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Extra Occupant (by GKARL [PA]) Jan 24, 2022 8:09 PM
       Extra Occupant (by RB [MI]) Jan 24, 2022 8:27 PM
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Extra Occupant (by GKARL [PA]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 8:09 PM

Here's the situation. Have a tenant on section 8 who has moved in the father of one of her kids. I confronted her and she admitted it. I told her to submit an application for him for me to consider. When I run his name at PA Courts, he has two felony convictions for distribution and a a few misdemeanors for marijuana possession. I was at the property a few weeks ago and caught him smoking a joint outside. He has a job with an employer known to hire former felons and he makes $ 8.00 an hour. It's the typical situation of a girl having a shiftless, lazy boyfriend. He would have never passed screening and with his job being as it is, it's likely that he might go back to distribution to supplement his income, although I have no proof of that. He babysits the kids during certain times which allows her to work.

An extra occupant is a violation of my lease as well as the HUD contract. My deal is that if I approve, then HUD must approve as well. I'm not inclined to approve. Lease ends 6/30/22. My lease assesses an extra occupant fee of $ 250 a month. I don't know how that will fly with HUD. I would discuss with them.

Here are my choices as I see them:

1) Evict which also terminates her choice voucher

2) Require that he move while realizing that he'll still be around and hang on until June and then non renew.

3) Approve and insist that he's added to the HAP contract. That will most certainly reduce the subsidy. She just had it reduced due to her income going up and this may result in it being eliminated altogether. Her problem, not mine.

Let me know your thoughts.


Extra Occupant (by RB [MI]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 8:27 PM

#1. Next. --24.183.xxx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by P. B. [MI]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 8:31 PM

I had a similar situation with a woman on assistance. I discussed the issue with the tenant and she of course denied him trying to move in, so I started documenting his staying the night, etc. I also asked her to have him fill out an app.at which time she refused saying again he was not staying there, I even obtained verification from the tenant living next door. I then contacted her case worker who informed me they were keeping the BF out of the picture as it would affect her assistance. They did not care. Bottom line.

I did file with the court for lease violations which were different from the BF. It took me from July 1, 2021 to Nov. 20, 2021 to get her out. To get even she had assistance stopped and so I did not receive rent for the last 4 months she and the BF stayed there. After she was served the BF would flaunt the fact he was staying, although, whenever I went there to talk to him, he fled into the house like a scared rabbit into a hole and would not answer the door or talk to me. He did text his GF and whine I was harassing's him! Well, they are gone now and I have no inclination to rent, although housing is desperately needed. I do need the roof shingles replaced and will have that done in the spring and so I am just waiting for things to hopefully get better.

I feel for you as I know it can be frustrating. --67.22.x.x

Extra Occupant (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 8:35 PM

My "extra" people have always been able to provide an address where they live. Even though I know better. I've been turning away from any action as I know they struggle and with this help they can make ends meet. However none of mine extra people have had records, that I could fine, however similar behaviors. So if this was my resident I would not say anything and not renew lease. But give her notice , maybe just verbal something like "he's putting your voucher in jeopardy and I have the paperwork ready not to renew if he's still here on Feb 1st. " Which gives him time to relocate. I don't like to cause them harm but they will do whatever it takes to get by and that includes what you allow. If she's smart she'll get rid of him, most likely they know or learn the work around, that he can prove his address is elsewhere. I'd give her an opportunity to correct. Otherwise Do Not Renew. --172.58.xxx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by 6x6 [TN]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 9:54 PM

That is one of the downsides that I see to section 8. If you have a problem tenant, then they stop the rent and you lose in two ways. That makes it your problem as well as hers.

Are you required to rent to section 8 where you are? --73.120.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Jan 24, 2022 10:30 PM

Here in Los Angeles, sometimes I'm forced to accept Section 8 tenants, with ties to crime. We can no longer turn someone down because of criminal past or by association.

So having the government shell out everything except 20% of the tenants salary (for the rent), I was able to exclude those charity renters who can't hold a job and pay their share of their rent.

But like you, the fools aren't appreciative and will allow "The babies father" to visit for 5, 6 or 7 month, not making a single financial contribution for the benefit of their kids.

So I have to put my foot down. Either he goes, or I will report he's staying there and then section 8 will cancel the tenants contract. --47.155.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by zero [IN]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 6:09 AM

The housing authority in my area is almost criminal in the way they work. I can't stand them and refuse anyone who is using them.

Last Sec 8 tenant I had played the game to perfection. Got a letter that she was getting kicked out because she missed the last three meetings with them. Low and behold she goes in and comes back with more gov money. Wouldn't work, didn't need to because she popped out kids and got the handouts.

Letter from HUD saying that she had her baby daddy living there and was getting kicked out. She denied it and they said fine.

Finally had enough when other tenants told me about her adult son moving in and teaching her youngest how to deal. They were selling drugs in front of the apartment. She denied it as well.

I sent her a letter stating I was not renewing her lease. She was livid, saying it wasn't fair and I needed proof of her wrong doings. I simply said that if she wanted this to become an issue I would get my attorney involved and file eviction which would probably get her voucher removed.

She moved out post haste and left the place in decent shape.

Section 8 vouchers were on a 2 year plus waiting list in the area and that was pre-covid. Can't imagine what it's like now. --107.147.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by Phil [OR]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 8:25 AM

Report them to the local Section 8 housing. You don't write the rules for section 8- but you do need to follow them. Goes for both you and your tenant. I have great relationship with my local section 8 - I follow the rules and demand the tenants do also.....


Extra Occupant (by Sisco [MO]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 9:34 AM

Evict. --149.76.xxx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by Scott [IN]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 10:59 AM

You've got very little chance of getting that extra occupant fee of $ 250 a month. And if your HA is anything like my HA, the boyfriend is your problem, not theirs. Years ago at a meeting, the HA representative told a group of landlords to "let them have their boyfriends." --107.141.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by Robin [NY]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 11:28 AM

Today's headache will be tomorrow's headache.

Tenant did not work with you before moving him in.

My vote: Either #1 or #2. --207.241.xxx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by GKARL [PA]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 5:33 PM

I'm perturbed as the tenant knew all along she'd slip him in. It will be (2) and if I see him on the premises again (1). --209.122.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 7:30 PM

#2 --172.58.xxx.xx

Extra Occupant (by Mike [PA]) Posted on: Jan 25, 2022 9:04 PM

This happens almost ALL the time with S8.

Report it to your housing authority.

Bottom line if you dont want him there which I wouldnt you either begin eviction or make her pay a huge fine and added security or if they dont allow that then tell her sorry.

If shes there more than a year shes on a monthly to month anyway then just terminate. --24.115.xx.xxx

Extra Occupant (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Jan 26, 2022 10:16 AM

Are any of you surprised how section 8 and welfare tenants act and lie to you? They have no problem making society pay there rent why would they act any more honerably towards the owner? --72.231.xxx.xxx

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Extra Occupant
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