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best-rentr autopay firm (by art [AZ]) Mar 15, 2019 2:09 AM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by S i d [MO]) Mar 15, 2019 6:03 AM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by Vee [OH]) Mar 15, 2019 6:47 AM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by Barb [MO]) Mar 15, 2019 10:01 AM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by art [AZ]) Mar 16, 2019 9:38 PM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by Robin [WI]) Mar 17, 2019 6:38 PM
       best-rentr autopay firm (by Jeffrey [VA]) Mar 17, 2019 7:54 PM

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best-rentr autopay firm (by art [AZ]) Posted on: Mar 15, 2019 2:09 AM

I want to start -having my new renter's each month pay the rent to an auto rent collection firm..

Can you LL please suggest the best auto--pay firms you use.. Please also suggest costs and special possible problems using this type services--- Thanks for your suggestions

best-rentr autopay firm (by S i d [MO]) Posted on: Mar 15, 2019 6:03 AM

This site has a sponsor called "ClearNow". To learn more, click on the green "Services" button at the top of this page. All fees, etc. should be listed there. I do not presently use ClearNow, but others on this site do and have given it positive reviews.

The main concern I have with any auto-payment system is control over claw backs. How far back can the tenant 'take' their money back, and do I have any recourse? This is a particular concern with tenants being evicted. If someone gets made, what if they dispute the last 6 months of rent? Will the bank just let them have it all back, or is there a mediation process, or ???

I'm not poor, but seeing 6 months of rent disappear would be an "ouch" for sure.

We're moving to require ACH thru our local regional bank. My understanding is clawback is only allowed up to 60 days.

best-rentr autopay firm (by Vee [OH]) Posted on: Mar 15, 2019 6:47 AM

If your housing court has a officer to collect rent in escrow then use an account to sweep from, I have not heard of ACH doing a claw back but with tenant pushed like zelle it is easy as PayPal and resolving a dispute can take months.

best-rentr autopay firm (by Barb [MO]) Posted on: Mar 15, 2019 10:01 AM

I use the advertised service on this site, Clearnow. I've been happy with it for the last few years, and plan to continue using it. Their website is easy to use.


best-rentr autopay firm (by art [AZ]) Posted on: Mar 16, 2019 9:38 PM

My question is for Sid in Mo-is

What is a--claw backs-- i dont know what it is---I would think once the rent was transferred to my account -- that is! it is my money , no matter.. its now 100% my money and renter cant have that money no matter what--- can you explain what -- claw backs-- means

best-rentr autopay firm (by Robin [WI]) Posted on: Mar 17, 2019 6:38 PM

We tried ClearNow but the fees really added up. We used to use eRentPayment and were very happy with it, but they ran into issues when their processor was subject to fraud and we lost several rent payments. Now our tenants either use Zelle or just deposit the cash in our account.

A clawback is when someone reverses a payment, and the money is taken back out of your account. Just because it shows up in your account doesn't mean it's "yours." I don't worry about that with my Zelle payments, because if a tenant did that they'd be late on rent and I'd start the eviction process immediately.

best-rentr autopay firm (by Jeffrey [VA]) Posted on: Mar 17, 2019 7:54 PM

Just so you know, what many landlords do is simply add the processing (convenience) fee ClearNow charges to the resident's total. So therefore there is no added costs to the landlord. I have many residents who pay through ClearNow and I am actually okay with covering the nominal fee for each resident because of the convenience it is to me. And the on-time track record of resident's paying by this payment for me is very high in comparison to other methods. Besides, in the end, as I raise rent each year the fee is easily absorbed into the rent increases.

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best-rentr autopay firm
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