Smoking and yelling
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Smoking and yelling (by Triplexer [IL]) Jan 5, 2020 8:53 PM

Smoking and yelling (by Triplexer [IL]) Posted on: Jan 5, 2020 8:53 PM

So no word from anyone in a few months in the triplex, and everyone paying their rent. What a nice break, right?

Until I get a call from the lady in the efficiency downstairs around 7 in the evening. "Call me back ASAP!" she says.

She's suddenly threatening to move. Now, there's a woman and her granddaughter in the other little apartment next to her. Only the two. Well, apparently, they're screaming and yelling at each other at all hours, raging. The kid, she says, is wailing and throwing fits day after day. This is all new news to me.

Meanwhile, there's a son-mother combo living in the apartment upstairs. The son, she says, isn't working anymore and is now home smoking like a furnace. They can all smell the smoke coming through the vents. First I heard of this, too- the lease says tenants need to smoke outside. What's more, she says, he has a tendency to fall out his chair (apparently drunk?) with a big boom each night. Could it start a fire, if he collapses with his cigarette in hand, she says.

Now the son upstairs has a short temper, and- although can be left alone for months on end, tends to respond with a wash of caps in response to any landlord ultimatums.

Again, all three tenants are paying their rent on time, and have been doing so for months.

My question.... how would you handle?

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Smoking and yelling
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