leaving Chicago-hi taxes
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leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Tony [NJ]) Jul 10, 2019 6:13 PM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by plenty [MO]) Jul 10, 2019 7:06 PM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Jul 10, 2019 10:11 PM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by fred [CA]) Jul 10, 2019 11:52 PM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by JB [OR]) Jul 11, 2019 1:18 AM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Jul 11, 2019 1:54 AM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Robert J [CA]) Jul 11, 2019 3:30 AM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Tony [NJ]) Jul 11, 2019 8:15 AM
       leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by nhsailmaker [NH]) Jul 11, 2019 8:29 AM

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leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Tony [NJ]) Posted on: Jul 10, 2019 6:13 PM

Chicago cbslocal com

Some Families Plan To Leave Chicago After Major Property Tax Increases

CHICAGO (CBS) — Property tax increases in Cook County are going beyond sticker shock. For some families it’s life-changing, and they say they will have no choice but to move.

“This is out of control,” said Liz Gold.

RELATED: Cook County Property Tax Bills Bring Sticker Shock For Many Homeowners; ‘Should We Sell The House? Can We Afford To Stay?’

She and her family have lived in their 1890s rehabbed home in Ravenswood since 2001. They had hoped to stay until they were hit with their recent Cook County property tax bill that may force them out.

“Overall for the year it increased by 60%,” she said. “We are now paying almost $21,000 — $20,200.”

She said they had been paying $12,000.

Gold said the extra $800 a month they need to find to pay their new yearly bill erased any college money they had hoped to save for their youngest son.

“I’m not getting a $10,000 a year raise. My husband won’t be getting a $10,000 a year raise. I don’t know how we’re going to make that happen,” she said. “It’s not feasible for us to absorb that cost.”

The sticker shock is being felt by hundreds if not thousands of Chicago property owners, especially on the city’s North Side, after their homes were reassessed by the Cook County Assessor’s Office last year.

For Steve Willuweit his new bill amounts to a 26% property tax increase — after he appealed his tax bill and won.

“I can handle a single digit, 4, 5, 6%,” he said. “I can find that in the budget, and you kind of expect things to go up over time, but when it’s that precipitous it’s hard to find that money.”

Property taxes help fund a variety of county and city services, but in Illinois a growing percentage of that money goes to funding government pensions.

“There are a great number of people in this office who came in under Assesor Kaegi who it is not an exaggeration to say are kept up at night worrying about getting this work right,” said Scott Smith, spokesperson for the Cook County Assessor’s Office.

But Smith refused to answer any other questions about the current tax bills on camera, attributing the increases and assessments to the prior administration under Joe Berrios.

That included talking about the fairness of the current assessments and how families are expected to swallow the massive hike.

“I just don’t understand how there’s not some sort of ceiling on this or a cap of some sort,” said Gold. “If we could plan for it, it would be different.”

Now Gold is planning to leave.

“We probably will end up moving from Chicago,” she said.

CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reached out to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle’s office Monday to ask how homeowners are expected to absorb these massive jumps, but no one got back to her.

A spokesperson for Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she would get back to CBS 2 on the matter as well.

Dana Kozlov


leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: Jul 10, 2019 7:06 PM

Yeap. That would be a good reason to leave. Anerica is a big place. Their money will go along way else where. --99.203.xx.xx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Oregon Woodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: Jul 10, 2019 10:11 PM

$21,000 in property taxes will make that house darn difficult to sell. --98.146.xxx.xxx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by fred [CA]) Posted on: Jul 10, 2019 11:52 PM

Must leave?

Can't sell?

It will sell at a lower price.

Most major cities are run by Dems, and this is what they specialize in: Tax and steal. --99.59.x.xxx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by JB [OR]) Posted on: Jul 11, 2019 1:18 AM

Bingo Fred. People continue to vote for the fools who do their best to run everyone out. Brilliant! --24.20.xxx.xxx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Posted on: Jul 11, 2019 1:54 AM


Interesting that a guy from NJ posts an article about high taxes somewhere else! grin!

Indiana proprty tax for owner occupied is capped at 1% of appraised value, our housing prices are waaay lower, ($200K gets you a NICE home!) and owners get a homestead credit reducing prop taxes even more.

BRAD --73.102.xxx.xxx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Robert J [CA]) Posted on: Jul 11, 2019 3:30 AM

I look at things in a different light. If your City, State and Federal Government is going to "Tax" you to death, then:

a) Become a tax expert and find loop holes.

b) Become more successful, make more money and pay less taxes.

When I was going to sell a million dollar property and estimated my City, State and Federal Taxes were going to eat up 40% of the proceeds, I did a refinance and pulled cash out giving no one any extra tax dollars to blow on:

The Homeless with apartments starting at $1500 a month.

Political non-sense like private jets and free cars.

School BS, they need new money for schools so they can cut back the school budget and use those funds for City/State Employee raises and pensions. --47.156.xx.xx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by Tony [NJ]) Posted on: Jul 11, 2019 8:15 AM

Brad - I take that as a friendly comment. NJ has the highest or one of the 3 highest average property taxes in the country - depending on the research source. Corrupt politics, successful lobbying og unions, and liberal socialist initiatives are all to blame. Family, friends and my investments keep me here. Cherish what you have and hope NJ's bad habits never hit your state. --73.215.xxx.xx

leaving Chicago-hi taxes (by nhsailmaker [NH]) Posted on: Jul 11, 2019 8:29 AM

What Americans Demand From local Governments - questions about the size and scope of government — how much to tax, how much to spend and how much power to cede to unions.

The answers lie in the movement of people across state lines — Americans voting with their feet

Our Former Governor Thomson coined the slogan "Low taxes are the result of low spending"

He was also a strong proponent of state sovereignty . When Thomson learned Massachusetts tax agents were at New Hampshire TAX FREE liquor stores taking down the numbers on cars with Massachusetts license plates, he had them arrested

WE HAVE NO INCOME OR SALES TAXES IN NH and we get along just fine with one the largest legislatures in the world and they only get paid $100 a year


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leaving Chicago-hi taxes
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