Another ETF collected
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Another ETF collected (by NE [PA]) Feb 12, 2019 9:20 AM
       Another ETF collected (by RB [MI]) Feb 12, 2019 10:14 AM
       Another ETF collected (by alicewonder [TX]) Feb 12, 2019 5:53 PM
       Another ETF collected (by NE [PA]) Feb 12, 2019 6:31 PM
       Another ETF collected (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Feb 12, 2019 11:45 PM
       Another ETF collected (by cjl [NY]) Feb 13, 2019 6:23 AM
       Another ETF collected (by Barb [MO]) Feb 13, 2019 9:50 AM

Another ETF collected (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Feb 12, 2019 9:20 AM

9 months into a 12 month lease and they just paid an early termination fee. Buying a house. Fine by me, good luck to them.

I have collected a lot of these fees now. 1.5 months rent and it's entirely due to this forum. Thank you!

Another ETF collected (by RB [MI]) Posted on: Feb 12, 2019 10:14 AM

Cha Ching !

Some walking around money.

Another ETF collected (by alicewonder [TX]) Posted on: Feb 12, 2019 5:53 PM

Yes, I finally add ETF into my last lease.

May I ask you these questions:

Did your tenant give you a written notice and was willing to pay one and a half month rent for ETF.

Can you tell me how the timing work?

e.g. moving out date was 1/31, when did they pay you ETF?

Did you also not return the security deposit? any other charges do you charge them other than ETF?


Another ETF collected (by NE [PA]) Posted on: Feb 12, 2019 6:31 PM

Alice wonder, when they pay has been different each time. I had someone pay 2 days after signing a brand new lease and another party pay 4 days after.

This particular tenant paid February rent and sent in a notice (I require that) that they would be out on the 24th.

I send deposit back as normal, less damages of course.

If they didn't pay the termination fee and broke lease early, I would take the fee right out of their deposit and send a bill and accounting for the balance plus damages.

I'm my opinion, the ETF is one of the holy grails of lease clauses.

Another ETF collected (by BRAD 20,000 [IN]) Posted on: Feb 12, 2019 11:45 PM


Youíre welcome!

Do you remember all the criticism I took when Id started promoting this?! Now itís accepted and common.

Wonder when the holdouts will get on board?


Another ETF collected (by cjl [NY]) Posted on: Feb 13, 2019 6:23 AM

I added them into my leases after reading about them here (thank you). Last year totally amazed me - I had two utilize that clause. One was from a property that I manage (the owner was not "happy" the person was leaving and breaking the lease until I mentioned that we were getting the ELT fee AND they were paying the rent until they left).

Then a few months later one of my own tenants gave me a "heads up" that he may be needing to leave early and was asking how much the fee was.

It was a beautiful thing Ö.

Another ETF collected (by Barb [MO]) Posted on: Feb 13, 2019 9:50 AM


I had two of them in late 2018.

Rented the homes out to travel nurses to get back on the student schedule. Making extra $$ even with furniture to buy!

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Another ETF collected
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