Lease Agreement
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Lease Agreement (by J [MA]) May 22, 2019 6:55 PM
       Lease Agreement (by JKJ [MA]) May 22, 2019 7:02 PM
       Lease Agreement (by Steve [MA]) May 22, 2019 7:06 PM
       Lease Agreement (by Oregonwoodsmoke [ID]) May 23, 2019 9:40 AM

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Lease Agreement (by J [MA]) Posted on: May 22, 2019 6:55 PM

State Specific Question About: MASSACHUSETTS (MA)

I have a question as a new landlord in the state of MA. I recently bought a 2 family house and wish to rent the first floor out to tenants.

There are 4 rooms available to rent, so do I sign the same lease four time to each individual for their room(s), or do I sign one lease with all of their names on the lease?

Thank you so much,


Lease Agreement (by JKJ [MA]) Posted on: May 22, 2019 7:02 PM

Are you renting rooms, or the apartment? If your plan is to rent it as a rooming house you need a separate lease for each tenant, if your renting the apartment to 4 people they would all be on 1 lease.

Lease Agreement (by Steve [MA]) Posted on: May 22, 2019 7:06 PM

Are you trying to rent this as an apartment to 4 a group of roommates or are you renting individual rooms out to 4 different people who will then share the baths & kit (like a rooming house)?

In MA LL / Tenant rules & regulation are very different for rooming houses than those for SFD & apartment rentals.

FYI. Some cities & towns in MA restrict the number of unrelated people who can legally live in the same unit.


Lease Agreement (by Oregonwoodsmoke [ID]) Posted on: May 23, 2019 9:40 AM

Whichever direction you choose to go, learn how to screen applicants before you offer anything to rent. Doubly so if the tenants are going to live in the same building that you live in.

Read your state laws before you start.

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Lease Agreement
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