small aquarium
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small aquarium (by Lauren IN [IN]) Jun 23, 2022 9:48 PM
       small aquarium (by Dee Ann [WI]) Jun 23, 2022 10:30 PM
       small aquarium (by Jim in O C [CA]) Jun 23, 2022 10:33 PM
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       small aquarium (by small potatoes [NY]) Jun 24, 2022 9:34 AM
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       small aquarium (by Nicole [PA]) Jun 28, 2022 11:28 AM

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small aquarium (by Lauren IN [IN]) Posted on: Jun 23, 2022 9:48 PM

Tenant applicant has a 5-gallon fish tank. Normally I tell people that no fish tanks allowed except for in the basement (which this house doesn't have). Everything else seems good about them. I was going to charge an additional deposit of $200 (house has hardwood floors underneath carpet over a crawl space; some day I hope to refinish the hardwoods). Just wondering what might be reasonable, or am I just making a mountain out of a molehill?

small aquarium (by Dee Ann [WI]) Posted on: Jun 23, 2022 10:30 PM

If you really want to ok them, I would require them to put something under the tank in the event of a leak. I would charge your deposit of $200. It may make them more careful.


small aquarium (by Jim in O C [CA]) Posted on: Jun 23, 2022 10:33 PM

My kids broke a 15 gallon aquarium and it covered the living room, the hallway and into one bedroom. We had guppies everywhere.

small aquarium (by Dee Ann [WI]) Posted on: Jun 23, 2022 11:28 PM

Yep, Jim, same happened at my brother's house.They had to get new floors in two of the 3 rooms due to the water everywhere. --75.11.xx.xx

small aquarium (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Jun 23, 2022 11:31 PM

I used to have a few 20 gallon tanks but have not seen or heard anything about them for 10 years, I guess having renters insurance being a party of interest will be the best way to handle fish tanks.

small aquarium (by Wilma [PA]) Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 8:25 AM

Someone here used to say "Water always wins.". I concur.

small aquarium (by small potatoes [NY]) Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 9:34 AM

If you do accept them make them get renters insurance. A Tenant brought in a turtle in a 10 gal tank. The thing looked like it was going bonkers going from one side to the next. I recently modified my lease to say no fish tanks, liquid filled furniture or containers of liquid greater than 5 gallons.

Growing up my family had a 20 gal tank leak through a ceiling and do a lot of damage. No more fish after that, LOL

small aquarium (by WMH [NC]) Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 9:50 AM

Had a tenant with a small leak from a tank - years ago. Trouble was, tank was filled with gross gunky water and the smell was very bad. Ruined the floor directly under and around the tank. Not widespread damage but stinky. Had carpet at the time, had to replace.

small aquarium (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 10:08 AM

I don't allow fish tanks. If the tenants really want the rental, they will get rid of the fish.

I never had a tank leak but I had a tenant clean their tank in the kitchen sink and fill the drain with small fish tank gravel. A plumber's snake would go though it easily, but it wouldn't push it out and then it would close up again as soon as the snake was removed. It was quite a project to get that drain open.

And of course the tenants denied everything and swore they hadn't done anything and that matching gravel to what was in their fish tank had to be drain cleaner because they hadn't let any gravel get down the drain.

small aquarium (by Allym [NJ]) Posted on: Jun 24, 2022 11:41 AM

Ask them what fish. If they say a "snakehead" don't take them. I suspect there will be a snake or lizard in there unless they already told you it's fish. But if they say it's a Betta then you can get some absorbent dog PP pads and insist they put them under the tank in that area and cover it with a cotton rug which would absorb water. --108.24.xx.xx

small aquarium (by Hoosier [IN]) Posted on: Jun 26, 2022 12:52 AM

Our lease says that any "liquid containing device" that has over 5 gallons of liquid requires insurance paid by the tenant to cover any damage, and we must be named as an "additional insured" on that policy...then we add that deductible amount to the deposit. This covers fish tanks, water beds, and so on.

Of course you mention 5 gallons, which is right on the edge of what we maybe you come up with some "halfway" solution such as asking them for an additional $200 deposit which will be fully refunded if no damage at move-out due to the fish tank water? I wouldn't make a huge deal of it unless it's a house where a leak could cause damage to another floor...for example if it's in a 2-story house, or a house where the basement is finished, or a multi-family where other families could be affected, etc.

small aquarium (by Zak [CT]) Posted on: Jun 27, 2022 12:23 PM

Nope. I had a bad experience as well. Her fish tank pump leaked water all over the second floor so she ruined carpet, etc and the ceiling on first floor.

small aquarium (by Honey [LA]) Posted on: Jun 27, 2022 10:50 PM

I once had a single story house and rented it to some good people with a large fish tank. I got Pet Damage from them like I would get from someone with a dog or cat. (Stopped taking BIRDS for obvious reasons!) When these tenants left, every thing looked alright, so I returned their deposit. Only after they drove away did I notice four (4) big leg stand dents in my kitchen vinyl floors. Yeah, the water stayed in the tank, but at the same time, all that was too heavy for nice floors.

Something to think about!

small aquarium (by Nicole [PA]) Posted on: Jun 28, 2022 11:28 AM

they also can destroy the wall above the tank - I guess excess moisture - it looked moldy and nasty. This was around a month from the time it was brought in.

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small aquarium
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