Inherit tenant terminate
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Inherit tenant terminate (by cs [NY]) Aug 1, 2020 4:22 PM
       Inherit tenant terminate (by Ken [NY]) Aug 1, 2020 7:26 PM

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Inherit tenant terminate (by cs [NY]) Posted on: Aug 1, 2020 4:22 PM

State Specific Question About: NEW YORK (NY)

So, bought a multi family last month. Supposedly 4 reliably paying tenants at below market rents.

3 of 4 paid day after we closed (on 1st of month), one asked for a week due to COVID etc.

3 of 4 paid one month deposit (previous owner/LL had no rental contract/lease, no deposits) - we gave them 3 months to do this. One has not.

All 4 got renters insurance and sent us proof (we require this)

Now we are into the second month - 2 of 4 paid on time. The one who was late last month and doesn't have a security deposit is making a big fuss as to whether rent is due on 1st, 5th (when late fees kick in) or 10th (when last month's rent was actually paid). I said happy to make due date whenever, but then you need to pay 1st thru 5th or 1st thru 10th etc. After much back and forth, she paid this month's rent. Then complained about worn deck, slow drain etc.

I'm inclined to say see ya, don't let door hit you in the ass.

Current state law says you have to give 90 day notice even though no contract (NYS passed some very LL unfriendly laws in 2019) and I have drawn up as "sorry you aren't happy, terminating your tenancy" letter. Hubby wondering if I am being a bit harsh.


And when to start pressing tenant (who does have deposit, was on time with 1st month but no payment yet here on 1st day of 2nd month)?

We normally vet tenants very thoroughly and have mostly had great tenants, everyone pays on time, mostly via auto bank deduct.

Class B property in hot/up and coming area (as in, we just rented out another class B/C rental for $150 more a month and had 108 inquiries in 10 days - I'm kind of chomping at the bit to raise rents, but seems heartless during COVID, yadda, yadda so was going to wait a year).

Kind of glad we didn't get them on leases yet... maybe we should stay "at will"

Inherit tenant terminate (by Ken [NY]) Posted on: Aug 1, 2020 7:26 PM

If they refuse to give you a security deposit no judge will grant an eviction based on that since it is there money even once they give it to you.90 day notice if they have been there 3 years or more,60 days notice if there 2 years and 30 day notice if 1 year but usually if you give notice they stop paying rent and you then just start an eviction for non payment.Until we know that we can start evicting again and it doesnt get pushed further out i would just keep taking the rent and leave them month to month

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Inherit tenant terminate
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