Giving back
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Giving back (by P.B. [MI]) Sep 24, 2021 8:15 PM
       Giving back (by LisaFL [FL]) Sep 24, 2021 10:12 PM
       Giving back (by Robert J [CA]) Sep 25, 2021 1:41 AM
       Giving back (by P.B. [MI]) Sep 25, 2021 2:16 AM
       Giving back (by JR [ME]) Sep 25, 2021 10:12 AM
       Giving back (by Vee [OH]) Sep 25, 2021 11:00 AM
       Giving back (by Allym [NJ]) Sep 25, 2021 11:18 AM
       Giving back (by MC [PA]) Sep 25, 2021 4:23 PM
       Giving back (by pete [OR]) Sep 26, 2021 8:01 PM
       Giving back (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Sep 26, 2021 11:46 PM
       Giving back (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Sep 27, 2021 10:19 AM

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Giving back (by P.B. [MI]) Posted on: Sep 24, 2021 8:15 PM

Well, My one tenant moved out about 35 days ago, abandoning the unit. Which leaves one other tenant, in another unit, before I can sell, as it is specified no tenants.

Within the last few days I have found out that the moved out tenant has a 5th wheel parked on a piece of property.

I still have some of her things stored, which is required for 30 days. I have a twin mattress and a box spring, and some smaller stuff. The mattress is urine soaked.

Instead of paying the dump fee, I want to deliver her things, taking them to the property that is listed as hers.

My husband said to just pay the $80.00 fee to get rid of them and my daughter agrees. Not my son, as he thinks as I do.

Would you pay the fee or give them back to her? She owns the property about 25 miles from us and I have verified as I talked to her neighbor and checked it out. --67.22.x.xx

Giving back (by LisaFL [FL]) Posted on: Sep 24, 2021 10:12 PM

Do whatever is cheaper and easier and charge her security deposit or bill her for the costs involved.

Giving back (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 1:41 AM

You plan to do this while you are selling the property? You never know what that x-tenant will do. Not worth it. Pay the $80 hauling fee...

On time I evicted three families sharing a 5 bedroom home with a convertible den, making it 6 bedrooms. When they were locked out by the sheriff, the tenants said, "If I throw any of their stuff out, since it's all valuable, they would see the pants off of me"!

I got the sheriff to put on my copy that the evicted tenants wanted everything left in the house.

So after holding the stuff the mandatory 21 days, I rented a giant earth moving dump truck and got 6 people to load it up on the truck. I got boxes and had them box everything spread all over the floors.

Since I followed them to their new rental, I called their new landlord and asked permission to drop off some of the tenants belongings -- that the tenants thought were of some value. The owner gave me permission and I had him texted the permission to me.

At 2 AM, when my x-tenants were drunk over the weekend, I backed the dump truck on to the driveway and dumped it as I drove away -- dump controls were in the cab.

Because I had the sheriff's proving my evicted tenants wanted their stuff, pictures showing all was from the house AND the owner allowing me to "drop-off" some of the tenants valued stuff, I didn't get in too much trouble. I got sued for the cost to haul to the dump. I counted sued for damages.. They didn't show up in court so I won my counter suit. Never collected but had a blast. I was around 30 at the time...

Giving back (by P.B. [MI]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 2:16 AM

Robert J. I loved reading your story. I believe they received what they deserved. Sounds like you had a blast.

To clarify my story. the tenant who rented was a young woman with a 3 year old still in diapers. I had previously inspected the property and then contacted her Mother, who actually moved her things, as the tenant blocked me. When inspected, the bed was not there. Her step Dad, I think, brought the urine soaked bed to the rental just to get rid of it and to save them dump fees. This is the reason it "sticks in my craw", as the saying goes. It was totally intentional, on their part, leaving it there.

The security deposit has been accounted for and final paperwork was mailed, so this would come from my pocket if taken to the dump. --67.22.x.xx

Giving back (by JR [ME]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 10:12 AM

I would return the urine-soaked mattress to the tenant. With as much fanfare as possible.

Giving back (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 11:00 AM

Be sure to get the accounting statement on the usage of the deposit within your area timeline, then I would return the -forgotten- items early on a tuesday morning.

Giving back (by Allym [NJ]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 11:18 AM

Not worth the cost. Put in plastic bag as we are supposed to do here and put it out for garbage. Be the adult in the room --108.24.xx.xx

Giving back (by MC [PA]) Posted on: Sep 25, 2021 4:23 PM

I would dump at her house as you have already accounted for security. Take a pic of it in Your rental. What about the 5th wheel?

Giving back (by pete [OR]) Posted on: Sep 26, 2021 8:01 PM

I would rather lose money than risk a nasty scene, for my own peace of mind.

Giving back (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Posted on: Sep 26, 2021 11:46 PM


Deliver it. It is her personal property and you must have written permission to dispose of it.

Neatly. Put a tarp over it and take a photo to prove you did not mishandle it.

Feels good.

But $80 sounds high. Can the city take the small stuff and just haul the mattress? Watch out for bedbugs!

I hope you added that in the cleaning/repair charges against her deposit.

We charge

$50 to load

$50 to haul

$50 dump fee


Giving back (by Ray-N-Pa [PA]) Posted on: Sep 27, 2021 10:19 AM

Is this 5th wheel on your property or elsewhere?

If it is on your property, you have to get rid of that. As for the other treasures, you say there is no value in them, and that might be true.....what happens when the tenant claims the urine soaked mattress was made from gold thread? Who is footing the bill?

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Giving back
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