Sorta OT, LL entering uni
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Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) May 9, 2019 6:14 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by AllyM [NJ]) May 9, 2019 9:15 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by Busy [WI]) May 9, 2019 10:59 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) May 9, 2019 3:59 PM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by bet [MA]) May 13, 2019 8:42 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by plenty [MO]) May 13, 2019 9:18 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) May 14, 2019 6:43 AM
       Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by NE [PA]) May 14, 2019 6:50 AM

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Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) Posted on: May 9, 2019 6:14 AM

This is sorta off topic (I guess) because itís what to do about a LL, not what a LL should do. A guy I work with asked me a question because he knows I have a rental unit. His wife came home yesterday and found the LL standing in their living room. It scared the hell out of her as she didnít expect anyone and was startled. He said that the septic was pumped and he was running the water.??? My friends questions were can he do that without notifying them, ( I told him that the LL has to give notice, the exception being an emergency such as water coming from your unit, a fire etc) then he wanted to know what he should do about it. At a firehouse on a slow evening you can imagine it got a lot of discussion from guys that really donít know. He was told to file a complaint, sue ,(not exactly sure what for) move, etc. my thought is talk to the LL and ask him to notify them if he needs to enter the unit letting him know he canít be doing that (nicely). Let me add this is a 4 bedroom home, with a 1 bedroom apt that someone else rents in the basement, and the LL is new to this, the rental was his wifeís she did everything and just passed away. Being in the unit to run water because the septic was pumped is fishy to me. What are your thoughts on how my friend should handle this, without getting evicted now or at the end of his lease. He wants to stay there.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by AllyM [NJ]) Posted on: May 9, 2019 9:15 AM

That happened to me when I was in my first apartment. The landlord entered my unit to show his new purchase to a friend. I had some underwear on the floor in a pile to wash and he complained that he was "embarrassed" by my underwear on the floor. He also raised my rent 10%. I got out of there as fast as I could. In this case, you have ignorance on the part of a "new" landlord who "owns" the building and he doesn't understand the limits. He is also suffering from loss of his wife. So you write him a letter and you might want to photocopy a page from a landlord handbook or a lease that explains about 24 hour notice, and attach that to the letter. Maybe there is something online specific to the state they are in. I am pretty sure that our NJ handbook Truth in Renting, developed my the State of NJ Dept of Community Affairs has some wording in there. You can google it and it can be printed so maybe that would help even though he is not in NJ.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by Busy [WI]) Posted on: May 9, 2019 10:59 AM

Our septic guy always asks us to go in and flush toilets when heís just done pumping to make sure things are flowing right. Someone who hasnít dealt with septic pumping before might think they would just be out in the yard, not have the need to go into the house. I am wondering if landlords with multi s always tell tenants when the work will just be in the yard? Since I have only single family units, I always give notice when I step on the property, except at the house where I have use of the garage, tenant does not. I donít always give notice when getting supplies from garage, but, then wouldnít step in the yard or house.

Sounds like your work friend has an inexperienced landlord and needs some training... hmmm... where to get that training.... hmmmm.... if only there were a place, maybe an online place, where the landlord could read ....and maybe a place where the landlord could order some books...oh, and maybe a conference to go to......

You wrote down this web address and gave it to your friend to give to his landlord, right?

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) Posted on: May 9, 2019 3:59 PM

No Busy I didnít. Iím not interested in training his LL, my friend just wanted to keep it from happening again but didnít want to cause problems. I figured most of you would have good advise seeing how youíve been doing this a lot longer than me. Turns out I was thinking the same way as most of the replyís. Thank you for the advice though, I suppose I can give him the info and see if he wants to pass it along to his LL.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by bet [MA]) Posted on: May 13, 2019 8:42 AM

We have been at this a long time and it sounds like something my spouse would do. He doesn't always get that we just cant walk in there when he needs to do repairs.He figures its on his schedule. I would write letter, note, email asking the LL to give a proper 24 notice for normal repairs.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by plenty [MO]) Posted on: May 13, 2019 9:18 AM

What does thier lease say about allowing LL to do repairs and maintenance. Yes water needs to be run from inside house. Just ask for what the lease says. Maybe they signed away such notification? Maybe it reads 24 hours maybe not. Just have friend ask for what lease says.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by JKJ [MA]) Posted on: May 14, 2019 6:43 AM

Thanks for the input, I accidentally posted the question twice and people have been replying to both. So as a follow up, My co-worker ended up seeing his LL, (I guess the LL lives across the street) and he talked to him. Turns out the LL realized he frightened his wife and apologized. He had told the tenant that rents the basement apartment and asked him to let them know the tank was being pumped and he may need access. The LL said he will make sure he tells each tenant in the future. Alls well that ends well.

Sorta OT, LL entering uni (by NE [PA]) Posted on: May 14, 2019 6:50 AM

Running water into a freshly pumped septic is not fishy at all, but smart and recommended. In heavy rains, a septic tank can float up causing substantial damage to the system.

When they are newly installed and freshly pumped, run a couple hundred gallons of water into them so they don't float.

Yes the LL should've notified. Tell your buddy to relax and kindly ask the landlord to notify him next time.

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Sorta OT, LL entering uni
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