$7000 for 2 days of power
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$7000 for 2 days of power (by MikeA [TX]) Feb 19, 2021 11:10 AM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Feb 19, 2021 12:04 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by Lana [IN]) Feb 19, 2021 1:13 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Feb 19, 2021 3:25 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by Allym [NJ]) Feb 19, 2021 5:29 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by CX [WA]) Feb 19, 2021 7:36 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by James [GA]) Feb 19, 2021 11:32 PM
       $7000 for 2 days of power (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Feb 20, 2021 12:19 AM

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$7000 for 2 days of power (by MikeA [TX]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 11:10 AM

Texas is largely deregulated where you can choose your electric provider. There is a common grid used by all but there are choices of electric companies that buy power from the grid, sell it to consumers, and do all the billing and meter service. I'm not sure if this is common in other areas of the country but if it is, then it might be worthwhile to review how your provider's billing work.


"the market prices on the power grid spiked more than 10,000 percent on Monday in the aftermath of the deep freeze. Prices skyrocketed to more than $9,000 per megawatt-hour—compared to the pre-storm prices of less than $50 per hour.

The amped-up wattage costs have affected Griddy customers in particular because of the company’s distinctive business model. In Texas’ hypercharged market for electricity, Griddy makes money by debiting its subscribers a flat $9.99 monthly fee—and then selling them raw power at its going wholesale value, effectively stripping out any insulation between consumers and the oscillations in supply and demand.

Often this saves Griddy customers money. But the wild surge in costs due to failures across ERCOT’s grid has juiced bills up to astounding levels. Griddy initially urged its customers to switch to another power provider, but few companies are accepting new accounts.

Royce Pierce, a 38-year-old contractor, is one of those Griddy customers who received a notice from the power company to abandon his service—a message he admitted to The Daily Beast he thought was “overly precautionary” as the winter storm loomed.

Now, his bill has skyrocketed over $7,000 in the last two days, he said. As of Wednesday, Pierce owes Griddy $8,162.73 for the month of February—a shocking price considering the bill for his two-story house was $387.70 just last month. Last February, Pierce said he only paid $330."



$7000 for 2 days of power (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 12:04 PM

With that cost it would easily pay to buy a emergency power generator that would run on natural gas or gasoline. It is unbelievable what happened in Texas that electrical system was not adapted to climate change where there would be problems in extreme cold. It may get to where people will have to install solar panels and small wind turbines. If a building was very well insulated then the building would be net zero where no connection to the grid would be required. Like all gambles it is good when winning where bad when loose. Hopefully the temperature will go above freezing where the weather forecast here next week the outside daytime high will go 3 to 4 degrees plus Celsius. Hydro electric costs are very expensive in the province of Ontario where in the house the stove, clothes dryer and demand water heater is natural gas. --99.236.xxx.xxx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by Lana [IN]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 1:13 PM

Remember what Enron did to California when they needed power? Price gouging is ugly. We have sun in Indiana today and just 1 to 2 hours of sunlight makes the snow just slide off solar panels. Best wishes too you on getting through this time. --216.23.xxx.xx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by Landlord ofthe Flies [TX]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 3:25 PM

Robert, OntarioCanada,

The solution isn't wind turbines. 30% of Texas' energy supply comes from wind and solar, mostly wind. They were shut down due to the cold, ice and snow too. Gas well pumps froze too so we had troubles feeding our natural gas electricity power plants too. It also froze some water plants making water scarce in some areas too.

Looks like everything's running now, and they've called off the rolling blackouts, but it's been an unfortunate 5 days. I heard around 50 people in the state died due to this.

If I get a $7000 bill for the worst service week in Texas history, I'm going to raise heck. --108.69.xxx.xxx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by Allym [NJ]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 5:29 PM

We don't have "climate change". We have an unstable sun and basing any energy production on that is iffy. It's OK in the summer if a tornado doesn't take down your windmill or lift the panels off your roof. Here in NJ I think we still have one old nuclear reactor and use natural gas too and we buy from other states. I read that Texas cut themselves off from buying from other states. Everyone needs a back up source for heat no matter what state you are in. I vote for wood stove. And insulate the heck out of your home. Sun is supposed to be in a lower power state for the next three cycles or thirty years. People wanted the glaciers to come back. Perhaps they will. --108.24.xx.xx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by CX [WA]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 7:36 PM

LOTF, why do you say wind turbines won't work in TX? That the cold, ice and snow shut them down? I don't understand. They work in Finland, Greenland, Iceland 24/7, way colder and harsher than TX.

Did TX by the cheap ones? --97.113.xx.xxx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by James [GA]) Posted on: Feb 19, 2021 11:32 PM

Ladies and Gents -

All this is unfortunate, but a few facts. When you sign up for griddy, it states upfront that it's wholesale. Sometimes it's really cheap and other times it isnt. Buyer beware.

As far as wind and gas turbines, cold weather can prevent them from running. Turbines that operate in cold weather have heating elements in the leading edges and other places to prevent icing. Just like an airplane goes to get de-iced prior to flying. Who wants an off balance wind turbine in their back yard.

Same with the gas turbines as mentioned above. If the owner doesn't equip the generation source for cold weather for savings, well then this is what happens.

Same if you put your water pipe on an outside wall and don't drip it. While I'm not there, I have a generator and like to be prepared.

The question is now, will Texas customers be willing to pay for the changes needed to get power in these circumstances? --67.41.xxx.xx

$7000 for 2 days of power (by Robert,OntarioCanada [ON]) Posted on: Feb 20, 2021 12:19 AM

We have wind turbines in Ontario where in the province of Quebec there are large power generation dams which export power to the Us. Ontario like Texas has it own grid which is not connected to Quebec in a large scale where connected with the Us. Niagara Falls only supplies 30 per cent of energy along with rest is made up from Candu Nuclear, Natural gas turbines along with around 3 per cent renewable. Never heard of a case where a wind turbine froze here. In house have EPA wood stove where easily heats the house where can get wood for free where one day was not able to get wood where used the high efficiency gas furnace. Slowly breaking out walls along removing the garbage moldy fiber glass insulation then with DIY installing spray foam where every year the heat stays longer in house. Last year installed a storm door which made a consider difference. If power fails then could use wood stove where would drain water then shut off water at main shut off in basement. With a gas stove would still be cook with burners where would to lit but oven would not work. The future is very high voltage DC transmission line where more power and less power loss over long distances. What happened in Texas is the gamble was great when winning but very bad when system could not operate in extreme cold weather. --99.236.xxx.xxx

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$7000 for 2 days of power
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