Damage due to gas smell
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Damage due to gas smell (by Cecilia [NY]) Feb 11, 2019 11:56 AM

Damage due to gas smell (by Cecilia [NY]) Posted on: Feb 11, 2019 11:56 AM

Someone in either my brownstone or the one adjoining mine poured gasoline down a drain. The pea-trap in my basement bedroom was incorrectly installed and the smell of gas permeated the building. The fire department was called and in the course of locating the pea-trap tore up my bedroom walls and flooring. My clothes and linens were covered with wall and flooring debris. The groceries I had in my room were destroyed . I havenít been allowed to re-enter my bedroom to sort through my possessions. I took photos before I left when this happened. There are over 10 renters in these two residences and I donít know if the fire department will identify the gas-pouring culprit. Iím worried about my things being stolen while Iím evacuated. The other bedrooms in my brownstone are rented to 5 other people and are still occupied. A repair has already been completed on the plumbing. How long does my landlord have to clean the debris from my bedroom and repair the walls and flooring? Do I have a right to enter my bedroom to sort through my things to protect them from further damage (from the clean-up and repair crew) or theft. Am I due compensation for the damage to my things, the hotel expenses Iíve incurred? Who is responsible to compensate me, the landlord because the pea-trap was incorrectly installed or the resident who poured gasoline down the drain? I have no renterís insurance.


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Damage due to gas smell
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