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Just Got A Job At (by mapelaf18 [NY]) Sep 21, 2022 5:02 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by Ken [NY]) Sep 21, 2022 5:08 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by plenty [MO]) Sep 21, 2022 5:14 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by Vee [OH]) Sep 21, 2022 6:29 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by 6x6 [TN]) Sep 21, 2022 8:52 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by MikeA [TX]) Sep 21, 2022 10:04 PM
       Just Got A Job At (by Hoosier [IN]) Sep 22, 2022 2:43 AM
       Just Got A Job At (by mapleaf18 [NY]) Sep 22, 2022 8:45 AM
       Just Got A Job At (by Wilma [PA]) Sep 22, 2022 10:02 AM
       Just Got A Job At (by Deanna [TX]) Sep 22, 2022 1:21 PM

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Just Got A Job At (by mapelaf18 [NY]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 5:02 PM

I'm hearing an overabundance of this phrase especially amongst the under 40 set. 25, 35, 39 yr olds saying "I just got a job at XYZ"

So being someone who has been working full time since the age of 17 I have to wonder "what were you doing before this?" My spidey senses tells me they were riding the extended UIB wuflu train.

For many of these young people, it is their FIRST job since they turned 18 or 21. I can't wrap my head around this mentality. How can you screen based on steady job history when the majority are saying they've just bothered to get a job recently?

I had one applicant who was obviously "following her dreams" by being a cosplay character for various stints including Disney world. She has had about 8 different jobs in as many MONTHS!

Seriously? Am I wrong in thinking this is bezerk? And believe me I had jobs in good and bad economies, under the Carter administration, you name it so 'the economy" isn't an excuse in my book especially in light of the fact that the economy was roaring under the previous admin until the wuflu was released. --72.231.xxx.xx

Just Got A Job At (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 5:08 PM

Nothing to screen for,they screened themselves out. --74.77.xx.xx

Just Got A Job At (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 5:14 PM

Someone is going to rent to them. Can you adjust your screening to select the one best suited to succeed? Or just put their applications in your pending folder until they have been at their jobs for the length of time needed to qualify. I've had to made adjustments over the years, each generation presents it's a little differently. --172.56.xx.xxx

Just Got A Job At (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 6:29 PM

My criteria is min 6 months on a job - part time is OK, we will verify at your expense, do the right thing. --76.190.xxx.xxx

Just Got A Job At (by 6x6 [TN]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 8:52 PM

Are there a lot of new businesses in your area?

There are some new businesses moving in around here, including Amazon. There are also new rental complexes popping up for this reason. --73.113.xxx.xxx

Just Got A Job At (by MikeA [TX]) Posted on: Sep 21, 2022 10:04 PM

Yah, hard no. The problem with couch sitting for months on end is that it affects your brain just like drugs. I have seen dozens of these types flame out after a few days on the job because they get the DT shakes from not getting their couch sitting fix. It's really hard to keep a job when you don't routinely show up.


Just Got A Job At (by Hoosier [IN]) Posted on: Sep 22, 2022 2:43 AM

Easy to screen, 6 months minimum on job or double deposit. Don’t go there about thinking it’s “berzerk”….keep emotions out of it and stick with screening criteria. --99.92.xxx.xxx

Just Got A Job At (by mapleaf18 [NY]) Posted on: Sep 22, 2022 8:45 AM

Hoosier, I definitely front face zero emotions, but I look upon this site as partially venting plus solutions. Learned this a loooonnnnnnng time ago not to ever put any emotion in writing or over the phone when working as a paralegal and with a good RE friend called "the poison pen."

6x6? New businesses? HA! this is NYS; land of most UN-business friendly.

Vee, Like the 6 months minimum requirement however we can't put that on our ads here in the Peoples Republic of Tish James as that might be viewed as "source of income discriminatory" --72.231.xxx.xx

Just Got A Job At (by Wilma [PA]) Posted on: Sep 22, 2022 10:02 AM

The Gen Zs and younger Millennials have no issues with job-hopping. They generally feel that if you're not happy where you are, move on. One of my kids had 3 jobs in 4 years; they liked her work, she hated the first two jobs, and is looking to move on from the third. We older people were taught to wait and show that we could be settled.

Still, I won't take less than a year on the job for a B+ 3br sfh.

About the cosplay - an extended family member took a gap year after high school and applied to Disney World in 2019 to play a character. She was living the dream in early 2020 when she actually got to perform as a Disney princess, interacting with park guests - for about 3 weeks. Then COVID shut it all down. She went home and kept just waiting around for them to call her back, doing zero. Her folks finally told her in August 2020 that it was either community college or working, her choice. (Disney never called back - when they reopened, there was no contact with the public, just princesses on floats or in open-air shows - and they just used locals at that point. It was too bad, she was a dead ringer for the princess she performed as!) She's over it now, finishing a teaching degree at a 4-year college that accepted her community college credits. --98.115.xxx.xxx

Just Got A Job At (by Deanna [TX]) Posted on: Sep 22, 2022 1:21 PM

I only ask for their current employer and their previous employer. So when I hear "I just got a job at X---" it means "this is the most recent job I'm in" rather than "I've never worked a day previously." How far back into their employment history are you digging?

Generations ago, you'd get a job with Company X, stay with them forever, and you'd get a good pension. Eventually, they realized that it's not economically feasible in the long term, especially with lifespans as long as they are nowadays. 20 years ago, 60% of the Fortune 500 companies offered a traditional pension plan. Nowadays, only 16% of the Fortune 500s are offering that, let alone everyone else.

So you don't really have that loyalty from the company to you--- you're not sticking around to keep your pension--- retirement plans are getting whittled away--- so a lot of people have precious little loyalty towards their employers, because there's no significant long-term benefit or advantage for staying there. (Universities and government are two big exceptions.)

I'm currently reading Louis L'amour's autobiography. (1908-1988) One of the first things he does is make the distinction between bums, tramps, and hoboes. A bum is someone who doesn't want to work and stays home. A tramp is the same as a bum, except he travels. And a hobo is someone who travels extensively to follow work. They don't stay for very long in any one job--- but they work, they roam, they find new work, they roam. The first line of his book is pretty much, "The day my high school class back home was graduating, I was in Singapore..." But in addition to being a laborer on a ship, he was a laborer on land--- the only thing that changed was the details, whether it was skinning dead cattle to salvage the leather, or being a sparring partner for boxers, or digging holes for foundation posts, or working in a veneer factory, or assaying, or digging in Death Valley, or whatever.

So-- those sorts of people have been around us for a very long time. With that unskilled-labor job market being so industrialized/mechanized, though, and the social safety net being so much more developed than it was in the 20's and 30's--- we're not really of the economic strata that is comfortable with that roaming job-hopping. We like stability and predictability so that we can plan ahead, and we like doing business with like-minded people. :)

So--- in my market, I usually see 3 months here, 6 months there, a year there. They're very much "Am I happy here? No? Then I'm walking off on my lunch break--" and they burn their bridge without thinking twice. --137.118.xx.xxx

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Just Got A Job At
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