they'll have to see me at which time, I'll show them to the judge. Always, always take lots of well lit photos. It costs you nothing with your phone or a digital camera.


security deposit and dama (by Wilma [PA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 3:25 PM

Oof. Sorry you had this experience. Just a couple of comments:

Filing with mall claims, generally, isn't cheap. I know it ran about $250 here a few years back. When I was once threatened, my response was "I will see you at the district justice- receipts, 200+ photos, and several smelly and dirty items in tow." She is likely bluffing, if it costs that much there.

Also, heed the advice of several here when cleaning up dirty stuff that is hard to photograph. Take a picture of a white cloth on your hand in front of the dirty wall/railing/whatever. Take a picture of you spritzing it with cleaner, then of you wiping the item, then of the resulting filthy cloth. Bag and tag. This works well for nicotine damage, but also for general filth.

Good luck!

security deposit and dama (by MC [PA]) Posted on: Dec 7, 2022 3:49 PM

Send the accounting certified or registered. If it does bounce back to you,keep it unopened in thier file.

security deposit and dama (by Phil [OR]) Posted on: Dec 8, 2022 1:05 PM

Send an itemized accounting. Ask yourself.. will this hold up in court...if it will, charge for it.

I don't like getting a bill that doesn't itemize the charge...I suspect tenants don't either. It's part of the business.

security deposit and dama (by Janet [KY]) Posted on: Dec 11, 2022 2:25 AM

Thank you all for much good advice. I made notes as I read your advice. I was already accused of being "intrusive" by her because I texted her and asked what was she hammering on? I was working in the basement and couldn't help but hear it. It is NOT section 8. She agreed to not have pets when went over the lease then she sneaks in a dog and cat.

I found the pet food bags in the trash can at move out day. Anyway she did pay on time every month, thankful for that and I am not refunding any security deposit.

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security deposit and dama
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